Dennis Hickey: This is a big offseason for Dion Jordan

There was a report last week that the Eagles were interested in making a trade for Dolphins defensive end Dion Jordan a year after the Dolphins moved up in the first round to take Jordan with the third overall pick.

Nothing happened, obviously, but it wasn’t the first time that Jordan’s name has been involved in trade rumors this offseason. The change from Jeff Ireland to Dennis Hickey in the general manager office explains some of that as Ireland was the one who made the move for Jordan and Hickey might want to take the team in a different direction.

During an interview on WQAM on Tuesday, Hickey didn’t address the Eagles report directly but did say that the Dolphins are looking forward to bigger and better things from Jordan after he gets a full offseason under his belt after shoulder surgery and Oregon’s late end to the school year kept him from participating fully as a rookie.

“He’s a very talented player and this is a big offseason for him,” Hickey said. “Last year with his shoulder he didn’t have an opportunity to have a full offseason. That’s so important. Developing and getting your body — not just the physical reps but the mental reps — getting in the weight room and all those things is such an important part to get these guys ready to make that jump. We’re excited about Dion going forward and having a great offseason and looking for big things from him.”

Jordan only played 339 snaps on defense last season and a full offseason should allow the Dolphins to find more ways to get him on the field in his second season. Despite the trade chatter, it seems unlikely they would part ways with Jordan before seeing how that works out.

17 responses to “Dennis Hickey: This is a big offseason for Dion Jordan

  1. i like jordan and think he is going to be a good player, but if the eagles come in with thier 1st rd and a late rd pick for him, i’d be upset if they passed on that. have more needs on the team right now than DE.

  2. He played very well when he got the chance too. Unfortunately this defense took a step back when Coyle took over. Sure the red-zone D was good but the pass rush was terrible. Maybe Coyle can mix in a blitz or 2 instead of running soft zones the entire game.

  3. People that think he might be traded have no idea what’s going on. He’s already been paid the bulk of his salary in signing bonuses, so the Dolphins have him for chump change the next few years. There is NO WAY they are going to trade him.

  4. He got off to a slow start due to 1. His shoulder being injured and 2. His school letting out after the mini-camps so he didn’t get the same work the other guys did. Yes these are excuses but that is still what happened. He will be fine. He needs a full offseason and he can become a great player. That burst and wingspan are things they don’t teach man.

  5. All the scouts said, “when you turned on Oregon film to watch Dion Jordan…someone else kept standing out above him, making all the plays, #47.”

    That would be Kiko Alonso, the better of the two Oregon defensive players! 😉

  6. Jason LaCanfora started this nonsense that they were shopping Jordan. Big difference between shopping him and listening if someone calls you. Jordan is not being shopped.

  7. Calling a rookie a bust is a certain indication of total ignorance of the NFL. Because of Jordon’s ability to cover TE’s and Backs, he may never lead the league in sacks, but he will be a major factor in stopping offenses.

  8. Great thing for the Dolphins is they didn’t need him to be a stud last year due to Vernon stepping up. Wake is not getting any younger so if Jordan can progress then he will be able to step in Wakes role and the Dolphins will not miss a step. Jordan did a tremendous job covering Gronk last season and was only one of the very few that was able to shut him down. Jordan’s versatility will serve the Dolphins well for many years to come. Due to school and the injury last year it’s like the Dolphins have an extra 1st round pick getting him back healthy.

  9. Why do you think the Eagles are trying so hard to get Jordan? Because they know he’s a beast and it won’t surprise me one bit if on draft day the Eagles offer the Dolphins their first round pick if players the Eagles want don’t fall to them. Jordan is a stud and will prove it a million times over this year, he will be better than most think he will including Ireland, watch.

  10. What is in the head of Philadelphia? We gave up two picks to move up in last years draft to get Dion, and now they think we will trade him for a 2nd round pick + a serviceable defensive end? The Dolphins would have to be nuts to take that deal. Even a first round pick for him is not worth it. Jordan had some injury issues to deal with last year, and a late start to join the team. When he was on the field, he made some really good plays. I assume he is in good health now, and this year I believe he will be much more effective on defense. He is an exceptional athlete with great physical dimensions, so Miami should just keep him.

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