Gilbride calls notion Eli is in decline “ludicrous”


It would be easy and convenient for former Giants offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride to adopt the notion that quarterback Eli Manning is in decline.  After all, that would make the team’s poor offensive performance in 2013 seem more like Manning’s responsibility and less like Gilbride’s.

But that’s not what Gilbride said when given the chance to address the question of whether Eli’s play is slipping.  Appearing in studio as a guest analyst on NBCSN’s Pro Football Talk, Gilbride dismissed the idea that Eli has lost his edge.

“There’s been no deterioration of his arm strength, there’s been no lack of preparation and effort,” Gilbride said.  “I think he’s going to be fine as soon as they solidify the offensive line.  They certainly made a move to do that by bringing in three interior offensive linemen and as soon as they get somebody that’s going to be productive for them as an outside receiver — Victor Cruz is terrific, but they need somebody that when they go match up, bump and run [and] go win for them.”

So is Eli in decline?

“I think that’s, to be honest with you, ludicrous,” Gilbride said.  “I think he’s going to be fine. . . .  He’s going to throw the ball to the right person and he’s going to throw it accurately.”

Over the weekend, Dan Graziano of reported that the question of whether Eli is in decline “has not gone unasked” in the team’s front office.  And it’s a fair question to at least ponder, given that Eli sits two seasons away from a new contract, with salaries of $15.1 million in 2014 and $17 million in 2015.

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  1. Eli was never really that good.

    His 5k yard season were more based on his astronomical number of attempts and hollow stat padding vs actual ability.

  2. as a Giant fan,I am embarrest for Eli and his brother who chokes in big games.We have seen the best from these guys and its all downhill now.

  3. If they were sold on Eli for the next 4+ seasons, they would’ve extended his contract already. It makes sense to pursue Chris Johnson and give Eli the best running game he’s ever had between CJ and Jennings… as our run game was horrific last year.

    Since the free agent WR market blows, either draft either a WR like Mike Evans or draft Ebron at TE. They still need a solid LT, as Beatty just hasn’t been “the guy” for that spot just yet and was a huge reason Eli was on his back all year. There are still decent depth options at O-line they can sign, it’d depend on Eli getting extended.

    If Reese saw this as a no-brainer, it’d be done by now. He and Rolle are the two obvious choices to create cap room, but Will Hill is the obvious successor to Rolle.

  4. His 5000 yard season as due to # of attempts???? You mean the season he carried the GIANTS to their second Super Bowl championship in 4 years?

    Get real chump.

  5. “ishallcomment says:
    Apr 14, 2014 8:24 PM
    Eli was never really that good.

    His 5k yard season were more based on his astronomical number of attempts and hollow stat padding vs actual ability.”

    Which is why his average per attempt was better than Drew Brees’s in 2011?

  6. Finally something me and killdrive agree on….lol. Cause we damn sure never agreed on redzone play calling. Good job taking some responsibility though coach I respect that. Eli will be back I have no doubt about it. Ez E relishes the underdog position. Naysayers beware you will be eating those words……….

  7. “He’s about the only one on that team that ISN’T on the decline.”

    Dude you obviously are not following the Giants. Over half the team will be different. They signed 25 FA’s and there’s still the draft.

  8. I don’t wanna knock the guy too much, he does have 2 rings.

    But even at his peak, he was a fringe top 10 guy. I never considered him an elite level guy. I don’t know if he’s in decline so much as people have just accepted, this is what he is. There isn’t more to come. He’s not terrible, but he’s not his brother.

  9. Eli is such a strange quarterback. He never really looks great but you wouldn’t want to bet against him in the playoffs. One more Super Bowl win and he will force people to include him in the category of the best ever.

  10. Eli Manning declining is absolutely ludicrous. Gilbride is right. In all honesty, all eyes should really be on GM Jerry Reese. His handling of the roster the last few years have been worrisome.

    But it is truly amazing what a fire storm such a quiet guy as Eli can trigger. Kind of a testament to his understated greatness. No one talks about Matt Ryan cause he’s not great. Simple as that. And, btw, Ross Tucker always comes off as clueless. Maybe cause he is.

  11. Hey “nflgiant” it’s spelled embarrassed… And the only one that has done that is u with your goofy comment… Eli will be fine with a solid OL in front of him…

  12. Top 5 punches:

    1. Buddy punching Gilbride
    2. Buddy punching Gilbride
    3. Buddy punching Gilbride
    4. Buddy punching Gilbride
    5. Trent Williams punching Richard Sherman

    In that order…

  13. I’m probably stating the obvious here, but i’m starting to think one person has several different accounts and leaves the same silly comments where they list the “top players” at a certain position. One of the players is always someone from their crappy team who has no business being on the list. I actually find it funny.

  14. He also had a horrible ONE and only ONE question for QBs. Have you ever been arrested? That’s his question! How many QBs would say no and he would get no information, he would only get insight to the questionable QBs that he is so overly concerned about, and that’s just a very bizarre choice for your one and only thing you can ask. If it’s a serious enough matter you would probably already know if the player was arrested anyhow, so he just seemed kind of frazzled on the show today and was a bit shaky in how he talked including how he was processing his thoughts.

  15. Every team I suppose needs a troll who obnoxiously uses hashtags and purposely ranks their inept players amongst the best when they are closer to backups than probowlers. Sigh.

  16. When Eli heard that he started to laugh. But the laugh turned into a hoarse, hacking, cough, so he reached for his glasses to find some medicine. But his glasses weren’t where he thought they were and darned if he could remember where he left them. So, he pulled himself off the couch, grimacing at the pain in his hip, stopped for a moment to rest and steady himself on the bannister, then shuffled up the stairs in his slippers to look for them.

  17. Ravens fan and appreciate Eli’s play for the past ten years. On a decline, I don’t think so. He’s been great, not elite, during his tenure. Only elite QBs are his brother and that guy in NE—Brady.

  18. As a Chargers fan I have always had a dislike for Eli. I loved watching him throw pick after pick last year. Warmed my heart.

    That being said, I do not dislike the Giants, nor do I think Eli is in decline.

  19. No here’s top 5. 1=Brady, 2= Peyton, 3=Rodgers, 4= Brees, 5= Big Ben NOW RINGWISE FOR ALL THE ELI HATERS = 1= Brady, 2= Big Ben, 3= THE GREATEST ELI MANNING, THAT’S ALL I need to say I wouldn’t take any other scrub in the NFL over eli, especially because ill take two rings over most of your favorite Quarterbacks none…

  20. Wow. Someone who actually knows football, and is talking sense. Something rarely seen by the troglodytes who post on this board.

  21. I don’t think he’s a top 5 QB, and based on last season, he wasn’t in the top 10, but this guy is better than people give him credit for. Last season the o line was terrible, no running game and the wr corp didn’t help him out much. Not to say he wasn’t bad, but the team around him was terrible and I don’t know if any qb could have saved that team. Eli carried the Giants in 2011 when they had no running game and the defense wasn’t playing well until the end of the season, he got the team in the playoffs. He is one of the few QBs that actually makes his team better. Some QBs can succeed with talent around them like Alex Smith, Andy Dalton, Matt Schaub, etc., but can’t carry a team. If you truly can win multiple SBs by being so mediocre, then why haven’t more bad QBs won?

  22. The only difference between last season and any other year is that instead of playing like garbage for the first 11-12 games (and playing lights out for the 4-5), he played like garbage for all 16.

    Any HOF chatter involving Eli can be attributed to the success that he had in about 20% of all games/snaps he’s played. The other 80%, pretty much par to subpar at best. You can’t say the same about Peyton, Brees, Brady, and Rodgers.

  23. Before acknowledging that Eli is in the decline you first have to say:
    1 the offensive line was awful,they got push all over the place,especially on key situations
    2 Wilson was a treat of fumbling,especially on key situations
    3 the backup running backs always got 1 or 2 yards,especially in key situations
    4 the TE was always dropping passes,especially on key situations
    5 the number one receiver did not catch a single TD,especially in key situations
    6 the offensive coordinator always called predictable plays,especially in key situations

  24. All those people bashing Eli would trade away stats for super bowl winning drives in an instant.

    Call him a below average QB all you want, but he’s among the most accomplished QBs in league history.

  25. I would love for him to be in decline, because as a Patriots fan, he almost singlehandedly got me to stop watching football. However, it is impossible that he is in decline, he isn’t old enough. He just had a bad year. He’s never been consistent in his career and he was never at his brother’s level. This is nothing new. He’s tough and he plays well in big games. There’s no reason to be worried about him yet. The Giants have never strung together 2 great years in a row. No big deal and they can come back and win the division this year easily. Although I love to see him fail, I respect Eli, and I assume he’ll bounce back.

  26. peopletrains says: Apr 14, 2014 10:04 PM

    The only difference between last season and any other year is that instead of playing like garbage for the first 11-12 games (and playing lights out for the 4-5), he played like garbage for all 16.

    Any HOF chatter involving Eli can be attributed to the success that he had in about 20% of all games/snaps he’s played. The other 80%, pretty much par to subpar at best. You can’t say the same about Peyton, Brees, Brady, and Rodgers.


    I don’t think many people would put him ahead of those 4 guys. I think 2 Super Bowls is no fluke though. It puts him up there.

    Here’s the list of multiple winners. He’s probably in the Griese, Plunkett category, but he’s on the list.

    Joe Montana
    Terry Bradshaw
    Troy Aikman
    Tom Brady
    Bart Starr
    Bob Griese
    Roger Staubach
    Jim Plunkett
    John Elway
    Ben Roethlisberger
    Eli Manning

  27. Is Graziano going to name his source(s) or what? The lightweight speculation is for page views on his blog?

  28. Eli could still have his best 5 seasons. He’s only 33. The Giants fans thought Kurt Warner was in decline too when he was 33. Then he took the Cardinals to the Super Bowl 4 years later.


  30. Say what you want but more times than not a team with Eli at QB is going to beat the team you root for. His W-L record and two championships so.

  31. Eli had a QB rating of 69.4 last year with 27 picks. His QB rating was 35th of the 37 QBs rated. I think it is doubtful he’ll ever return to his former glory.

  32. He’s an Assante Samuel dropped INT and a Wes Welker dropped pass away from being 0-2 in the Super Bowl.

  33. For the past two seasons he has not been good at all. If you don’t think he is in decline then you aren’t watching the games. I’m sorry but a guy that is supposed to be one of the best QBs, you don’t throw 27 interceptions. He’s just not that good of a QB and he needs a lot around him to win.

  34. In decline ? Eli has never been good. First Super Bowl typical Eli pick 6 dropped by Samuel. Eli is an int machine. Not a high completion pct and is just not that good.

  35. for yrs the giants bread and butter was the line of scrimmage — the defensive and offensive lines. both seemed to get old at once. on the offensive side, for yrs the same group of linemen seemed to always be in the lineup and they were good.

    the key will be how quickly the giants can retool their offensive line with good, experienced guys. and at the same time, eli gets older each yr. there will come a time when he has peaked and be in decline.

    so it is a race against the clock. get the offensive line back to where it was while eli still has some ability. a window of opportunity if you will.

    it is a bit strange how the giants off and def lines were so good and now so bad. seemed to happen all at once. seemed to start in 2012 on the offensive side.

  36. All the haters can say what they want but there is one truth everyone knows is fact. When #10 comes into YOUR house in the playoffs carrying (on paper) an inferior team on his back, you know Big Blue is going to win EVERY time. Eli has never lost a road playoff game. I don’t care if he’s in decline. When it matters most, there is no one else I want QBing my favorite team. Nobody.

  37. Gilbride is right … he sucked all along – even when his defenses were winning his super bowls!

  38. No protection, no run game, and your #1 WR is injured and disinterested.. even fans of the other NFC east teams who actually understand football wouldn’t pin last year on Eli. If you don’t follow the Giants, there’s a misconception that he’s had a great D and great O line. It just simply isn’t true. Look at the stats – Eli has carried this team and our defense has made just enough plays when it counted in the playoffs to help us win.

  39. Eli was never good.

    never once did he break 63% completion

    He’s finished the season with a rating over 90 only twice in his career.

    He’s had one year of a TD to INT ration that was 2-1. the rest were about 1.3 / 1.

    He did have two good playoff runs. Both were the result of an outstanding defensive line & running game. Both got him a super-bowl ring.
    the only reason he has any clout is the fact his name is manning.

  40. Interesting to see if the Giants draft a QB in the early rounds, eg Mettenberger, Murray, Garopollo, etc. They might just want to have a backup plan if Eli is declining.

  41. When you have to re-tool your entire roster, like Reese just did {25 FA’s signed} maybe the QB has
    A. Better protection
    B. A real run game
    C. A TE who can catch
    D. A #1 outside WR who can draw some coverage
    E. An offensive that makes sense based on personnel.
    Eli is Eli. Doesn’t look the part, UNTIL you put him in the position to win the game, with pressure
    coming from everywhere.
    See Niners game, see super-bowl #1 & #2.
    Dan you’re an idiot!
    I’ll take Eli picks and all, we win super-bowls every 4-5 years with him.

  42. Eli does well in the playoffs, where his general disinterest in football is actually a benefit since he feels no pressure. The trick is getting him there while he heaves 2-3 INTs every game. Coughlin’s mistake the last few years has been in letting the RB corps wither up so you can’t just have him hand off a lot.

  43. Know nothing haters make me laugh all day long. In 2007 and 2011 they had the 14th and 25th ranked defense, respectively. In 2011, they had the absolute worst 32nd ranked rushing game in the league. All Eli did was take his team on the road and rip through top seeds with 13+ wins.

    I’m responding for Eli. He’d respond to all of your misplaced hater arguments but Tuesday is rings shining day. Cheers!

  44. In order to decline don’t you actually have to come down from somewhere. Go ahead throw out the Super Bowls. Don’t give any credence to the defense which actually won them. Or just ignore the fact that he threw a game ending interception to Asante Samuel who pulled the biggest choke job of all time by dropping it. The guy is an average NFL qb who has been VERY lucky

  45. It never ceases to amaze me that so-called astute football fans continue to not know the differences between a “passer rating” and a “quarterback rating.”

  46. Some of you must not even watch football with the foolish statements you make. Eli got sacked 39 times last year. The most as a Giant. Was that his fault? No. The O-Line collapsed. That’s coaching and Front office. If the team performs poorly after all the signings this year, Reese may well be gone. As for the person who wished Gilbride would go away, he’s gone. MacAdoo is the new OC. Fans should admire Gibride for having some class and defending Eli, whose far from done. His brother isn’t done either. That superbowl loss goes on the ENTIRE TEAM. Let’s look at a few more things about last year. No running game. No offensive line. The D took half the year off. I like Tuck, but better to let a guy go too soon than too late. Ditto often injured Andre Brown. As for Cleveland, if they go 8-8, I’ll be impressed, since they won’t. Yes, the Giants had a rough year, but as a fan for 45 years, I’ve seen worse. The Giants next big step will be to make these signing into a team. I predict 10-6 and possibly taking the NFC East. The Eagles have no big threat at WR and that means teams can put 8 in the box and control McCoy. I’m still not sold on the Redskins, who are better on D than O. And will Griffith survive uninjured again? And as for Dallas, Jerry Jones is an asswipe who should hire a GM and get the hell out of the way. However, if Dallas never has a winning season ever again, I’ll be happy.

  47. Tom Brady is 3 video tapes away from being 0-5 in the SuperBowl.

    The Eagles are 10000 years away from a SuperBowl.

    We can play this pathetic game all day…

    Eli is going to the HOF. Go cry if you don’t like it.

  48. Yeah but did you see the interview? Gilbride’s words and inflection indicated that yeah, everyone is worried about his last 2 seasons and when Gilbride was told “…oh you really must blame the rest of the team” Gilbride indicated that Eli must get his share of the blame as well which was honest.

    Bottom line hasnt changed the NYG brass and idiot fanbase will cheer for Eli until he can’t hold up a cup of coffee, and you are realistically looking at either zero or maybe 1 more playoff chance over the next 5-10 years.

  49. Greenie said it on the radio this morning. Brady, Brees, Payton, etc. don’t have “stinker” seasons like Eli just had. A TD-INT ratio of 18-27 and a rating of 69 is not something that the truly great QB’s EVER have. Eli is not great and never was.

  50. Unlike most who have already posted here, THE so-called football experts, I can’t tell at the moment if he’s actually on the decline. And maybe as a fan and as someone who’s witnessed his and his teams’ performance prior, during, and after the two SBs, I just chuck it up to Eli being Eli. But more importantly, I just find it comical that a lot of detractors love to pin the Giants last two SB wins to Eli being lucky. Yeah he threw that deep ball and his WR just happen to luckily grab it with one hand and his helmet.

    In my experience, one makes his or her own luck. How lucky is that to be the lowest seed, have to play all your playoff games on the road and win them all to get to the SB? Yeah, yeah, talk all that luck nonsense, I’m guessing you’d wish your team to have he same luck, or I’m thinking it’s not luck when your team and QB makes the playoffs. Haters are funny! Hate on Eli all you want, I’m cool wih it, he’s given Giants fans 2 SBs and, who knows, maybe more!

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