Joeckel praises Johnny Football


Last year, Texas A&M tackle Luke Joeckel became the second overall pick in the draft, to the Jaguars.  This year, there’s a chance the Jaguars could select one of Joeckel’s teammates with the third overall pick in the draft.

And that likely would be fine by Joeckel.

“There’s one thing that no one can really deny with Johnny, is that he can play football,” Joeckel told Alex Marvez and Gil Brandt of SiriusXM NFL Radio.  “Playing with him, being with him for two years at A&M, he goes out there and he competes and he wants to win.  I loved playing with him. . . .  I think he’d fit in to any NFL system.  He’s a guy that just can play football, he’s an extremely smart guy.  He’s a competitor.  You know, every  single Sunday, he’ll come out there and he wants to win football games. . . .  He’s a great teammate and a good friend.”

Maybe they’ll be teammates again in just a few weeks.  Manziel’s abilities coupled with offensive coordinator Jedd Fisch’s creativity could help a team that is barging its way into relevance become downright fascinating.

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  1. I’d love to see him get picked by the Jags. No matter what team picks him though, we all know there is huge risk/reward involved. Caldwell is a smart GM and this roster has a lot of holes to fill. He doesn’t strike me as the GM that’s going to be the risk taker at #3 in a draft as loaded with this. Safe pick that’s guaranteed to be an impact player with Clowney (another risk) probably off the board will be Sammy Watkins. Watkins, Blackmon, Shorts and Sanders in a 4 receiver set? Not to mention TE Marcedes Lewis? I may be overlooking someone, but I just can’t think of a better group of playmaking pass catchers in the league. Chad Henne might actually look like Peyton Manning with a little protection lol

  2. Hurry tomorrow, tomorrow I need you now. Johnny Wildcat can’t wait to join the Brian Bozworth Club of Hype.

    A 5′ 10″ QB whose best asset is scrambling around, yet he can’t outrun DEs twice his size. The first collision will be something to behold.

    Who can forget the Bozworth goal line stand against Bo Jackson? Multiply it by 10 …

  3. I don’t doubt the sincerity in his belief in his teammate, but whether Johnny Football’s playing style and build will translate to the NFL is a legit question.

  4. 6’6″ 270lb Clowney is faster than Johnny Foozball.. just let that sink in for a second…

  5. Last season, Johnny had a higher QB rating passing from the pocket than Luck had passing from the pocket his senior year.

    If you see him as mainly a scrambling athlete, you are easily swayed by highlights and don’t dig deep enough.

  6. Pete Carroll has ways been a major promoter of Johnny. When everybody else was hating, Pete was saying to leave the kid alone. It’s a far fetch but it makes me wonder if Gus having ties to Seattle, Carroll, and a smaller QB in Wilson if Jacksonville wouldn’t try to replicate the same philosophy with Johnny. Love him or hate him, Johnny is intriguing to watch and Jacksonville needs viewers.

  7. Not being a fan of this punk Manzel, I just hope he falls flat on his face and becomes yet another flash in the pan, as say, a Mark Sanchez.


    I’m a huge Jaguar fan that live’s in NC, and as a Huge Jaguar fan I see the impact this kid would bring to the Jags.
    He can simply play football. POINT BLANK!
    Every year people say this will be the most exciting draft in years. But this is going to be the most EXCITING draft in years. So many very good prospects and where they will go is a big mystery.
    I really want my future QB for the Jaguars to be this guy. Id buy season tickets and make the 6 hour drive from Charlotte to Jax every game to watch this guy play Pro football.
    Sad thing is. The Panthers and Cam Newton are right here and they don’t interest me in the slightest amount.

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