It’s a jam-packed edition of PFT on NBCSN

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Tuesday’s Pro Football Talk on NBCSN will cover only 30 minutes.  In that time, we’ll cover nearly as much ground as we do in a full hour.

Georgia Tech linebacker Jerry Attaochu joins the program by phone, we’ll get you up to speed on the latest NFL news, we’ll look at the Eagles draft needs, we’ll do the daily Whiparound, and we’ll take up the question of whether fans should want Donald Trump owning their favorite NFL team.

Which, coincidentally, is our poll question for the day.

So dial up NBCSN at 5:30 p.m. ET.  Ross Tucker and Kevin Gilbride join Erik Kuselias in studio, and I’ll be sitting in my usual spot in West Virginia.  Where it’s snowing.  Two days after it was 84 degrees in my house after the air conditioner went on the fritz.

11 responses to “It’s a jam-packed edition of PFT on NBCSN

  1. Yes, I may. Jim Irsay.

    Being a Colts fan, I say yes at this current time, I am sure there are other fan bases that wouldn’t mind a different current owner.

    However, I really just want Jim to come through this recovery clean, and live a long life owning the Colts franchise for as long as he lives, or prefers.

  2. Is there a way to convey a spit-take in writing? Jesus H. Christmas! That is one horrifying thought!

    He’d always upstage his own team and interfere in its processes in the wrong way while not attending to ownership requirements in the right way.

    Imagine him as Jerry Jones with three times the ego and impulsiveness for the big deal/big splash, yet with no discernible football IQ.

    Consider how he’d alienate certain players and coaches while playing favorites with others. I could only foresee serious locker room unrest under him at the helm of a franchise.

    Without spending a day “in office” he’d arguably immediately qualify as the worst owner in pro football and then we could expect him to lower the bar even further.

    To sum it up: Living in LA, I’d rather keep on not having a team for another couple of decades than have the option of one owned by Trump next year.

  3. Lets think about this… Donald Trump. A very successful business man who likes to win.
    Doesn’t put up with BS and quick to fire a failure.

    This sounds like a great idea ! I’d love to see what this winner would do with an NFL team.

    He has my vote.

  4. How could anyone be sure what kind of owner he’d be? You can’t go by what he did with his USFL team, the NFL is a whole different ball of wax. I’m sure his heart would be in the right place, and that’s a good start. The guy has wanted to own an NFL team for over three decades.

    Maybe he’d stay out of the way and hire good people to run the football operations. Or maybe he’d meddle and royally screw things up. Who really knows?

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