Trump plans to make a run at buying the Bills


When Donald Trump first disclosed his interest in the Bills, he said he’d been approached about investing.  Now, he says he wants to take over.

Trump told Tim Graham of the Buffalo News that the one-time owner of the USFL’s New Jersey Generals intends to make a run at buying the Bills.

“I’m going to give it a heavy shot,” Trump said.  “I would love to do it, and if I can do it I’m keeping it in Buffalo.”

Of course, Trump wouldn’t be doing that as a favor to the people of Buffalo, but for his own convenience.

“I live in New York, and it’s easier for me to go to Buffalo than any other place,” Trump said. “Where am I going to move it, some place on the other side of the country, where I have to travel for five hours?”

Regardless of the motivation, the end result of a Trump purchase of the Bills would be that they would remain the Buffalo Bills.

Trump apparently can afford to buy the team.  Per Graham, Forbes estimates that Trump is worth $3.9 billion.  Graham reports that but “sources close to [Trump] claim he’s worth almost three times that.”

It sounds like the source close to Trump is Trump himself, because that sounds like something Trump would say.  Whether it’s $3.9 billion or $11.7 billion, he can afford it.  The real question is whether he can get enough votes to approve his entry into one of the most exclusive clubs in the world.

113 responses to “Trump plans to make a run at buying the Bills

  1. And I’m sure he’ll be the first one to tell you that. Changing shows from the Apprentice to the Biggest Loser I suppose.

  2. It’s a little bit ironic that Trump now wants to buy the Bills, given that he’s filed bankruptcy twice in his life to get out of paying the bills.

  3. I do believe Jerry Richardson would probably take him out to the woodshed at the owner meetings.

  4. I would love to be on the reality show to compete to be the GM. Find somebody then can beat me out for the job and I’ll shut up about asking for a chance. See if you can make that happen Donald.

  5. Not sure what to think

    More national publicity for my team is always cool but other than that, hope he lets the football guys run the football operation.

    Hoping he keeps the team in buffalo

  6. Lord please make this happen.


    Any team that wants focus away from them and on another clown sideshow (Insert Browns, Cowgirls, Jets, etc…)

  7. watch him turn the bills into the seahawks ala paul allen. that’d be awesome, go bills.

  8. Since everything else he owns has it, I wonder how he’ll incorporate the “Trump” name? Maybe a name change to the Buffalo Trump?

  9. After the debacle of the USFL and their lawsuit, I doubt the other owners would accept him. For once, he way not be able to buy whatever he wants.

  10. nyjetsnicks, it will have to be before, cuz obama cant even produce it to prove everyone wrong. So that answers that 1. I’m pretty sure everyone else in the U.S. can produce theirs. Hmmmmmm.

  11. I’m not a Trump fan, however, the team needs to have an owner with money that is committed to
    the Buffalo area and building a modern stadium.

  12. Well he would beat out Jerrah for strangest looking face. Jeeze he looks like a cross between a walrus and an eel in that picture.

  13. Trump do us bills fans a favor. Buy the team. Hire a coach like carroll or billicheck that cheats then we will be on our way!!!

  14. Best advice to a new owner:

    Run your orginization just like the Wilfs.

    Avoid any decision making processes related to supplements utilized by PEDhawks or personal choices executed by San Fran.

    Get Bill Belichek or Mike Zimmer as your head coach.

    Get Peyton Manning or Eli Manning as your QB.

    Get Adrian Petetson to play any position.

    Get Robert Griffin to play no positions.

  15. That’s a joke right?

    He’ll move the team to Atlantic City.

    Then make himself General Manager.

  16. Buffalo is not a big enough city to satisfy Trump’s ego.

    The “Donald Dome” in Buffalo? Please.

  17. Trump would certainly make himself a better owner than a few of the rouge owners but that doesn’t make it right… It sure would be entertaining and I’m not sure the NFL wants that

  18. The current NFL owners will never let Trump into their club. Doesn’t matter how much money he has. It will never happen.

  19. I can’t believe the NFL would entertain an offer from a man who said: “I have a great relationship with the ‘Blacks'”. This guy is PT Barnum. Who runs a casino into BK?

  20. I loved the USFL as a kid, and went to numerous Philly Stars games.

    The older, law degree-holding me sees the genius of what Trump tried with the New Jersey General. Remember, at the time it was less than 20 years since the NFL-AFL merger. Trump was trying to do the same thing, force the NFL to accept USFL franchises, and he’d be an NFL owner for a fraction of the cost. The plan didn’t work, but it was a shrewd business plan at the time.

  21. To many things with this guy I think are considered conflict of interest to be an NFL owner.
    Just say no.

  22. I’m guessing if any NFL owner ever wants to stay in a Trump property in the future, they’d vote yes.

  23. If he gets into the NFL, it will be enough for me to give up ESPN. Netflix, here I come.

  24. Why does everyone pretend that this guy has the $$? The only people who estimate his holdings in the billions are Forbes and his friends. The only true estimate of his wealth was done by Deutsch bank… And that was 2005 and he was estimated at 788 mill. And they would know ..he was getting a loan from them… Not that that’s an amount to sneeze at it’s a ton of money!!!
    But this guy doesn’t have the cash… He’s just making noise for free publicity and the media always gives it to him. Great showman but terrible hair and even worse accent.

  25. Could happen.. Think his entire down fall is the entire “Ego Management” thing though. If he did somehow own them, can there be reality t.v inside owners meetings? Would like to see the circus that goes on in those meetings. They probably all change into Hawaiian beachwear once the doors close and talk about money.

  26. Wouldn’t be approved due to casino ownership. A circus clown would be a great owner as he would already have a whole team of them…would just need those small clown cars and some horns!

  27. Won’t he have to acquire ACTUAL money first, instead of the made-up money he keeps lying that he has?

  28. ialwayswantedtobeabanker says:
    Apr 14, 2014 9:00 PM

    It’s a little bit ironic that Trump now wants to buy the Bills, given that he’s filed bankruptcy twice in his life to get out of paying the bills.
    Actually, he’s filed for corporate bankruptcy FOUR times since 1991, not twice.

    Not that I’m counting, of course…

  29. The only way Trump gets close to ownership is to front a group that will let him be the managing partner without putting up a dime, but keeping any profits. As far as I can tell, that’s the way he always does business.

  30. The USFL lawsuit and the casinos assure that Trump will not be approved by the current owners. I am a season ticket holder that hopes the Bills will remain in Buffalo

  31. If you have ever been to one of his properties they are 1st rate, 1st class all the way. He does look like a cartoon character though.

  32. Imagine if the Trump-owned Bills played the Jerry Jones-owned Cowboys in the Super Bowl. I think the NFL would have to temporarily rename it the Megalomania Bowl.

  33. Why not! If he leaves the team in Buffalo it’s good for the city. Maybe having him there can help build Buffalo back up as a city at the same time.

    His casino ties could hold him back though.

  34. Can you imagine Little Danny, Jerrah, and the Donald in the same room?

    What did Bills fans do to deserve this?

  35. OK, so the Atlantic City Bills. The only NJ team with a stadium featuring the “comb over roof”. Looks real as long as it’s not windy.

  36. I honestly wouldn’t mind the Bills moving up to Toronto. They already play there at least once every year (and almost always against my Dolphins, who I believe have NEVER won against them there) and the city seems to love them.

    Only problem I have with it is that the Buffalo Bills are the only New York team ACTUALLY BASED IN THE STATE OF NEW YORK. The New Jersey Jets/Giants are just pretenders.

  37. Please. Trump plays a “billionaire” on TV. He dosen’t have anywhere near enough money to buy into the NFL and the rest of the owners would never tolerate his nonsense even if he did. I don’t know where Forbes magazine gets their estimates but the idea that this clod is worth billions of dollars is hilariously laughable. Real multi-billionaires don’t do cheeseball reality shows and run around bloviating all the time like that weird gasbag does. He’s an actor playing a role.

  38. The NFL owners of today’s teams MIGHT not have the same disdain for The Donald, as the owners from yesteryear. Those owners wouldn’t vote for him to own a franchise. Allegedly, that’s why he had the USFL file that ill fated antitrust lawsuit against the NFL; against the advice of the other USFL owners.

  39. Most aren’t “his” properties. Few seem to realize that most of his money comes from licensing his name. Most of the buildings with his name on them are owned by others. He licenses his name. Also his schlock ties, shirts etc.

  40. I certainly want the team to stay in Buffalo, but I hope someone other than the short-fingered vulgarian Trump buys the team. An NFL owner making the team all about himself would not do the NFL any good, and that’s exactly what Trump would do.

  41. Odds of the Donald becoming an NFL owner are at least as great as him being elected President. Which is to say the Devil will be chipping ice off his windshield before either happens.

  42. He’d be good just to change the mindset of his fellow owners who have grown lazy and greedy.

  43. Sure whatever you say Mr. Hairpiece, just like you were going to make a legit run for president. This guy is so full of smelly, hot air. He must have Googled himself recently and noticed he hadn’t been in the news in a while. Figured he needed to make some big, bold, outrageous claim to make people think he’s relevant. Not gonna happen.

  44. It won’t happen. Toronto will take the Bills. I’m sorry Buffalo. It just makes too much sense. Why stay in a dying city when you can move down the road to the 4th biggest media market in North America.

    The extra travel costs are so minimal that it doesn’t matter. There are 14.5 million people in Southern Ontario compared to 2.5 million that populate Western New York.

    The good news is Canadians have been helping to fill Ralph Wilson Stadium for decades (and also propping up the Sabers) that you’ll be able to return the favor and still watch the Bills on TV.

  45. They will never approve a casino owner. The NFL does not need his money like the USFL did.

  46. Trump won’t keep the team in Buffalo. He’ll end up moving them to Niagara, and building a stadium right next to the falls, right across from a brand new Trump hotel and casino on the Canadian side of the falls. The team will be rebranded from the Buffalo Bills, to the Buffalo Donalds. The logo will look eerily similar to the Caesars Palace logo, with the only change being a silhouette of Donald Trump replacing the silhouette of Julius Caesar. “Hard Knocks” will face stiff competition from “NFL Apprentice”, where fringe players will compete Donald Trump butt kissing contest, disguised as an athletic/marketing competition for the 53 spot on the Donalds active roster.

  47. He isn’t going to buy anything, he’s just talking about it to keep his name in the news like he does when flirting with a presidential run. I guess it works because the media keeps reporting what this joke is saying.

  48. You may not like him, but he has the money to really help the city of Buffalo and the Bills.

  49. So guys who own and run gambling casinos can now be NFL owners?

    I was not aware of this. If this is true, then this sport is really in trouble.

  50. I wish Donald Trump and his tacky, bad taste, fakeness would go away. He’s just so offensive and I cannot see anyone ever letting him own a franchise of anything. He doesn’t even own most of the properties that he lends his name to, the guy is merely a trademark. And that’s why picking someone on a gameshow to run his companies works just as well.

  51. that 3.9 Billion figure is a little deceiving. This guy is so highly leveraged that I would be afraid if I were a bills fan. The last thing you want is an owner who has to file for bankruptcy again in 5 years.

  52. That picture of him is awesome…I am waiting for him to comb over his eyebrows next, the way he swirls that mop to cover his baldness.

  53. I hope he does – he could be our spokes person against goodell once hes an owner. Hes a traditionalist and will want rules and fun to stay in the game as is

  54. Dude has too much money.
    He’ll screw up the NFL just like he did the USFL.
    He should just stay away from things he knows nothing about.
    I feel sorry for Bills fans if he buys the team.

  55. Seems we’ll have to make a deal with the devil to keep the team in Buffalo. Please, no Jerry Jones, Daniel Snyder or Mark Cuban-style antics, Donald.

  56. Will he check every player for their birth “certificit” (as seen at Trump’s Tea Party birther rallies)?

  57. Maybe he’ll go on Shark Tank and ask Mark Cuban for $100 million for 10% of the Bills equity.

  58. I can’t imagine Bills’s fans wanting Trump or the circus that would follow Trump when he bought the team.Jerry Jones is bad enough please do not let Trump own a NFL team.

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