Tom Savage’s dance card is fully booked


There are two more weeks to the pre-draft season this year than there have been in the past, but it still isn’t enough time for Pittsburgh quarterback Tom Savage to meet with every team that wants to have a conversation with him.

Peter King of reports that Savage has met or will meet with 24 or 25 teams before the April 27 deadline to schedule such visits. That packed dance card forced Savage’s agent Neil Schwartz to tell a couple of teams last week that his client won’t be able to meet them before the deadline.

“There are literally no days left on his calendar for him to go see any other teams,” Schwartz said.

The interest in Savage around the league is being reflected in at least one mock draft as Todd McShay of has projected he’ll come off the board to the Texans with the 33rd overall pick. That’s ahead of Fresno State’s Derek Carr, LSU’s Zach Mettenberger, Eastern Illinois’ Jimmy Garoppolo and other prospects who have spent the last few months ranked ahead of Savage in the consensus opinion of draft pundits.

Such things can wind up meaning little, but there’s a good chance that someone will find something to love about Savage with three-quarters of the league giving him the once-over before the picks start being announced. It doesn’t hurt that, again per King, several teams are reportedly finding more to like about quarterbacks outside the first round. King mentions the Jaguars’ fondness for Garoppolo but it sounds like it won’t come as much of a shock if Savage is also part of a second round run on signal callers.