Report: Aldon Smith was red-flagged for trouble before drafted


Since he was drafted, 49ers pass-rusher Aldon Smith has done two things consistently — sack quarterbacks and end up in the news for bizarre off-field incidents.

And according to a pre-draft personality report, it’s not inconsistent with what some predicted.

According to Alex Marvez of FOX Sports, a report from North Carolina-based scouting service Human Resource Tactics said Smith: “Has some past experience with getting into trouble and is a higher-than-average risk for this sort of behavior in the future.”

His latest incident, an arrest Sunday for allegedly making a bomb threat at Los Angeles International Airport is far from his first. He’s also been arrested twice for DUI (the second of which led to a stint in rehab), was stabbed at his home, was arrested on gun charges and was involved in wreck in which the car he was in flipped after swerving to avoid a deer.

A portion of that would have been enough to end the careers of a lesser player, but he has 42 sacks in 43 career games.

But his HRT report from prior to the 2010 draft suggested problems might be around the corner.

“Smith’s upside potential is limited by his poor work ethic,” the report stated. “Although he will not use injuries as an excuse, he will not always give his best and stay focused in practice. Smith does not seem to understand the link between preparation and game performance. Instead of paying the price time and again to improve his skills, coaches will see that he will slack off occasionally and will try to get by with sporadic levels of preparation and effort in practices and the offseason.

“He does not consistently show the kind of passion and commitment to the game that we see in successful players.”

Of course, his output on the field suggest he’s doing enough. It’s being able to stay on the field, and out of trouble that has been the bigger issue.


30 responses to “Report: Aldon Smith was red-flagged for trouble before drafted

  1. A leopard never changes its stripes, a turd will always be a turd. Now, a turd with $$$, you just emboldened them further. Buyer beware, Clowney.

  2. Outstanding prospect, high energy, high IQ for the position, can’t miss with his stellar work ethic and proven skill set.

    Low risk, high ROI, franchise cornerstone for a decade. (Human Resource Tactics on Ryan Leaf)

  3. Aldon Smith flat out performs on the field, that can’t be questioned, played through shoulder injury in 2012, never missed a game.

  4. whoever wrote this report wasn’t psychic, smith’s behavior was just history repeating itself. baalke took a risk and lost. his big ego thinking his coaches could coach “the devil” out of smith; a failure already in the making. if smith doesn’t have the want to, the drive to be the best, to work hard, to stay out of trouble/legal problems, recognize and change his attitude, and stop drugging and drinking, nothing will ever improve in smith’s life and/or for the 49ers. harbaalke have to grow up also and realize they can’t do anything with him until smith believes he has problems and embraces everything about what it takes and acts on that to completely change his life. smith has to do all the work (he’s not known as a hard worker) as a result of his want to. 49ers ownership hopes he can find some genuine want to this time, although he’ll definitely be suspended, and then some! it’ll be interesting to see what the 49ers do after the league gets through with him…

  5. Seattle would gobble this guy up in 2 nano seconds off waivers if the Niners waived him. Don’t kid yourself!

  6. Another player with god given talent from a poor upbringing who was probably spoiled rotten in college. This problem is never going to fix itself or change. He’s got that spoiled gene in him that does nothing but get progressively worse. It’s called entitlement!

  7. Quite frankly, the HRT report findings seem fairly consistent with one that has substance abuse issues — meaning, if he gets that licked there may be hope. Then again, that takes the leap-of-faith assumption that he’s not a complete dope.

  8. Isn’t it funny that now after 3 seasons we hear “the rest of the story”. I don’t know if Aldon is “salvageable” or not…but I believe Baalke/Harbaugh will surely try. Guys with his talent don’t grow on trees. The Ravens didn’t give up on Ray Lewis who was embroiled in a murder investigation. Maybe different circumstances, but an organization’s faith in a player is the point. They’ll let go of him when they’re convinced he’s beyond whatever help they can get him. Don’t think they’re at that point.

  9. Seattle making jabs at a “small” town? For one thing SF is the principal City of the Bay Area, so the stadium moving South on the 101 doesn’t make them the Santa Clara 49ers anymore than making the Dallas the Iriving Cowboys, etc. If it wasn’t for Frazier people would forget you’re even in the U.S, which is why you’re ao loud. Like a child starved for attention, you dress in flamboyant obnoxious colora and depend upon the design of your stadium to help win games. Pathetic.

  10. Thank God The REDSKINS took the best lb a few years ago. Ryan Kerigan is a stand up person on and off the field. HTTR 4 LIFE.!!!!!!!!

  11. …and people make the Devil out of Von Miller for forgetting about a speeding ticket.

  12. Did the Niners really lose? I don’t think so. They have gotten a ton of sacks out of this guy off of his rookie contract. Relatively low wages. Now that he is coming up on free agency he is melting down and SFO doesn’t have to do a darned thing, they can just let him walk. If no other team wants him they could always bring him back for pennies on the dollar. Either way I think they got more than their moneys worth.

  13. I would never draft anyone with red flags. If they can’t handle life without money they are going to implode at some point after getting paid. Rare is the dude that becomes a model citizen after he’s been involved in shady activities while in college.

  14. Why do professional teams continue to draft this type individual and keep them when trouble starts?

  15. Aldon’s report sound a bit like SOME of the things that are being said regarding Clowney.

  16. I would still draft him today. He plays like a beast of a man. He clearly needs some mentorship and counseling, but the infractions are easily avoidable.

    1 – DUIs. Anyone who can afford a cab should never get one. Period. He needs to have a Town Car company on speed dial and ditch the keys at home.

    2 – Bomb @ TSA. It sounds like he made some type of sarcastic comment involving the word ‘bomb.’ This is just a bonehead thing to do.

    3 – Being stabbed. He was throwing a party with over 100 people and was breaking up a fight. He clearly associates with at least some sketchy people – but he himself did not commit any act of aggression or violence.

    4 – Gun charges. During the party mentioned in #3, several unlicensed weapons were found in his house, including several ‘assault weapons.’ Again, just stupid. I am not sure what’s with dudes having unlicensed weapons…

    5 – Flipping his car. If the story is true, not sure what’s there to be pissed off about. It happens.

    So in summation, he is an entitled jerk who made some dumb decisions and associates with some bad characters. #4 could be the one that hurts the most as unlicensed assault weapons could face some time…

  17. Money, money and win attitude. It doesn’t matter in the NFL. A good players troubles will always, unless in jail, be forgiven, either by the present team or the team picking the troubled player up. It’s all about the money and winning, Teams want more time with the players during the off season but the union says no because of probable abuse by coaches during the off season workouts. I’d rather the players to be in the house early in the off season studying, weight training and learning to be a man, one that matures. These are kids and I know grown men, but, plenty still need adult mentoring and fellowship.

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