Rams to award $100,000 if someone foretells their schedule

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For those who want to play schedule-maker, the Rams have quite the contest for you.

The club said Monday it would award $100,000 if someone correctly forecasts their 2014 regular season schedule ahead of its release. The contest, held on the Rams’ website, requires fans to pick all 16 games and the bye week in order. The contest also requires entrants to correctly pick the day on which all games will be played.

The Rams’ 2014 opponents are already known, and it is customary for all Week 17 games to be divisional matchups, which narrows the Rams’ final-game options to six: home or away meetings with Arizona, San Francisco or Seattle. Also, Rams executive vice president of football operations / chief operating officer Kevin Demoff has tweeted some general scheduling guidelines, noting that byes don’t start until Week Four and end in Week 12. Finally, the bulk of the Rams’ games would seem likely to be played on Sundays.

Nevertheless, a little scratch-paper math suggests the $100,000 pot will be tough to take down, given all of the variables, including having to match the games to the proper days.

The contest will end will the schedule is released — and no later than one second short of 6 p.m. Eastern on Monday, April 21, according to the contest rules. If no one correctly places all 16 games and the bye on the schedule, there will be no prize given out, per the regulations. The rules also state that the “(potential) winner will be determined on or about 5/1/14.” As you would expect, Rams and NFL employees are prohibited from winning.

The rules also state that any tie will be decided by a 10-question trivia contest. The grand prize will be paid via check, but let us be the first to suggest that any trivia challenge should be conducted with the winner’s share on the table, World Series of Poker style.

Now that’s a trivia contest we would watch.

32 responses to “Rams to award $100,000 if someone foretells their schedule

  1. Employees of the NFL and Rams are prohibited. How about spouses, relatives, and house pets of said employees? With a hundred large on the line, I’m thinking the winner will probably have something whispered in their ear.

  2. I’m surprised there’s nothing like this with the first round of the draft…. “May Mayhem” (I’m lame, I know)

  3. Someone figure these odds. I’m not smart enough…. But I’m sure it’s along the lines of powerball.

  4. I made the Cowboys game the Thursday nighter because it’s the Cowboys.

    I was tempted to have Denver be a MNF game – but nonsense. The Rams aren’t getting a MNF game. Other than the Cowboys, I had every game on Sunday

    I put way too much thought into this crapshoot.

  5. Heck yeah I didn’t go to the WSOP once out of convenience, it’s the grand prize or it’s nothing. I got nothing, in hingsight I should have cashed out before they dealt the first card but that’s besides the point, I’m ready to put it all on the line again and I’m getting my entry in tonight. I like contests that have big prize money for sure, thanks St. Louis!

  6. If they get an entry from a fortune teller, it will go like this,

    “I see you playing 16 games, but not all in a row. You will feel the need to rest at one point for a week. But, strangely, only half of them will be in your home stadium. Sometimes you will have to travel many miles to play. If you decide to wear a dark colored uniform your opponents will wear a light colored one, perhaps to infuriate you. You must do the same when visiting them at their home. You will have some success and some failure.”.

  7. snowman36 says: Apr 14, 2014 9:04 PM

    The last rams home game had about 683 ppl there. I bet only half of them will participate….2-14

    683? You’re counting the vendors and ushers, right?

  8. There are about 356 trillion ways to order 16 games plus a bye week, and that’s just the different ways they can be ordered sequentially. It gets even harder when you consider you have to accurately predict the day of the week for each game since we know there has to be a Thursday in there somewhere.

  9. I can accurately predict their postseason schedule:

    Wild-Card Round: Bye week
    Divisional Round: Bye week
    Conference Championship: Bye week
    Super Bowl: Bye week

  10. If I was the NFL league office I might consider using a little of that infinity billion dollar war chest to hire security for the schedule makers. People in St. Louis now have a 100,000 reasons to get an inside source.

  11. Can someone explaine the rules I want to win 100k and if anyone can help i’ll be very greatfull for it i need the money baad my two baby momas killin me so I just have to pick the teams??

  12. Money is mine. I just programmed an app that let’s me submit all 456 billion permutations with the click of the mouse.

  13. This is just an utterly stupid idea and what a low ball offer. You have better odds winning the lottery than guess the exact order, place and day of the rams schedule with the bye week. There’s nothing good about this ordeal, they know no one won’t even come close to getting all that right unless they can see into the future. If you had to guess 17 lotto numbers in the exact order, it would be in the billions or more because no one will never win. I would say for someone to get this exactly right, the award should be $10mil or more.

  14. Here’s a hint:

    Sunday, Sunday, Sunday, Sunday, Sunday, Sunday, Sunday, Sunday, Sunday, Sunday, Sunday, Sunday, Sunday, Sunday, Sunday,

  15. There’s over 104 trillion combinations of games, even if you already KNOW the last game is a divisional game. Now factor in that at least one of these games is going to be a Thursday night game.

    They could be giving away a billion dollars, and they’d still have the upper hand by well over 100,000:1.

  16. The Bills are giving away free season tickets for life if you predict the schedule.

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