Lewand says Suh talks have been civil and productive

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The Detroit Lions very much would like to extend the contract of defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh.  Apart from wanting to keep him around for the long term, a new deal would undoubtedly drop his cap number of $22.4 million in 2014.

On Monday, team CEO Tom Lewand said that the talks have been civil and productive.  The farm more preferable adjective would be “completed.”

Still, Lewand says there’s no hurry.

“Ndamukong is a very intelligent guy, very thoughtful,” Lewand said, via the Detroit News. “He took his time selecting a new representative and he [hired] Jimmy Sexton, a very accomplished agent in his own right.  I have a lot of confidence in Jimmy and I have a lot of confidence in Ndamukong.

“It’s been my experience that when a player says he wants to be here and we have indicated we want to keep him around, we have a good track record of getting something done.  When that happens I don’t know.  The timing is less important than the outcome.”

The best window for getting a deal done comes between now and the start of 2014 training camp.  At that point, Suh assumes the injury risk for the last year of his deal.  And once he starts assuming injury risk, he may decide to assume a full season of injury risk and force his way to the open market in 2015, since the Lions would have to offer him a one-year deal worth 120 percent of his 2014 cap number under the franchise tag.

That would be $26.88 million.  And that would mean the tag wouldn’t be used on Suh.The real question becomes what Suh wants in exchange for giving up the chance to hit the open market in 2015.  If he wants more than the Lions are willing to pay, 2014 could be his last season with the team.

14 responses to “Lewand says Suh talks have been civil and productive

  1. I am Lions fan and a Suh fan, but the more I see that large salary number next to his name I can’t help but wonder how much of it is due to hype/notoriety. For the amount that he is getting paid, he should be making more of an impact.

  2. Actually, the real question is whether or not Suh even wants to stay in Detroit. The subtle and not to subtle clues seem to suggest that the answer is, “No.”

  3. Who would have thought the words “Suh” and “civil” would ever be found in the same sentence?

  4. Suh is an outstanding player and deserves to be paid very well. BUT, if he isn’t willing to sign an extension before the draft, TRADE HIM NOW.

    He will always be about him – not the team. That is acceptable since he often dominates games – but if he is just going to play out the year and then test the free agent market, deal him…

    He would return a healthy bounty of very good players and draft picks, in a year that has a very deep draft. Don’t use him for a year and loose him – trade him now for some very valuable chips…

  5. I just wish the Lions would take their time to select a CEO. Lewand might be the densest guy in the league. I just don’t know what else to say after all these years. It’s just been really, really miserable and you can see a sea of his fingerprints with some Mayhew marks scattered in this football crime scene.

  6. Anyone looking at statistics and questioning
    Suh’s impact on games quite obviously never played the game or doesn’t watch very closely. He was susceptible to traps his first 2 seasons, I’ll admit, and over pursued at times, but he has rectified those problems and is the best defensive tackle in the game today in the 4-3 alignment Detroit uses. You can’t look at sack or even tackle numbers, you have to watch the game, or film. He is nothing short of spectacular.

  7. It’s hilarious to read all these negative comments about Suh from people who would take him on their team in a second.
    We get it. You don’t like him because he’s a tough, physical player that dominates your team’s offensive line. Sorry.

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