PFT: Is Eli’s future in question?

The ProFootballTalk crew discusses the story revolving around the potential decline of Eli Manning. Kevin Gilbride believes that Manning will be just fine.

3 responses to “PFT: Is Eli’s future in question?

  1. 2 lucky post season runs, as lucky as winning Powerball, and besides that his stats are terrible. he’s the only 2 time Superbowl winner that will have a hard time making it to the Hall of Fame ever.

  2. Certainly not.The idea his best years are behind him is ridiculous.I said it before.The left tackle stunk,Nicks acted like he didn’t want to get the ball.Randle kept running the wrong routes.The tight end falls down in the Broncos game and can’t get open.
    The running game for the most part was non existent,add to that Kevin Gilbrides lousy play calling and the fact that they were the worst screen pass team I have ever seen all adds up to the year he had.I’ll say it again watch out this year.

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