DeSean Jackson shows up for offseason workouts

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Receiver DeSean Jackson missed the opening week of offseason workouts in Washington, due to a previously scheduled vacation.

This week, Jackson reported for duty.

Per the Washington Post, Jackson has shown up for week two of the offseason program.  It’s still lifting and running, but in the first phase of the program quarterbacks are permitted to throw to receivers, as long as the receivers aren’t covered.

Jackson could have scored major P.R. points by ditching the vacation, but it’s unfair to criticize him for deciding to choose to skip the first week of offseason work.  He didn’t miss much, and when he scheduled the vacation he was playing for a team that doesn’t open offseason workouts until April 21.

Besides, the process remains voluntary.  If the Redskins wanted to ensure 100 percent participation, they could have/should have required 100 percent participation in the offseason program in order to earn his $500,000 workout bonus.

38 responses to “DeSean Jackson shows up for offseason workouts

  1. Desean Jackson will always be a me-first player.

    He doesn’t care about the Redskins, only himself.

    Meanwhile Cordarelle Patterson has been participating in offseason workouts since day 1 and is developing into the NFL’s best reciever.

  2. It’s starting to look like it will be a good season for the Redskins. Some help on defense in the draft and they should be competitive. HTTR!

  3. So today is April 14th. How does that excuse Jackson for scheduling a vacation when his former team began offseason workouts on the 1st?

  4. Desean isn’t the only NFL player to have involvement with gangs.

    I heard whispers was apart of the Pen 15 club in his playing days.

  5. Eagles knew how to utilize him and I hope the Redskins are dumb enough not to utilize him correctly. He literally can take over a game or have no impact on a game. Its always all or nothing..never consistent.

  6. Hmmmmm, you sound like an Eagles, Giants, Cowboys fan………you HOPE he will be a “me-first player”……but…people change…..we’ll see.

  7. Oh look, he’s back, it’s that guy that missed voluntary workouts to go on vacation as having a personal life is irrelevant to only come back from vacation to be able to still participate in voluntary workouts.

    Looks like all the fuss was a whole bunch of nothing. As always.

  8. They can throw to receivers if they aren’t covered? What a joke the NFL is becoming. These guys make millions upon millions of dollars, and they practice for what, like 6 hours a week in-season?

    They can’t handle two-a-days but high schoolers can?

    No hitting in some practices?

    No wonder the play sucks and is down all around…and so many guys are injured.

    Sports isn’t how it used to be in the 80’s and 90’s…the product was much better.

  9. Tony Romo spent the weekend in Cabo before a playoff game against the Giants to go one and done and Tom Brady took in “Lombardi” on Broadway the weekend before before going one and done against the Jets in the playoffs. THE JETS.

    It is unfair to expect an athlete making multi-millions of dollars to schedule vacations during one of their 25 or so off weeks that don’t interfere with football activities.

  10. He’s doing enough, he already took a paycut in order to help this team have his contract. They owe him a break and a big thank you for letting them get a free steal from a division rival. How many other players on the team sacrificed their higher contract levels and their current team just to be here? He’s invested heavily into this franchise.

  11. Really? Some expert you are.. They didn’t take over a salary for one and he didn’t do the R words any favors.. nobody else was interested.. fact.

  12. It’s funny how all of these Skins fans act like they’ve won some off season prize.. When not one of your former coaches wants anything to do with you that could mean there’s a character flaw. He couldn’t get a former O.C., H.C. or even a former position coach to show even a hint of interest.. Even Vick had suitors, DeSean settled for the only team dumb enough to pay his punk ass.

  13. Desean Jackson might be a lot of things but Desean will make plays on the field, he has a lot to prove so this off-season will be telling. He already had vacation in everyone RELAX. He is not working a 9-5 where he must reconsider he days let the management work that out. Just worry about him staying healthy and catching bombs from RG3

  14. “He’s doing enough, he already took a paycut in order to help this team have his contract”

    Are you kidding me? The guy was CUT. I think he’s extremely fortunate to get the contract that he got with the Redskins. If I were him, I’d go out of my way to show my appreciation and SHOW UP, whether I was contractually obligated to or not.

  15. Every season the Redskins fan base are the off-season super bowl champs. They will be unstoppable and dominate. I remember hearing all of this last season too… hrmm

  16. The Redskins are not offseason champions we signed exactly one big name how is that winning the offseason championship? Denver is the team that signed all the big names. I think some people still think Vinny is running the Skins.

  17. Obviously he booked this vacation while he was an Eagle. Who knows how far in advance it was booked, and maybe this was the only time he could take this particular vacation. I’ll give him a pass.

  18. DeSean will always be a diva. But he’s a great talent and a great pick up for Washington. As an Eagles’ fan, I wish we still had him. Every training camp there would be reports how no one in the Eagles’ secondary could cover him. I would expect him to torch the Eagles repeatedly.

  19. mjtn says:
    Apr 14, 2014 5:58 PM
    DeSean will always be a diva. But he’s a great talent and a great pick up for Washington. As an Eagles’ fan, I wish we still had him. Every training camp there would be reports how no one in the Eagles’ secondary could cover him. I would expect him to torch the Eagles repeatedly.
    The first honest Eagles fan.

  20. Personally I don’t care for this guy and I’m glad he’s out of here. But I’d also like him to prove me wrong that he isn’t a punk with a me first attitude. Don’t be that guy who showed up in that ESPN production. Dress like you usually do and be the team player you claim to be. But be sure of this,you’re not Cris Carter who only caught touch downs.

  21. I feel bad for how excited Skins fans are getting about djax. Yes he’s fast and a great deep that but so is aldrick robinson and andre roberts. Rg3 simply overthrew robinson last season but they are the same players who can’t go across the middle unless its 1st and goal.

    The best part of all of this is djax has never played well against the cowboys. I think he has less than 70 total yards im 2 games this season against the worst defense in the entire NFL. Meanwhile riley cooper has abused the cowboys because of his size and hands.

    Comical franchise you guys have in DC

  22. Hmm, comparing DJax to Aldrick Robinson. One has multiple pro bowls and is a proven HUGE playmaker. The other has a few TD’ s. Yeah, great comparison bud. You sure rained on our parade. DJax is going to take the top off the D and run short routes because of his YAC skills. Garcon can run any route, then we have Roberts and our new TE, who’s name escapes me. Damn, we’re lookin good.

  23. @ Bigben- So comical you had to make a comment on Redskins post? LoL, nothing’s stOpping you from not reading or responding.

    @distracted- Chiefs would’ve liked to sign Desean, but didn’t have the cap space.

  24. @bigbenh8tr

    Comical? What’s funny (and pathetic) is that NFC East has 10+ superbowls, and ZERO come from the Eagles. Now THAT is comical.

  25. I have seen every game Jackson has played in…most OVER-RATED player in the NFL..78 games as a #1 WR..ONE game with more then 1 TD ( seriously one !!) Up until last year under Chip Kelly he has NEVER finished in the top THIRTY in the entire NFL in receptions..Never top THIRTY in the entire NFL in TD’s…Never in top 15 in yards. Even in Chip Kelly’s pass happy offense he only finished 9th in yards and had his first and only multibable TD receiving games..Add that all up with MEsean was going to be the 3rd highest paid WR in the league, arguments with coaches, pouting on sidelines, and having the balls to say ONE day the saints loss that he actually wanted MORE money??..ya..Ok MEsean..Good Luck Skins .You will all see by week 6 he aint worth the headache..the real reason he was cut was he could stand that his coach had the initials “C.K.” but then again his new team does wear red

  26. This is gonna be funny when Me_sean is asked to go across the middle and someone tkes him out for the season with a concusion. Oh, wait he is already afraid to go across the middle from the last concussion he recieved. Night Night Me-Sean!

  27. Well your highness, is there anything else we can do to accommodate you that will screw up your team mates any more than we have done so far?
    Do you have a manicure, a new tattoo, a hair salon appointment, massage, or some other minor thing that will prevent you from doing what you ARE PAID TO DO?
    This dude is toast and he has not even put on his pads. To be so nonchalant towards his team and team mates shows he is in it for the money, but his heart left football before the ink dried on his contract in D.C.

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