Clowney won’t do any more private workouts before draft


South Carolina defensive end Jadeveon Clowney has put together a number of impressive displays of his physical gifts, from three years in college to the Combine to his pro day.

So he’s not putting any more out there until the draft.

According to Peter King of, Clowney won’t be doing any more individual workouts for teams until he’s chosen by one of them.

King cites the torn ACL of Clemson tackle Brandon Thomas as one of the reasons, but it really doesn’t need to be that hard. Simply put, he’s at a stage where there’s little left to prove, and not that many to prove it to, considering where he’ll be picked.

“I’d want the guy who’s going to be coaching him to put him through some of our drills, and see how he responds,” one General Manager said.

That seems the attitude of someone looking for a reason to not draft Clowney, in the face of plenty of evidence.

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  1. How many workouts did he actually do? And why did he do those and why did they pick the timing now to announce he wouldn’t do any more with no peep about this decision at an earlier point in time. Some GMs just want to be thorough so I’d want to grill Clowney on this decision making process and really delve into who are these people that he is getting advice from because I see him having real trouble here with making smart decisions or professional decisions and if he’s going to join a team and have a lot of influence from other people who are giving him bad advice, then that’s a concern you have to take on.

  2. I hate to break this too you, but what that GM said doesn’t sound like someone looking for a reason not to draft Clowney. It sounds like someone who is reasonably considering mortgaging his team’s future to trade all the way up to the first pick to get him. And for teams who may envision Clowney in an Aldon Smith 3-4 OLB role, the private workout is absolutely vital, since there is no tape of Clowney playing that role whatsoever.

    Every team in the NFL is in play for Clowney, because the Texans will listen to every offer for the top pick. This is Clowney…once again…showing his attitude. And the more and more he open’s his mouth with this diva attitude, the less and less coachable he sounds.

  3. Ongoing individual workouts for players is stupid
    Meeting with them and interviewing them does make sense but you have tape on all their college games plus the Combine and ProDays. That should be enough.

  4. There is more than enough proof of what his athletic skills are. Mental/emotional evaluations are the only things that you need to meet with him about.

  5. i don’t blame him… if i’m clowney my attitude would be “go ahead don’t draft me. someone else will get to coach the rarest specimen to ever step on a football field.”

  6. Texans need to send a message back to Clowney, “With the first pick in the 2014 draft the Houston Texans select Khalil Mack” end of story.

  7. Oh. So JaDaveon Quitty decided not to do the same work that his peers are doing prior to the draft. Again. Cue the Apologists in the media that keep showing that videi of Quitty not being blocked against Michigan…

  8. Get used to it people wait til he gets his contract and see how he doesn’t want to participate in all plays as well much like he coasted last season and played when he wanted.

  9. gbmickey is right. Clowney apparently feels so self entitled that he thinks he doesn’t have to do what everybody else has to do.

    And when a team picks him he’ll feel so self entitled that he’ll think he doesn’t have to practice as hard as everybody else. And on game day he’ll feel so self entitled that he’ll think he doesn’t have to play as hard as everybody else. It’s a pretty pervasive attitude with this guy.

  10. OR maybe Clowney has already received word from the texans that he is being drafted 1st. In that case, it’s stupid to go on any more workouts. Texans probably don’t want him to go on any either.

  11. I have to get angry at the football man I’ve never met because he’s making a business decision. Boo

  12. For somebody who is supposed to be the best player on the NFL draft board he sure is scared of getting hurt! Was scared all year in college last year (at least that the excuse in why he only had 3 sacks) and now he is scared to work out for teams.

    Next it will be he will not want to work out in training camp, scared to get injured. He will not want to play in pre season games, scared to get injured.

    I want a player that goes all out for himself and the team! Hope the Texans stay away from this guy.

  13. I’m glad he said no. Look at Brandon Thomas. If i was about to get drafted in the top 5, i would also tell you to shove it, and not play my hardest during the last wasted year in college.

    These guys essentially are getting deferred paychecks from when they were making millions for their coaches and schools. And they should put all that in jeopardy with no protection just to run some drills? 3 years of tape is out there, and they already did those drills at the “dog show” (combine) and at their pro day (another way the nfl helps enrich the college farm system).

    Once players declare for the draft, they should be given copies of all the video they ever appeared on, do the combine and/or pro day (already protected in those, i believe), and that’s it. Team visits should be for basic physicals to make sure there are no new undisclosed injuries, and for interviewing the player – beyond just asking questions about his Facebook page.

  14. The only real problem with Clowney is that he reads PFT. This site makes a big deal about how he should take a year off to avoid getting hurt, and he did so. He may not have left the team, but he definitely too the year off. Now with stories running about how players shouldn’t do predraft visits because of injury threat he’s cutting those off.

    Maybe PFT can start running stories on how famous, highly respected players credit everything to wearing a Tutu just so we can see if he turns up in one.

  15. Teams just use the high profile visits to generate fan interest. Jaguars are bringing in everyone in the Green Room and making a big production of it. Not likely to change their plans but it keeps them in the public eye during the slow months.

  16. ^^^^The article alone makes sense.

    when you play football and under the college program. if you get hurt. GUESS what. the schools pay for it when you are under scholarship (not sure for not scholarship players.

    BUT once you declare for the draft all bets are off. so these kids that means that they are in transition and might not have coverage if they get injured during these workouts. Prime example is Clowney’s own former teammate.
    Marcus lattimore WAS a top ten first round prospect. got hurt after being forced to have to play one more year…. where did he get drafted …dont worry i’ll wait.

    SO. if clowney goes out to a private workout. he gets hurt (ACL) THEN that means
    1-he’s not going first round anymore(bye bye $1mil+
    2-he might not get drafted at all (bye bye draft money)
    3- he dont have insurance and now has a hefty Bill from the hospital and rehab / oh NO JOB and no draft money

  17. Its like this.
    you guys who saying he’s doing the wrong thing.
    imagine you working for a volunteer company not making any money. you decide hey i want another job thats going set me right. other companies want your services real bad. so they set you up on interviews. so you have ten interviews set up in less then two weeks across the country.
    so now you have to travel. not getting rest.
    your job consist of you having tot lift 50lbs without problems every hour.
    so you say no problem. you go on 3 interviews in 4 days and they ask you to lift at every interview.
    Now you on your 4th interview. then boom you pull your back out. need surgery and cant work for a year. who losses out now? the other 6 companies that wanted you? nope. they moving on.
    the volunteer company you WAS working for. nope. you left them so you cant go back. so now you have no money. no job. and cant even go on interviews to get another one. UP ISH CREEK….
    Clowney or any other player who decides not to work out would be doing the right thing.

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