Draft hopeful James Wilder Jr. arrested


James Wilder Jr., a former Florida State running back who is hoping to be drafted next month, was arrested in Tampa on Sunday night.

The Tampa Bay Times reports that Wilder was arrested on an outstanding warrant related to a charge of driving with a suspended license. He was arrested at 7:21 p.m. on Sunday and released on $1,000 bail at 12:20 a.m. on Monday.

According to the report, Wilder has been cited for violations related to his drivers license at least four times. He was also arrested in February of 2012 and was accused of battery on an officer; he later pleaded no contest to a charge of resisting an officer without violence. Wilder spent time in jail later that year after he violated his probation by having traces of alcohol on his breath when he reported to a sheriff’s work camp.

Wilder had 81 carries for 563 yards and eight touchdowns last season in helping the Seminoles win the national championship. He decided to forego his senior season to enter the NFL draft.

Wilder’s father was a Pro Bowl running back for the Buccaneers and is Tampa Bay’s all-time leading rusher.

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  1. Go back to college for another year and get your act together. Then come and play with the big boys. Your numbers aren’t that great anyway and unless they won’t take you back, your best bet is to take another year to grow up.

  2. I just don’t get the stupidity of these athletes today….zero tolerance policy might clean things up a bit.. Won’t cost union a damn thing as slit is filled with another baller…

  3. The Tampa Bay career rushing stat sheet is pretty weak. Also James Wilder is one of the worst fumblers of all time at about 2.8%, sounds like his son has a big fumbling problem himself. Only Tony Dorsett and Franco Harris did worse at a little over 3% of anybody I’m aware of that played a significant amount of time.

  4. Seeing as though this kid wasn’t exactly a top-ranked prospect, it wouldn’t be surprising if he was taken off a lot of -if not most- draft boards.

    Way to go, kid. Helluva way to impress potential employers!

  5. Timing can be out of our hands……..
    Common sense we have more of a say in…….

    We all endure bad things in life. How many more does Wilder have to experience before he actually embraces change.
    Evolve son.

  6. His dad was GOOD. That offense had some talent, but no one remembers it. Jimmie Giles at TE, Kevin House at WR, Doug Williams at QB, and Wilder at RB, they could play some ball.

    Oh, and this kid sounds like a dunce.

  7. Pathetic. Stupid.

    Those are the best words to describe how kids today, specifically college football players, are when it involves off-field activities.

  8. And now he can’t go back to school because he hired an agent. Should’ve just stayed in school to reap the benefits of another year with Jameis & Co.

  9. Driving with a suspended license? Is he the first person to ever be arrested for this most heinous crime?
    Oh yeah, he’s an athlete. It’s truly horrible.

  10. Let me get this straight. He leaves college early to make the big bucks only to get arrested and hurt his chances of getting drafted early. Are we missing something? Or are you guys spot-on about how stupid he is.

    Good to see idiocy is alive and doing well.

  11. Wilder is not in some backwater hick town where the college football team runs the county. Coaches, boosters, local alum judges, and team lawyers make every transgression go away or reduce charges to a joke. Some of these guys think they’re above the law because their coaches and schools allow them to. *cough* Urban Meyer *cough*

  12. Looks like the perfect designated driver for Aldon Smith in San Francisco.

    I predict the 49ers will select him early in the draft.

  13. Too late to go back…. thats a very good aver 563 divided by 81 equals 6.9 per rush…… but not much of a body of work…

  14. We should arrest fewer people. I know, you sanctimonious haters would have to find another platform on which to declare your moral superiority, but our current system is arbitrary and inefficient.

  15. I don’t understand how athletes think they are above the law. They go and do stupid stuff and then get a light slap on the wrist that most of us would be thrown in prison for a long time for. Driving with a suspended license? Showing up at a Sheriffs workshop with alcohol breath? Get it together people! I’d play football for 1/4 what these jokers make and you better believe I would be following the law. This is a dream opportunity. Why throw it away for this stupid kind of stuff?

  16. Just wait until they start paying these kids in college. The whole reason NFL players get away with committing felonies is because of the money they have. It’s gonna be great when these college kids can get away with the same because they’ll have money.

  17. Wow. What an idiot.

    Where was he projected to land? It’s at least a round or 3 later now, wherever it was. Or off the boards entirely.

    Was it worth it, James?

  18. What I don’t understand is how this happens with guys in the NFL too! I do understand it in college because, you know, sometimes they don’t even have food to eat! But c’mon, your license? I don’t know if its possible but you cant call the courthouse and get an extension on your court date?? For real? So they don’t show up and have it cost you more later?!?! *Whew*…….I don’t know about some of these dudes! I WILL agree that sitting at the DMV is absolutely NO fun and I’d rather be cutting the lawn or….HELL…..even gardening, rather than doing that but if you wanna get from place to place and not have to walk……..like someone said above. Take an hour or two out of your day and take your a$$ to the DMV and get renewed! WTH!!?!?!?!?!

  19. I really don’t understand the mentality. Guys that work their whole life to have a chance to make the NFL, then when they get close they throw it all alway. It’s pretty easy not to drive with a suspended license. The fact that he did it makes him a complete idiot.

  20. Given his production numbers for the NATIONAL CHAMPIONS one has to wonder why in the world he declared for the draft, was he going to be ruled ineligible at FSU or was he just not really wanted back there for his senior year, what is going on?

  21. Good going, moron.
    Boy will you be sought after. HAHAHA
    Stupid, arrogant fool. Get an attorney a license and grow up.

  22. Is it me or has Roger gone soft lately, when he came he wielded the iron hand of destruction, now he is just a toothless bull dog, waiting for due process. A lot of these guys, i am sorry are dumb as ish.

  23. He’s a running back. They’re a dime a dozen. Who needs to bring a lawbreaking fool onto their team? This clown just cut his own throat.

  24. “Go back to college for another year and get your act together.” ————— Too late for that now. Once you declare for the draft and hire an agent and start the whole process you don’t get that college eligibility back.

  25. Btw, I love the reaction on PFT. Guy plays football so he obviously can’t do something stupid that, I don’t know, happens all the time with alot of other irresponsible people who haven’t renewed their license. But I forgot, playing sports gives you super powers.

  26. Looks like some people need to understand the difference between simply having an expired license and having one that is suspended before trying to post any “intelligent” opinions here. Going to the DMV to handle a suspended license is ridiculous. They would probably say something like: “Honey, you have to go see the judge first.”

  27. Realfootball fan. In your life, it sounds like what he has done is normal and acceptable and therefore not worthy of comment. I don’t know a single person that has 5 license violations, assaulted an officer and had a parole violation by the age of 22. Especially considering I grew up low-income, while JWJ grew up with a millionaire father, ex-NFL RB.

  28. In other news, the San Diego chargers are still trying to win their first superbowl…The Rams and Seahawks both already beat them to it. What a pathetic franchise. You let Drew Brees go, he goes to New Orleans and wins a superbowl…NEW ORLEANS!!! LMAO. Eli tells the Chargers no thank you and goes and wins 2 superbowls. Pathetic franchise.

  29. The physical attributes are given by God, while behavior is learned. It all starts in the home with actions, not just words. Values, priority, responsibility, and accountability are established in our youth to deal with life.

  30. Another individual that does not get it,so giving him a big paycheck will make him change, doubt it .

  31. No doubt he was in the wrong (multiple times) but seriously folks, you’re all making him out to be a life-long felon which simply isn’t the case.

  32. I don’t think he’s dumb, I just assume he’s auditioning for the Ravens soon-to-be-vacant RB spot.

  33. Make sure we pay these guys! They deserve to be compensated. Maybe if we paid them, he’d have the money to hire a lawyer to manage his off the field illegal activities! Its the right thing to do.

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