Jets remain interested in Chris Johnson

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All has been quiet on the Chris Johnson cut since the Titans cut him, but the Jets continue to be interested in the free agent running back.

The Jets were identified as a potential suitor for Johnson as soon as he became available, and Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News reports that the Jets remain one of the few serious suitors for Johnson.

There’s no word on who any of the other suitors may be, and that may point to the reason Johnson is taking longer than expected to find a new home: If there aren’t a lot of teams expressing interest, Johnson won’t be able to demand the kind of contract he wants. Suffice to say, Johnson is going to have to take a whole lot less money than he’s been making from the Titans.

But the Jets like the idea of pairing Johnson in the backfield with Chris Ivory, and the Jets have plenty of salary cap space. If any team is going to give Johnson even close to the kind of money he wants, it may be the Jets.

11 responses to “Jets remain interested in Chris Johnson

  1. Really good place for him.

    He doesn’t care about winning…and that’s not going to be a concern w/the jets.

    Maybe Rexy can tattoo CJ right in the middle of his Sanchez ink…after all, is a team effort.

  2. CJ 1K is person with more excuses than TDs . He would be perfect for the hapless Jets. His ..Me first attitude and last one in , first one going home attitude is the reason that he remains available and perfect for the Jets Circus show…

    Rex can dust off the excuse book he used for Sanchez and ready them for CJ1k .

  3. I’m bewildered by the fact that people keep saying that Chris Johnson is a fit with the Jet… other than Eric Decker, there is dearth of talent on that team! CJ would be facing 9 men on the box on every play… And with a rookie QB and a walking injury in Vick there is little hope that any WR will be a threat to any defense.

    If I’m CJ2K I either retire or play elsewhere for less money but a better chance at gaining yardage… or Atlanta would be a great choice, and why has Indy not given CJ2K a call?

  4. this would be a GREAT signing for the jets if it’s a front loaded 2 year deal….anything more then 2 years will be a mistake….chris johnson is a home run hitter something the jets have been lacking for a while

  5. Idzik will be smart about any potential CJ2K signing I like what the new GM is doing, not overpaying any free agents. CJ better get moving soon though the Jets have 12 draft picks and the closer we get to the draft the less likely Jets or anyone will pay this guy.

  6. Makes sense. A coach and organization that demands no respect or accountability from its players brings in the most disrespectful player in the league.

    Have fun with that.

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