49ers sign Brandon Lloyd


After one season out of the NFL, Brandon Lloyd is back for a second tour with the team that drafted him 11 years ago.

The 49ers have signed the 32-year-old Lloyd to a one-year contract, the club said Tuesday.

Lloyd last played in 2012, catching 74 passes for 911 yards and four touchdowns for New England. The 49ers pursued him in free agency last offseason, but Lloyd spent the season away from the game.

Lloyd spent his first three seasons with the 49ers (2003-2005) before joining the Redskins (2006-2007), Bears (2008), Broncos (2009-2011), Rams (2011) and Patriots (2012). He has caught 385 passes for 5,695 yards and 35 TDs in his NFL career. Though not especially fast, Lloyd’s athleticism and body control were among his top attributes when last seen on the field.

In San Francisco, Lloyd will likely contend for a complementary role in the offense. Michael Crabtree and Anquan Boldin are the 49ers’ top targets at wideout, with Vernon Davis one of the game’s top tight ends.

41 responses to “49ers sign Brandon Lloyd

  1. Strange that he sat out for a year when there was a team wanting to sign him. Anyone know why he chose to not play?

  2. Not a good signing. If Tom Brady could not do anything to help this guy how is Colin Kapernick going to do it. They would have been better off with Miles Austin.

  3. You gotta hope the man takes his meds. If he doesn’t, he can be one really weird dude to have around the locker room.

  4. He worked in Denver when Kyle Orton was airing it out all the time, but I’ll be surprised if Lloyd makes the 53 man roster.

    ..Maybe he’s just backup for when Crabtree gets hurt again.

  5. Not a bad signing, he can make pretty acrobatic catches, but is useless after the catch. If a DB looks at him he basically tackles himself.

  6. Gabbert, Martin, Culliver, Aldon… Even if the Harbaugh/Ballke and Kap issues were bs it has been an offseason to forget. So why no add in a locker room cancer to boot? Gore hated this guy so I imagine he is just as thrilled.

  7. He didn’t play because he was in some straight to DVD zombie movie, this is a good signing because the contract will be extremely team friendly so it’s a low risk high reward signing. If it doesn’t work out, he can be cut with no reprocution.

  8. Hawks trolls: You have lost Giacomini, Tate, Rice, Browner, Bryant, Clemons, Margos, McDonald..You will miss the playofs and go back being the Mickey Mouse franchise the rest of the NFL knows and loves..basically the Bucs West..enjoy it while you can.

  9. Great signing. Lloyd works harder than Moss ever did, has more clutch experience, and he never gets injured. This is a win, win, win.

  10. Lloyd is strictly an outside receiver so when he is in the game wich will only be a few packages, Boldin will slide inside where he is absolutely devastating. Don’t expect huge production from Lloyd but look for him to play the role Ted Ginn played for us on offense, maybe 7-10 snaps a game.

  11. This is also a signing of insurance. I don’t want him having a bigger role than Patton either, but don’t forget, QP needs to prove to the organization he can stay healthy. Broken finger in training camp, broken foot in his first start. Lloyd can spell all 3 of our top options so this was a very smart move in that aspect.

  12. It’s never a bad idea to supply your quarterback with a plethora of options. Brandon Lloyd has had more than a cup of coffee in this league and as long as he’s going to be a good teammate and provide veteran leadership, this is a good signing.

  13. Clueless is looking at only the faults of Harbaugh and ignoring how good of a coach he actually is.

  14. The guy has some ability and is a smart dude. That said, I’m not being funny when I say I really hope he has his mental issues under control. I thought that was why he sat out,not a movie. I though even he knew that he needed to balance out for a bit.

  15. The only receiver in NFL history to go through a whole season and accumulate exactly ZERO yards after the catch.

  16. Did a Seahack troll just make a snide remark about Crabtree being injured all the time? A troll who’s group of frauds include PERCY HARVIN, naw even the most shameful bandwagoner would see the face palming irony in that.

    Anyway, I hope this doesn’t mean we still don’t pursue a tall, fast wide out in the draft. Hopefully Lloyd just adds competition for a young healthy rookie with more upside.

  17. Well, he did put up 190 yards against the Niners, week 15 of the 2012 season.

    So, there’s that…

  18. plays ok, goes to another team and plays well enough to get another contract from the first team who released him but not well enough for his most recent team to resign him. Repeat cycle.

  19. Lloyd averages 15 ypc for his career. That is pretty good. Better than any of the current 49er receivers. Better than L. Fitzgerald, A. Johnson, B. Marshall, among others in the league. What’s the beef?

  20. Aside from using his failed acting experience to possibly draw PI calls, I’m not sure what he’s going to do besides take time away from Quinton Patton’s development.

  21. Having said that I am not happy about this signing. Loyd sucks Nd that’s the bottom line. Why not just go get T.O. At least he can block and run after the catch.

  22. Lloyd is a good possession receiver to move the chains and get first downs. As many others pointed out he’s afraid of contact and will never get home runs by breaking through defenders after a catch.

    Nothing wrong with this guy as a role player to move the chains. Good signing if they use his strengths and don’t expect more.

  23. He had over 900 yards for the Patriots, he may be afraid of contact but he won’t be asked to be the #1 receiver or even the #2 with Crabtree and Boldin, it’s a decent signing that will be on a team friendly contract since he has no leverage to request anything else.

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