Chris Johnson is at the Jets’ facility


The Jets’ interest in free agent running back Chris Johnson wasn’t just talk.

Johnson is actually at the Jets’ facility this morning for a visit with team officials, Adam Schefter of ESPN first reported and PFT has confirmed.

If the Jets were to sign Johnson this week, they’d have him in the fold for the start of their offseason conditioning program, which begins on Monday.

In the week since Johnson officially became a free agent when the Titans cut him, the Jets have been the team most frequently discussed as a potential destination for him. Although Johnson averaged a career-low 3.9 yards a carry last season, he still has big-play ability and could be a good fit in the offense, paired with fellow running back Chris Ivory. It wouldn’t be surprising to see something happen quickly.

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  1. I’m a Pats fan so I like the idea of the NYJ bringing in the Santonio Holmes of running backs. This does not seem like the type of move this regime would make, having learned very recently that adding 100% selfish guys never helps you win. Maybe if he’s a one year rental so he can’t poison locker room…but that’s all I’d dare if I were they. Teams can forgive off field transgressions (some more than others) but being a 100% selfish player never pays off to any great extent team wise.

  2. The Jets need him at all costs. They have not had an RB with the capability of a 1,000+ rushing season since Curtis Martin. They need him! Especially since the QB situation is up in the air right now.

  3. This would be a good signing. Ivory is a bruiser he could wear down defensive lines, which could lead to open holes for CJ. Maybe a change of scenery and motivation to prove he still has it will do him good… I just hope Idzik doesn’t overpay and instead gives him a “prove yourself” contract.

  4. Idzik: Chris we’d love to have you on the Jets.

    Chris: I’d love to be here, lets talk contract.

    Idzik: Here’s a bag of quarters.

    Chris: I’m gone.

  5. chris johnson would make the jets a playoff team. would love to see johnson run all over belicheat’s patsies. J E T S! jets, jets, jets!!!!!!!!!!

  6. 2 years/10 million/2 million guaranteed with option for 3rd year

    Just my opinion, for what it’s worth

  7. League minimum and a boatload of performance based incentives would be the ONLY contract I’d give the destroyer of the English language…….

  8. This is going to be the same as the Tomlinson move. Not as good in his prime, but will still be a good 3rd down back. However, he may not see as many screen passes as LT did cause the check-down king (Sanchez) is no longer with us!!

  9. The Jets are trying real hard to be competitive again. Their record surprised me last year, maybe they’re on the right track.

    Then again with Smith Johnson and Vick on the same team they could completely implode.

  10. It’s about time. Izdik should not splurge….
    but make a competitive offer. CJ and Ivory
    are a credible backfield, and will take some
    pressure off of the passing game.

  11. $825,000 – veteran minimum, $1.00 guaranteed. Welcome to the Jets slugger.

  12. He’s had some good years stat wise, but he’s never really prevented the other team from winning in his time at Tennessee. Over all Tennessee had a 0.510 winning percentage in his time there and against teams with winning records they were 0.261. That is 25th in the league. He’s not an impact player.

  13. As a team that led the league with the fewest TD passes last year ( 13) this certainly makes a lot of sense. Ready to celebrate year 46 !

  14. Chris has entered the building..the question is will he leave the building a Jet or a fan of the green slime I actually want them to sign him. If he has anything left he could help the team in green. But the way Idzik throws around quaters like manhole covers I don’t see it happening.

  15. I don’t need another reason to hate the Jets, but yes please sign another “me” guy and wonder why your franchise keeps going downhill and more and more fans despise you.

  16. Say what you want, when CJ is on the field, you put 8in the box. Hopefully geno or Vick can get it done. Not a jets fan but they get a lot of heat for really nothing, while the pats get all the glory and they cheat and havnt won the big one in a decade. Or since they got caught cheating.

  17. cosidering 2 games actually lost were handed to them last year as wins (bucs and pats), they should finish 7-9 or 8-8 this year again considering the roster changes they made and IF they sign johnson.

  18. Riddle:

    How do you know the Jets won eight games?

    Armpit miossed 8 weeks of posting during the season.

    He should worry about the Patriots window, it’s about an inch open…..then 50 more years of losing football.
    You’ll see the pattern and early.

  19. I hope the Jets sign him. What a wonder it would be to hear CJ hold court with the country’s largest media market to show everyone how good your English is after going to school at UNC-Greenville. He makes the grammar in Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure look Rhodes scholar-worthy by comparison.

  20. Idzik’s last name is actually pronounced ” /ˈpeɪˌtʃek/ ” (Paycheck).

    The “P’ sound to start his name is implied because it’s a name of foreign origin.

  21. How everything can change so fast. One day you’re one of the highest paid players at your position, and the next day you’re working out for the Jets. The Jets.

  22. Welcome to the AFC East, where three teams delude themselves that they can make the playoffs, and one team deludes itself that it can win the Super Bowl…

    Just like the Dolphins did last year–signing big names for naught (Wallace, Ellerbe and Wheeler)–the Jets are making the same mistake, even if CJ doesn’t make huge money. Decker is a good WR only because of Peyton, and CJ was a good RB only because the Titans had a great OL at the time. I don’t see much good on the Jets OL this coming year (losing Howard and all). And, oh yeah, not signing Revis when they had the chance, and letting him go to the only legit playoff team in this crappy division!

  23. Does anyone realize how many teams have won Super Bowls with “selfish” guys on the roster? By the way, does anyone on this board know Chris Johnson personally, and well enough to know if he’s genuinely selfish?

    If the Jets can keep him motivated, he’ll be a great pick-up for us. Rex has a reputation as a great motivator, always getting the most out of his roster. I’d love them to sign Johnson, especially since I know it won’t be expensive.

  24. Good luck Jets. You’ll see what Titans fans have seen for 6 years. He had one good year and 5 average ones. He does NOT catch the ball so he’s not a receiver and can only run when there is a hole. And if your offensive line doesn’t create a hole, it’s not CJ’s fault. It’s never CJ’s fault if ANYTHING goes wrong. Defenses have figured CJ out a long time ago. but good luck!!

  25. Oh no! Is he ok? Has the ransom demand been received yet? Just let him go, Jets, it’s not worth it. Think of his family!

  26. Love how people are calling CJ2K “Selfish” for wanting to get payed… Why is it that when a QB refuses to take a pay cut nobody cares, but when a running back does it they are being “selfish”.

    Nobody cares when the team cuts a player because he gets injured… Why do we care when a player tries to get paid before he is run out of the league?
    As for the Jets, Idzik better make sure that CJ2K leave with a contract because the Giants are in even bigger need for a running back due to their number one pick being injured and only one good starter on the roster with Jennings.

    The Giants get 5 million dollars in cap space on July 1st and they could use half of that to get CJ2K just like they stole DRC under the Jets nose!

  27. Jets O-line is better than Titans, Jets QB better than Titans, Jets RB core better than Titans, Hell Kerley and Decker better than Titans WR core, so why wouldn’t Johnson be more productive in the Jets system?

  28. Once again, the jets only want to sign someone JUST to beat Belicheck. The obsession with NE’s coach is extraordinary. Johnson is not the answer, every defense knows what he’s going to do, better off waiting for the draft. What a circus the jets continue to be.

  29. Jets O-line is better than Titans, Jets QB better than Titans …

    Just to be clear, we’re talking about the same Titans QB who absolutely dominated the Jets last season, right?

  30. Not a Jets fan, it would be a good fit, the Jets would definitely treat him like the star he wants to be treated like. Some players just need to be appreciated to perform. Vick and Johnson would together would actually give them solid yards and at least keep the opposing team honest. Good luck to CJ2K, when he’s on top of his game, he’s electrifying.

  31. As a dolphins fan that lives in titan land I know all about cj2k and I can say with all honesty that I hope the Jets sign him!!! He may be good for just over 1k yards per season but it is how it comes. This is what you jet fansies will see game after game. 27 carries for 123 yards. 1 carry for 80 yards and 26 carries for 43 yards!!!! Not only will you have to overpay him but you will have to pay a translater to understand his rants about why it was not his fault that he could not get more yards on his other 26 carries!! Do not worry though he will sign for you guys but not because he wants to be a jet but because he and his posse like the opportunities with the gang activity in nyc!!! His ultimate dream team though would reside L.A.!!!

  32. Extend Rex Ryan, sign Ron Mexico- I mean Michael Vick, Chase DeSean Jackson, go after Chris Johnson….. It’s like the Jets hate success and will avoid it at all costs.

  33. This whole “circus” thing with the Jets is soooo old and not even applicable anymore. Everyone associated with the so-called “circus” (Revis and his holdouts, Sanchez and his headbands, Holmes and his selfishness and Tebow and his followers) are no longer on the team. Even Rex wasn’t at all brash last year. Pats fans should look in the mirror. You’ve got one former player in jail. One calling himself a “slave” during his time with the team, etc. Yet you still believe you’re an elite franchise but you haven’t won a Super Bowl in almost a decade. Oh yeah, and your coach cheats, both on and off the field.

  34. He’d be good for the Jets but just not as good as he was earlier in his career when he was with the Titans. The Jets already had a good run game last year but this would make it better. However, they still need to address tight end and wide receiver because Cumberland, Hill, and Decker are nothing to be scared of. But since the draft is coming up Rex might think of something. I wouldn’t hate the guy if he wasn’t on the Jets.

  35. The Jets are trying real hard to be competitive again. Their record surprised me last year, maybe they’re on the right track.

    Record was skewed. Their 8 losses were by an average of 18 points per game. Plus they won 2 games on bogus penalties (Bucs & Patriots) and won the Falcons game on a big coaching decision blunder.

  36. Jets could make a little noise this year.

    good RB / decent QB WR combo / very good D

    Wouldn’t be shocked to see them get a wild card.

    Noise? There is always noise when Rex talks.

    good RB……..not great anymore.

    decent WR combo? Decker who was made famous by Manning and who else?

    very good D…….no secondary anymore.

    wild card……..only if they add several more teams into the playoff system this year

  37. I say bring in CJ to MN and let the two primadonas claiming to be the best RB in the NFL square off! Winner takes all! Or, split the salaries right down the middle with the most yards taking home $10 million each year.

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