Chris Johnson says Jets visit went well but no decision yet


Free agent running back Chris Johnson visited with the New York Jets on Tuesday. It was his first visit since being released by the Tennessee Titans earlier this month.

After visiting with the Jets, Johnson decided to take in Tuesday night’s game between the New York Knicks and Brooklyn Nets. While at the game, he spoke with multiple reporters regarding his visit.

Per Josina Anderson of ESPN, Johnson said “I had a great visit with the Jets. I’m just taking it one day at a time.”

Johnson reiterated those thoughts to Peter Botte of the New York Daily News but added he’s “not ready to make my decision.

Johnson had a down year in 2013 for Tennessee but still posted his sixth straight 1,000-yard season. However, the 3.9 yards per carry were the lowest mark of his career.

The Jets ranked sixth in the league in rushing last season with Bilal Powell and Chris Ivory as the primary options out of the backfield. Johnson would likely work in as part of a rotation alongside Powell and Ivory should he elect to sign with the Jets. But, Johnson is also a home run threat whose speed could be a real addition to the lineup.

For now, Johnson isn’t ready to make a decision as he’s possibly holding out for a better offer from the Jets or another team. However, if he doesn’t make a decision soon, teams may elect to wait until after the draft to re-evaluate their needs and Johnson may have to wait to find a new home.

17 responses to “Chris Johnson says Jets visit went well but no decision yet

  1. Taking it one day at a time seems to be the new code for my agent wasn’t with me at the time so we couldn’t talk contract details & now I’m waiting for him to get here, my bad. What was the point of the visit if they couldn’t go over any contracts sans the agent? I highly doubt CJ was negotiating anything with NY during his “meeting”.

  2. No team is going to BANK on getting Johnson for their backfield so every team WILL have their Halfback situation relatively set by after the draft so Johnson would be very wise to sign before the draft. Otherwise he’ll have to wait until late into training camp when some team gets decimated by injuries to RB and then he’ll get just a 1-year deal most likely to get paid what he may want and he’ll have very little time to adjust to the new system and get ready physically, thereby increasing his chances of having a second crappy year in a row–not what he wants if he wants a multi-year deal. Johnson really should find a home soon if he is smart.

  3. Snooze you lose CJ. 12 picks in the draft says you don’t need to be signed. I’m sure the visit went well , but the offer was probably way below what CJ values himself at. Have fun in the unemployment line.

  4. if they were 6th in the nfl in rushing last season with the same RBs why are they wasting cap space on cj2k? dont they have bigger holes to fill? jets are stupid..

  5. CJ shouldn’t roll the dice with Jets, they have 12 draft picks and Idzik can easily look to save $5 mil by grabbing a 4th round RB someline like Dri Archer a burner for a fraction of the cost.

  6. We need the home run hitter it makes us harder to defend .Its all about when you line up across the defense who do they have to take serious. You always have to take Chris serious.

  7. Translation: “The Jets won’t let me wear No.28 just because it’s ‘retired’ and was worn by some dude ‘Curtis Martin.’ And I have to have No. 28 because I’m Chris Johnson.”

  8. There is not a back in the upcoming Draft better than CJ2K, all of them have durability issues. CJ2K paired up with Ivory…Talking about Lightning and Thunder…”Indeed”

  9. coldwater32301 says: “There is not a back in the upcoming Draft better than CJ2K.”

    What? Where do you guys come up with this stuff? There’s a reason CJ hasn’t even been selected as Pro Bowl alternate in 3 of his six seasons. As a Titans fan who used to be really excited about his potential, the past few years have been a major downer. Chris Brown and LenDale White were both more impactful than Johnson has been in recent years.

  10. Please have your agent call the Patriots. I’d love to hear what bill would say to paying a rb big bucks.

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