Derek Carr isn’t lacking in confidence

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When it comes to the 2014 crop of rookie quarterbacks, most consider three of them to be at the top of the heap:  Teddy Bridgewater, Blake Bortles, and Johnny Manziel.

There’s a fourth guy who believes he’s better than all of them.

Appearing on NFL Network on Tuesday, Fresno State’s Derek Carr was asked whether he’s the best quarterback in the draft.

Absolutely,” Carr said.  “And I say that with respect to all of the other guys because they are great competitors and all of those good things.  Of course it’s not easy for me to answer a question like that but I absolutely think so.  There is no doubt in my mind and we can turn the film on, sit down and watch it, and we’ll talk about it and I’ll convince you.”

Plenty of franchises are interested in having that conversation with a potential franchise quarterback.  In a separate appearance on the league-owned broadcast channel, Carr rattled off a list of teams with which he has met.

“Jacksonville, Cleveland, Oakland, Tampa, Minnesota – just the first that come off the top of my head,” Carr said.  “Tennessee.  I’ve been with them, working out with them, visiting with them, talking to them, the whole process.  Those have been the initial ones so far.”

Carr’s brother, David, was the first pick in the 2002 draft.  After five years as the starter in Houston, Carr has served as a backup with the Panthers, Giants, 49ers, and Giants again.

17 responses to “Derek Carr isn’t lacking in confidence

  1. I kinda like this guy. Probably would have been a top 5 pick if you put him in last year’s draft class.

  2. First thing I did when I saw this earlier is I jumped onto the tape to watch it again. Still reviewing some more before bed. I like the confidence and he got my attention, so I’m researching more. I’m already plenty busy and now I have more on my plate to deal with, thanks a lot Derek.

  3. When you throw for 5,000+ yards and 50 TDs in a season, I think you’ve earned the right to be confident. He may or may not be right, but he’s definitely got a strong leg to stand on…

  4. matt barkley had a lot of confidence last yr even after he came off the board in the 4th round it wasent till he got to play and stink the place up did his confidence start to wane

  5. Sucks that the Bengals are literally never mentioned to be looking at a QB prospect. Show’s how they’re completely ignoring the obvious issues with Dalton. He’s just good enough to keep fan hope alive but they won’t have to worry about spending more money on an “elite” QB and travel expenses to travel more to play a game past the 1st round of playoffs. Mike Brown, one of the worst owner in sports.

  6. This kids head is screwed on right. I think he might be right. I need to watch some more if him on film but his interview skills are great.

  7. For the next three years, the Vikings will be playing outside in the frozen Northland. They need a Quarterback that can run, and has a strong arm to cut through the weather.

  8. Dude lacks pocket presence, gets flustered with pressure, lacks good footwork and isn’t accurate with the deep ball.

    Other than that he’s great.

  9. The Doctor says:Apr 16, 2014 7:54 AM

    For the next three years, the Vikings will be playing outside in the frozen Northland. They need a Quarterback that can run, and has a strong arm to cut through the weather.

    They will be playing outside for the next two years , not three, and the QB they need is? Not Carr……

  10. Texans should take Clowney at 1, and take the top QB at #33, if the top pick at #33 has the last name of Carr… so be it. But if you talk to normal Texans fans (who happen to be the same idiots who were chanting Super Bowl back in April of last year and up until they were 2-0) — they’ll say No…. all because of a stupid last name.

  11. David Carr and Derek Carr are two different people. But for those of you that have a bad taste from David Carr I think it’s ridiculous. The guy ran for his life every play because the OLine at Houston was pathetic. When given the time to throw David Carr has done a pretty good job. The fact he threw for over 4000 yards with a terrible OLine is impressive enough.

    I think Derek can have a pretty good career in the NFL. Not because he’s David’s brother. Because of his mechanics. The guy can play and if he’s given the right situation, I see him doing good things.

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