Johnny Manziel to visit with the Browns this weekend


The Browns didn’t bother going to Johnny Manziel’s pro day, and it didn’t really matter.

Because they’re going to get a close look at him this weekend.

According to Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Manziel will be in Cleveland and work out for the Browns this weekend.

They’ve already worked out the other top quarterbacks in the class, including Blake Bortles, Teddy Bridgewater and Derek Carr, with Carr coming back for a visit next week.

The Browns might have tried to play low-key about quarterbacks, but it’s clear that’s their biggest need, and has been since the team returned there.

That’s why coach Mike Pettine’s words about Manziel sounded so enthusiastic when he spoke at the owners meetings.

“Gifted playmaker,” Pettine said. “The play starts when he makes the first guy miss. That’s exciting to watch, but to transition to the NFL, he’ll have to be able to play in structure, his fifth-step, his foot hits the ground that he can execute a throw. I don’t think there’s any reason to think that wouldn’t happen and I think he’s capable of doing it, but when you have that ability to improvise like that, that’s what makes him special and maybe separates him from other guys.”

This weekend will be important for them to get to know him, since they skipped his workout at Texas A&M, one of just two teams to do so.

The Browns have the 26th pick in addition to the fourth, so they have ammunition to move around if they decide they need to.

UPDATE 6:03 p.m. ET: Technically speaking, Manziel won’t work out while he’s in Cleveland, as the initial report said. Teams can only work out prospects on their college campuses. So he might be visiting with the Browns, but won’t be breaking a sweat there, which he might never do, come to think of it.

20 responses to “Johnny Manziel to visit with the Browns this weekend

  1. Manziel will be in Cleveland and work out for the Browns this weekend.

    I thought players couldn’t work out for teams during their visits.

  2. Wouldn’t be the worst thing to happen in Cleveland. I like the swagger he’d bring to the Browns. Hoyer’s a decent QB, but we haven’t seen enough of him to really get a good grasp at how good he can or can’t be. I’m thinking that because we’ve won the games he’s played in we think he’s better than he really is. As long as we don’t draft Bridgewater, I’m ok with whatever QB they want to go with.

  3. I’m not questioning Manziel’s skills, I do question his physicality to hold up to the rigors of NFL play, especially in the cold wet winds of the Great Lakes.

    And, I don’t think the Manziel Circus will play in blue-collar towns like Cleveland. It plays better in the playgrounds of New York, Miami, or LA (Jaguars).

    The Browns have too many holes to fill just to take a flyer on a “maybe” sure thing like these QB’s. I’d rather they pick up a couple of lesser QB’s (Mettenburg, Fales, Gilbert, or Savage) and have them sit, learn, and compete….much like Chuck Nolan did with Hanratty & Bradshaw in turning the Steelers around.

    Use it (competition) to develope a “I want the f’n ball” attitude throughout the team. No more being “stuck” with in Cleveland. If a player doesn’t give his all, sit his ass on the bench to rust! No more doing it just for the money and future considerations. Cleveland is a great all-American, hard-working, blue-collar town and the fans deserve better.

  4. You can workout 30 guy PLUS any local guys.

    Hopefully the Browns take him early so he’s not there for the Bucs. I want his teammate instead.

  5. You can joke about the Browns all you want, but I really think the Browns are a great fit for this guy. You have one of the top LTs in Joe Thomas, and they brought back a great center. The offensive line is there and with an explosive threat in Josh Gordon, I’m convinced the Browns give him a decent chance to win. Jordan Cameron gives him a great threat in TE and if Manziel can follow his progressions, you have a great one-two punch in Gordon and Cameron. Additionally, if they can get a bruiser in RB, they’ll have Manziel run the option. I think the Browns are a perfect fit for him with Shanahan. But hey, I’m no GM. Good luck to Manziel, I really hope he pans out because he sure as hell is fun to watch.

  6. Hey, Cleveland here.
    Imagine if he suffers a career threatening injury while working out for the Browns [who didn’t bother to show up for his pro day.]
    If I was Manziel, I would interview with them, but there is no way in the world I would EVER work out for them. If they are too stupid (or think they are being coy) to attend his pro day. Too bad. I hope he just doesn’t get hurt no matter what. The Browns are trying to do the right thing, but when your drafting 4th and a player like Manziel is having his pro day, if you don’t go it’s just plain STUPID.
    No excuses.
    That’s all we ever get here in Cleveland.

  7. Please Cleveland Browns…take Johnny with the fourth pick. Signed all Raiders fans.

  8. I look forward to watching Johnny Football Manziel play in the NFL, and the Browns in my mind would be a good fit.

    He is easily the most fascinating draft prospect this season.

  9. Sending Manziel to the Browns would be like sending a rookie Michael Jordan to the Sacremento Kings. Even if you gave the Kings the best player in all of the game, they’d still find a way to be the Kings.

    Just like the Browns……..always find a way to still be the Browns.

  10. Years ago Dierdorf said that Cleveland has ruined a lot of good football players.

    It’s still going on.


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