Report: Eagles inquired about Spiller before trading for Sproles


The Eagles were able to complete a trade for running back Darren Sproles this offseason, but he reportedly wasn’t the only player they were thinking about adding to the offense.

Geoff Mosher of reports that the team inquired about the availability of Bills running back C.J. Spiller before completing the trade for Sproles. Per Mosher, the Bills had no interest in moving Spiller and nothing happened beyond the initial inquiry.

The Bills’ lack of interest in moving their most dynamic offensive player is easy to understand, as is the Eagles’ interest in adding such a player to their offense. While it wouldn’t be the most obvious move for a team with LeSean McCoy at running back, both players are good receivers who could have been on the field at the same time and Spiller’s return skills would also have fit in Philly.

Those traits would have been especially welcome once DeSean Jackson was released and the reported bid for Spiller may be a sign that moving on from Jackson was on the Eagles’ mind well before they actually pulled the trigger on his departure. All of that will have to remain in the speculation file, though, because Spiller isn’t going to be an Eagle anytime soon.

16 responses to “Report: Eagles inquired about Spiller before trading for Sproles

  1. That would have been fun to watch, but it’s not practical. I love sproles trade, but deseans production needs to be made up by a true wr. Spiller or Sproles would bring great things to the offense but it doesn’t negate the need for a true wr.

  2. > So the Eagles think trading for some nobody RB will keep them out of last place? That’s why I thank God I’m a Redskins fan. HRR.

    Translation: “Talk to ME!”

  3. Get ready to say “goodbye” to Shady. His base salary averages over 7 million a year for the next 4 years. Jumps to 9.75 (with an 11.5 cap hit in 2015). Too much for a back now, unless you want to be like mediocre Minnesota.

  4. Gotta love Chip’s attitude. Tried trading for D Jordan, Spiller, while he dumped Djax. He’s a gamer w/ swapping his roster.

  5. McCoy is on the books for about $10M next year.

    The Eagles were enjoyable to watch… and would have been competitive in their playoff game if they have played like they were capable of. It didn’t look like the same offense. Seems like Chip Kelly overthought his first NFL Playoff game vs. sticking with what worked all season.

  6. Chip kelly back to college next yr. Amateur night at the Apollo is going to blow up.

  7. Peterson better than both combined?

    You put Spiller in Minnesota with that line, and give him that many carries…he would destroy Peterson’s production.

    There’s a reason the Bills had the #2 rushing attack with CJ and Fred. They are the best 1-2 punch in the NFL, no doubt.

  8. They also inquired on the availability of Aaron Rodgers, Calvin Johnson and Jimmy Graham, but nobody would bite on their offer of Brandon Graham.

  9. Betcha they sign Sidney Rice. What’s to lose? If you land a stud in the draft then Rice either gets cut or bumped down the depth chart. If Rice is fully healed and able to perform with Foles like he did with Favre…then ya got a cheap steal.

  10. “moving on from Jackson was on the Eagles mind before they actually pulled the trigger”. DUH, they tried to move him last off season.

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