Jaworski ranks Mettenberger over Manziel, Bridgewater

Ron Jaworski, the former NFL quarterback turned ESPN commentator, is well regarded for his ability to break down film and analyze it in a way that fans can understand. But in breaking down the quarterbacks in this year’s NFL draft, Jaworski has been all over the map.

The latest example: Jaworski said today on NFL Live that he views former LSU quarterback Zach Mettenberger as a better prospect than either of the two highest-profile quarterbacks in this year’s draft, Johnny Manziel of Texas A&M or Teddy Bridgewater of Louisville.

“This is the guy that can change the draft, Zach Mettenberger,” Jaworski said. “He has the big, strong arm, the prototypical NFL quarterback, at 6-foot-5, 228 pounds, coached by Cam Cameron down there at LSU, pro-style offense.”

Jaworski ranks former Central Florida quarterback Blake Bortles as the best of this year’s class, Mettenberger second, Manziel third, Bridgewater fourth and Derek Carr of Fresno State fifth. Jaworski seems to put a lot of stock in pro days, moving Manziel up on the risk after ripping Manziel before his impressive showing at Texas A&M’s Pro Day, and moving Bridgewater way down after his disappointing showing at Louisville’s Pro Day.

“After my tape evaluation, I had Teddy Bridgewater No. 1. But I went to his Pro Day. He really struggled throwing the football — accuracy, velocity and it came out with a wobble,” Jaworski said.

It’s highly unlikely that the quarterbacks in this year’s draft class will be selected in Jaworski’s preferred order. But all it takes is one team to love Mettenberger as much as Jaworski does, and Mettenberger will be a first-round pick.

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  1. The more I hear about Manziel the less I like him, and Ive never liked him. He will be a total bust. Bridgewater is proving how bad he will be. I will bewatching Bortles a lot, just to see his hot chick on the sidelines. You lucky man.

  2. Didn’t Jaws use this same tactic to make headlines for nothing just a week or two ago.

    This just in: Jaws has nothing to report so he’s going to put another no-namer above Manziel to grab headline ratings.

  3. Hey Jaws, if you go back and look you’ll see another QB had a bad pro day with a pass that appeared to “wobble”.

    Drew Brees

  4. I hope the Browns draft him. When they play against Big Ben and Pittsburgh it will be the “All Beef Pattie Bowl”.

  5. Who knows if he’s right or wrong.

    But Mettenberger has a strong arm, makes pretty throws, and is accurate.

    Would love to have him in the 2nd or 3rd round, and I’d rather ham him then Manziel or Bridgewater.

    It doesn’t mean he will be the best, but if I could hitch the wagon to one of the three it would definitely be Mettenberger.

  6. Jaws is all over the place! Mettenberger is not better than Bridgewater. But what do I know?? I’m not a former quaterback.

  7. Okay , so we’ve got a guy (Jaws) who’s right about 80% of the time . . . . . .and nobody likes him. I’m shocked.

  8. As a Viking 4life since 1968 and a HUGE college football fan since 1968 I couldn’t believe Mettenberger wasn’t rated this high sooner. I know the NFL teams knew better but finally the secret is out, the sports broadcasting world of football has finally caught up. I was really looking forward to the Minnesota Vikings drafting Mettenberger and he would sit for a couple of years behind Matt Cassel (who will have an unexpected big year)-believe it.

  9. Jaworski is supposed to be a expert of studying game tape yet he drops bridgewater after a poor pro day. That one day outweighs all the game tape? Give me a break.

  10. This is a pretty interesting and bold proclamation. I have noticed quite a few detractors over the years regarding Jaws’ opinions. I am not expert enough to comment on this. I am, however old enough to have been around for his long career, and I remember him to have been a very good QB. He is also clearly a diligent student of the position and is prepared when he speaks about quarterbacks. He ALWAYS provides specific and clear reasons for his stances, and I respect people who put in the time and effort regarding the development of their opinions, whether or not I agree with their position.

  11. just like a couple other recent LSU qbs coming from that system: think Matt Flynn, Jamarcus Russell

  12. Mettenberger did look great during his pro day.

    Still think he needs to work on his footwork, but he can be a starter on the next level.

  13. Pro day? He must’ve had Jamarcus Russell rated higher than Joe Montana based on his pro day. How’d that work out?

    No, he had him rated higher than a different Joe….eh, the Flacco mean anything to you?

  14. To put things into perspective, this is the same Jaws who didn’t think Cam Newton should be drafted in the first round and who thought Blaine Gabbert was the best QB in that draft class. He is love with prototypical, drop back quarterbacks and can’t stand QBs like Manziel who he can’t relate to.

  15. I don’t think there was any secret out there. Teams will have their own grades on every player, and they won’t share it with anybody else. I’m a Lions fan, and the Lions are only in on backups this draft, so Mettenberger is probably too high up in the draft for them to take, but is the type of QB they are looking for. I think there will be a lot of trades in the late first, and a lot of QB’s will go there.

  16. I watched an interview where Mettenberger said…. “I realized that if I wanted to be successful, I couldn’t spend EVERY night at the bars.”
    The next question I expected to hear would have been “How many nights do you think you CAN spend there?”

  17. Sure…….. the guy that played below average in college, at a school that doesn’t produce NFL QB’s should leap frog Manziel and Bridgewater? Both Manziel and Bridgewater were proven commodities in college(especially Manziel) yet Ole’ Jaws thinks that god given physical size somehow trumps talent or atleast somehow miraculously makes up for it. Mettenburger threw some atrocious picks. I mean the type that just make you scratch your head. Not nearly as dynamic and Johnny Football and not remotely as efficient as Teddy B.

  18. Eventually Jaws settled on his QB rankings. “Off of the film I had them rated a certain way, their pro days required a re-evaluation, and now that the draft has come and gone, I think I’ve got a final list…..”.

  19. I graduated from lsu, and I do think mettenberger will be a good nfl QB. But I lost all respect for jawz and his rankings a long time ago. Especially after putting flacco above brees last year. And that’s not a homer opinion. That’s just a fact.

  20. Truth is, there isn’t a lot of separation between the top tier and second-tier QBs in this year’s draft. And it’s always hard to tell which QBs will get it once they hit the NFL and which QBs won’t.

    I could see a lot of QB needy teams passing on taking one in the first round, because QBs like Mettenberger could be just as good and available in the second round.

  21. LSU’s offensive coordinator before Cam Cameron arrived last year was a former offensive line coach with no experience coaching QB’s. The improvement in Mettenberger’s play, as well as LSU’s offense was dramatic. LSU was the first team in SEC history with two 1.000 yard WR’s , a 3000 yd passing QB, and a 1000 yd RB.
    Cameron runs a pro style offensive, in an age when most college teams run a spread. His former pupils Phillip Rivers, Drew Brees, and Joe Flacco have high praise for him.
    I think Zach will make an excellent pro QB.

  22. To all the people that dismiss Pro Day because it is scripted to favor the QB. Please let me point out what is at stake and what my take away is. First, it is a job interview with up to 32 Fortune 500 businesses. Second because the QB gets to build the scenario to suit him (he knows the questions to the test), ask yourself, shouldn’t he ace it? If he struggles, it is an indicator to me that during one the most important events in his life, he couldn’t elevate his “game”. Ask yourself, “How will he perform in a big for me, when the stakes are even higher and he can’t script the game to his favor? So I believe there is merit to Pro Day performance.

  23. It seems strange to change a player’s ranking based on their pro day. They have a full body of work and you’re changing your view on a guy based on one day?

  24. Jaworski lost all credibility when he spouted off about how great Kaperchoke could be. The guy can’t read defenses and over throws a lot of balls. Not to mention he’s a choke artist. Sounds like a a franchise QB to me.

  25. Clowney has first-round talent, but with third-round work ethic and attitude. If people are blasting Manziel for “issues”, why does Clowney get a free pass?

    But yes, Jaws is a moron.

  26. I’m not a huge fan of Jaws, but this emphasizes what a crapshoot the draft is. He could be wrong, he could be right. Who knows? Remember when Mayock said Cutler was better than VY and Leinert? People didn’t buy it. Look who still has a job.

  27. yeah, yeah… Jaws picked the Miami Dolphins to win the AFC East last year too. He’s not the know-it-all he thinks he is.

  28. The fact is that none of these quarterbacks are sure-fire prospects.
    Where they get drafted depends on who’s drafting.

  29. Sure. Let’s call a guy “all over the map” for adjusting his rankings after digesting new information.

    I believe that’s called “science”.

  30. Mettenberger is a better NFL prospect than Bridgewater. Sorry, but Jaws is (almost) right.

  31. How can this dude be a number 1~or even number 2 draft pick when he was mediocre at LSU. Ron Jaworski has lost ALL credibility!

    First, dissing Manziel like he was a D3 walk-on QB when the dude won the Heisman and is the most exciting player in college football in years! That counts for SOMETHING!

    Secondly, putting Mettenberger in the same chapter~let alone sentence with Manziel is plain idiocracy!~ LSU wishes they had a QB like Manziel over the past 3 years. If so, they’d be the NCAA national champs.

    Finally, I’m sick of these self-centered ESPN jocks who think they know it all just because they played the game. Times have changed~in and out of the locker rooms. Therefore, they are just like the rest of the people: fans. Or should I say, “glorified fans.”

  32. I have always liked Mettenberger’s arm . I have always hated Mettenbergers mobility . Its slothlike running is why Aaron Murray beat him out .

  33. Jaws also made headlines last off-season by declaring that Kaepernick was a far better quarterback than Russell Wilson.

    The simple fact is that Jaworski doesn’t have the first clue about NFL quarterbacks and his analysis of players is more often wrong then right. Like, way out there, crazy rambling nonsense.

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