Report: Lockette told police “completely naked” woman wouldn’t leave


When it comes to the recent off-field situation involving 49ers linebacker Aldon Smith, we already know pretty much all there is to know.  When it comes to the recent off-field situation involving 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, we don’t know much.

We now know a little bit more regarding the things that may have happened between the moment a woman was naked in a bed and the instant she woke up in a hospital bed with no intervening recollections.

According to Andy Slater of WINZ radio in South Florida, Seahawks receiver Ricardo Lockette made the phone call to police, explaining that a “completely naked” woman refused to leave the premises.

Police then responded, and presumably that process resulted in the woman ending up in a hospital.

It’s just another piece of a puzzle that has plenty more pieces to be added before we’ll begin to know what exactly happened.  And we’ll probably never know precisely what happened.

42 responses to “Report: Lockette told police “completely naked” woman wouldn’t leave

  1. Gotta love how this was made public before we knew any facts so all the hatters have ammo

  2. I’m not sure what to think about a guy who calls the police and says a woman is completely naked in my house…isn’t that what we all dream of?

  3. You know it’s bad for San Francisco when Seattle is looking like a model franchise off the field.

    Just wait until 2015 starting OB Blaine Gabbert is busted within the next 30 minutes.

  4. Read Matt Barrow’s blog from Friday. The suite is Kaepernick’s name and has been incorrectly reported as being Lockette’s from the start of this issue. The suite is in Kaepernick’s name. Lockette and Patton have been staying there. The confusion was created from the initial police report. The girl thought it was Lockette’s place because he invited her up.

  5. When are these women going to be held responsible for lieng and baring false witness?

    She tried to ruin all three of these mens life and career, jail time seems like a slap on the wrist. Take everything she has and put her in jail. The same result that would have happened to the NFL players.

  6. The unsaid “fact” remains the most mysterious. The original stories all carried an admission by ???, that marijuana was being smoked. Now Lockette, says that the police did respond to his call, yet if they had, was there no evidence of pot in the apartment? So was it there, or wasn’t it? I sort of doubt it, that there are many (any) Miami cops that are fans of the Niners or Hawks.

  7. Hey, but what’s the big deal about dragging players’ names through the mud. They make a lot of money, so they obviously deserve whatever happens to them, whether it be throwing out unfounded allegations like sexual assault, calling out people’s names who were apparently not even in the state, etc.

  8. —hard to leave when you’re unconscious…—
    Being Blacked out really isn’t being unconscious :p

  9. I can only imagine that if these guys had any brains (yeah, debateable…) they would have removed any illegal items from the premises BEFORE they made the phone call. I’m sure three big strong dudes were not in fear of a single (although naked) crazed hatter – whether it was self induced or a gift from the guys.

    This bit of news makes it sound like the guys actually did the right thing. Who’d a thunk it…

  10. The Seahawks told Lockette to set up Kap.THATS what happened,and makes Kap look like the fool in this caper.

  11. Seems unlikely a guy would call the police to remove a woman had he or any of his friends assaulted her.

    Also I can’t imagine ever wanting a naked woman removed from my room.

  12. He wouldn’t have called the police if she had been drugged or raped. So I think we can chalk this up to much ado about nothing.

    And to tdubdizzle, she never accused them of rape or assault. There was an investigation because the police had been called and she ended up in a hospital bed. Not because she made any accusations. Try actually knowing what you’re talking about before commenting.

  13. I may be missing something but doesn’t this pretty much exonerate these guys? She was taken to the hospital by the police. That kind of explains the mystery. It would seem that if they had done anything wrong they certainly would not have called the police.

  14. Something still doesn’t add up here. Yes, if she had been drugged or assaulted there’s no way the guys in question would have called the police to remove her from the building. Also, if it was indeed the police who took her to the hospital, wouldn’t the hospital staff have known that? Why would she still not know how she got to the hospital? I sure hope the truth of this incident comes out soon, this story just seems to be all over the place and the longer it takes, the longer the 3 guys who were present become guilty in the court of public opinion

  15. The biggest travesty is that Seahawk and Niner players were fraternizing…this is unacceptable. These guys need to hate each other. After they retire, they can all become good friends.

    Go Hawks!

  16. jhorton83 and the other sac of uninformed crap-

    Read the article before trying to assert a Napolean like dominance.

    The women claimed Lockette and Patton came into the room she was in and were staring at her while shes naked.She said “What are you guys doing, get out!” Before passing out and not remembering what happened next…

    Is that event true or false? It came straight from the “Victims” mouth. Seeing that Lockette called the police I would assume they were not sexually harassing or molesting her.

    Would that not be bearing false witness or lieng?

  17. I heard Aaron Rodgers might go fishing with Chad Greenway. Man, we’re so crazy in the NFC North… not really, but you get the idea of the difference between living in the mid-west vs the west coast.

  18. So this woman ends up naked, blacked out or unconscious, and these guys call the cops and say she won’t leave?! Plus they told her she had to do bong hits before she could drink shots with them?
    Plus no one accompanied her to the hospital?? Really?
    Class all the way, gentlemen.

  19. Nothing in any of this exonerates anybody from anything. Only the raep kit and toxicology can do that.

  20. So how many games will everyone be suspended? Even if there was no sexual assault they all were engaged in “suspicious activity” and were in violation of about 300 NFL rules that only a team of lawyers could begin to comprehend.

  21. These guys still haven’t learned keep your mouth shut. When they talk sounds more to story than nothing happened.

  22. Shows why we all need to reserve judgment until the full story is revealed. This would seem to be a positive bit of information that the suspected felonies that seemingly occurred, didn’t……in fact, more questions on how this is being reported and to what aim is now more of the story…….How this was first reported to the police should have been the initial item divulged…..

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