Gerald McCoy promises contract talks won’t keep him away

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Gerald McCoy wants a new contract, and deserves one.

But the absence of one won’t keep him from his first training camp under new coach Lovie Smith.

McCoy said Tuesday, via Roy Cummings of the Tampa Tribune, that he will be in attendance when camp starts no matter the state of his contract talks.

He’s entering the final year of his rookie deal, and is scheduled to make $10.295 million this season.

McCoy stands to flourish in Smith’s scheme, and said he looks forward to the “track meet” atmosphere of a Tampa 2-style defense, where interior pressure is at a premium. Coming off an All-Pro season which saw him pile up 9.0 sacks, he’s poised to make an impact on the field.

And even if he hasn’t made it at the bank yet, he’ll be there.

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  1. Love having GMC as a buc. I’m not surprised at this article at all, he’s the type of guy that would never hold out and wants to be with his teammates. I’m not guaranteeing anything with the Bucs defense, but with two players that made the first team All-pro last year ( Lavonte David, McCoy ) and more solid players like Barron, Goldson, Michael Johnson, Alteraun Verner, Mason Foster. The defense has a chance to be SCARY next time if everything clicks.

  2. Scheduled to make over $10.3 million and he will actually show up for camp . . . I would think so . . . the Franchise tag salary for a linebacker is $11.5 million, so it isn’t like he is grossly underpaid. The $11.5 million is the average of the top 5 paid NFL linebackers, so where would McCoy fall in the ranking of all the NFL linebackers? Top 10, the Transition tag salary is $9.8 million, so it seems his salary for this season is pretty much in line with his expected performance.

  3. The Anti-Suh…and that’s from a Lion fan.

    McCoy, slightly less dominant, but I’d trade Suh for him in a heartbeat. FAR better team player and teammate.

  4. The inferiority complex from Bucs fans about Suh is hilarious. Every article about Gerald McCoy will undoubtedly contain posts from Bucs fans about how much better McCoy is than Suh.

    Even funnier, there are a bunch of articles asking McCoy about his comparison to Suh, yet no one ever asks Suh about his comparison to McCoy. I wonder why hahaha

  5. I consistently made the argument the I would rather have the Lions select Gerald McCoy rather than Ndamukong Suh heading into the 2010 Draft. Personally, I thought McCoy’s quickness and ability to disrupt plays in Oklahoma’s defensive scheme was better suited than Suh and the scheme he ran at Oklahoma.

    I was bashed for what I thought a countless number of times by fellow Lions fans. I judged what I saw on the tape between the two, and from what I saw lead me to believe McCoy was the better prospect. McCoy didn’t have the outragous statistical numbers like Suh, but play after play, McCoy did his job.

    I’m a huge Lions fan and I was born and raised in Michigan. I stood by my belief that McCoy was the better prospect between the two and I’d much rather have McCoy on the Lions than Suh to this day.

  6. “GK” is a good friend of my daughter, from high school on the SE side of OKC and on through his OU career. They gradually lost touch once he was at OU, but they still speak now and then. She is a 5′ foot tall whiter than white girl and GK befriended her and served as her personal protector, if you will, at a not-always-friendly high school.

    He’s a quality young man and deserves all the best in life.

  7. .

    Why would he boycott people who are paying him 10.295 million this season? He’s not underpaid.


  8. There is no real comparison between McCoy and Suh. McCoy is better.

    Suh tries to use intimidation to get things, McCoy uses pure skill.

    Never suspended either.

  9. Whatever you want to say about McCoy’s talents, and he most certainly has them, he is a CLASS act. This sort of stance regarding his contract status exemplifies that. On and off the field, in interviews, etc., you cannot help but appreciate his character. So much the better when it accompanies an All-Pro caliber level of skill and dedication. This is one player you want to re-sign. No doubt about it!

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