Blake Bortles visited the Raiders on Monday


Coach Dennis Allen has already named Matt Schaub the Raiders’ starting quarterback for the 2014 season, but that’s not stopping them from taking a look at the quarterback options that will be available in next month’s draft.

Texas A&M’s Johnny Manziel and Pittsburgh’s Tom Savage were in for visits with the team last week and Steve Corkran of the Bay Area News Group reports that Central Florida’s Blake Bortles visited with the team on Monday.

Bortles has been all over the league over the last few weeks as he’s met with teams considering quarterbacks in May, although his travels have coincided with reports from PFT and elsewhere that some of those teams have decided to fill other needs early in the draft. Bortles is still expected to be a first-round pick, but he may not go quite as early in the round as was expected a month ago.

The Raiders are one of the teams included in those reports, although it bears mentioning that the weeks leading up to the draft are filled with a lot of misinformation as teams jockey for position to get the players they really want and that knowing what Bortles and others bring to the table has value in trade talks whether or not they slip down the board.

12 responses to “Blake Bortles visited the Raiders on Monday

  1. They need a QB for the future, Matt is just a bandaid approach and no one knows what they are getting. Matt from old times or pick six Matt. They can’t afford to have a Matt attack 2.
    If they don’t get a QBwith their 1st pick then they are just as reactive as the last 3 years.

  2. Cool. Now let’s gets Mack or Watson! If schaub Dsnt get it done, then we’re in position to b able to take a qb in one of the deeper qb classes in a while next year. I really don’t like the qbs this year outside of Carr and mettenberger. I have total faith in schaub though, he won’t have Andre Johnson, but he’ll have more then 1wr to throw to. RAIDER NATION*!!

  3. The Raiders cannot afford to take on a project but need a starter with the 1st and 2nd picks. Trade down if possible but not likely as the Clown, Watson and Robinson will likely be gone. I say go after Mack or the best O lineman available.

  4. Matt Schaub is NOT the QB for th future in Oakland. He cant handle the pressure or rebound from bad plays. Raiders needs a tough QB with a tenacious spirit….. Not sure if Johnny Quarterback is NFL material. Draft Watson and keep building the Defense from remaining draft picks. Need depth with D-Backs!!!!

  5. I really think he meant Watkins, Watson was our second round pick last year. Im calling this out though we will trade this years first to Dallas for there 1st, 2nd, and next years 1st. We get Donald and they get Johnny football…. Dallas never stands pat in the draft. Its a no brainer for both sides.

  6. What exactly is the charm of this slug? He’s slow, dumb, and has a mediocre arm. Is the QB crop so bad he has to be artificially inflated into a person of significance?

  7. If the plan is to draft him in the second round I’m all for it . The Raiders have more pressing needs than a qb with the 5 pick . Me , I want one of the O tackles .

  8. When the Raiders signed Matt Schaub logic assumes that the first round pick will not be a QB. There are too many top prospect QBs in the draft this year to do that in the first round. Maybe draft a QB in the later rounds… The #5 Draft Pick should be an OL, WR, CB or DT.

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