Malcolm Jenkins doesn’t see much to like elsewhere in the NFC East

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Safety Malcolm Jenkins hasn’t played a game as a member of the Eagles yet, but he isn’t letting that stop him from sharing his opinions about his new team’s rivals in the NFC East.

Jenkins had thoughts about all three teams, which ranged from the mild to the scathing. On the mild side is the feeling he shares with many others that Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III’s playing style leaves him vulnerable to injury and a little further down the spectrum is his belief that “it doesn’t look like” the Giants will be able to protect quarterback Eli Manning any better than they did last year.

He saved his harshest rebuke for the Cowboys, though. Jenkins noted how firing defensive coordinator Rob Ryan wound up helping the Saints defense more than the one in Dallas and scoffed at the notion that the Cowboys defense, which lost Jason Hatcher and DeMarcus Ware, would be better than the one that allowed the Saints to pick up 40 first downs in a game last season.

“The offseason comes and you don’t do anything in free agency to get any big name players to come help you out, so I really don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel for this defense in improving when you got the same guys and the same coaches,” Jenkins said on NFL Network, via

There are worse first impressions to make on Eagles fans than making some pointed critiques of their divisional rivals, although the impressions Jenkins makes on the field will determine whether or not he stays on their good side.

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  1. Good luck with this guy, Eagles fans. He literally couldn’t catch an interception if it hit him in his hands.

  2. Judging a team based on their activity in free agency is a pretty clear sign of someone with no real knowledge of a team’s roster.

    You don’t have to think back very far to Jenkins’ new team, when they were declared the dream team, based on their free agency signings a few years ago, to know how that can turn out.

    Chances are good that improving young players, players returning from long-term or nagging injuries and even draft choices this year will have a far bigger impact than half free agent veterans signed this off-season.

    Perhaps this is just the brand of kool-aid they liking drinking in Philly at this time of year.

  3. That’s funny coming from Jenkins. That horrific Cowboys D, shut down the prolific Eagles offense last year. Would hate to see if they had a good D. Is Jenkins an upgrade? Go Saints!

  4. That’s right go ahead and run that trap…didn’t learn anything from Vince Young spouting the phrase dream team did you??? And don’t think those NFC opponents won’t be looking for you on gameday just to show you that sometimes one needs keep his mouth shut…as that old saying goes if you don’t have nothing good to say don’t say anything at all!

  5. Additions to Giants O Line:

    Geoff Schwartz
    John Jerry
    J.D. Walton
    Charles Brown

    Should improve based on trajectory of rookie year, already solid:

    Justin Pugh

    How does this not spell out improved protection of Eli Manning? He was sacked 40+ times and pressured constantly last year.

  6. About the NFC east, Malcolm is correct (especially the cowboys). As a Saints fan, I want to thank Jerrah for firing Rob Ryan. He was able to go in and implement a similar familiar defense to what Gregg Williams did when they won the Super Bowl but without the rhetoric and baggage. Best move Jerrah ever made for the Saints since thy went from worst defense in NFL history to 4th in the league. That’s pretty D impressive in my book.

  7. Read the actual article. He wasn’t critical of any team, just realistic based comments of the problems each team could face.

    Eli was sacked 39 times and if they don’t get him better protection he will not be better next season.

    Griffin is as described. Talented but reckless.

    Dallas D, how does a team improve from last years debacle by letting go your two top guys and signing second rate players AND keeping the same coaches?

  8. & what have the giants done to get better??

    they have no WR to replace Nicks.
    They have no OL to keep Manning upright.

    looks like another year of embarrassment and excuses from the VaGiants.

  9. He isn’t saying anything that is incorrect. The Giants still need to fix their O-line, first year O-line are noted for giving up sacks, takes a year or two, a real TE would be a lot of help. RGIII getting hurt, it is a real possibility. Firing Rob Ryan, yep a big mistake, two DC in two years, and someone said you can’t make a defense any simpler than what Monty does playing cover two. You lose what, like 14 sacks, god knows how many hurries, plus Ware demanded attention. Romo, not one but two back surgeries in one year! You have back surgeries because of back pain, you have to wonder just how bad Romo’s back is, the older you get the more your back degenerates. You can really fix it, generally it is fusing the vertebrae which limits mobility. Romo depends on being able to bend and escape the pass rush. He might not get through the season.

  10. And if he was that good Ryan would have tried to keep him. The Saints got crushed by the Giants in 2012 and the Giants lead the Saints 15-12 from 1967 until today so I guess shut up is in order.

  11. Hey Malcolm.. remember that time Eli threw for four TDs against your sorry secondary?It was with pretty crappy protection. So as long as we aren’t as abjectly awful as last year, there’s a better than good chance that he torches you and that sorry Eagles secondary.

  12. I say eagles are at the top of the mountain and get a bunch of thumbs down. The truth hurts huh? Shows how sore these other nfc east teams are. I’m not saying anything that isn’t true. We won the division with a rookie head coach last season and will most likely win it again. Deal with it:)

  13. Only surface NFL fans judge prior to the Draft, let alone PreSeason.

    1) Jenkins couldn’t make the Saints again. Eagles overpaid as they are desperate for a secondary
    They lost there only deep threat and key to opening up underneath for Shady Mccoy

    2) The Skins are most apt to win the division. However, they have the most potential to implode also (save this email all you Eagles fans)

    3) Cowboys D will absolutely be better. They were horrific last year, and while Ware was great in his day, his time has begun to pass him by. 6 sacks vs limited double coverage is not Elite. Melton is a upgrade over Hatcher.

    4) Giants have upgraded the OL. If they jell off paper, and find a WR to replace Nicks in draft they will be right in the mix as well.


  14. Regardless of what you think about Jenkins, he’s right about the Cowboys.

    They lost two good players, didn’t pick up any in FA and they are working with the “same crew.”

    You can’t expect to do the same thing year after year and get different results Jerry!

    Until Jerry and his son are no longer at the helm, Cowboy fans need to get used to Cowboys and losers in the same sentence for the near and impending future.

    NFC East is a joke. Giants are imploding and will continue to do so. Cowboys, with choke Romo will continue to try for the brass ring, but miss it yet again (give them an A for effort!). Redskins, RGIII – enough said. Eagles with Foles is the best bet in the league, Jenkins or not.

  15. Even though I live in Texas love my EAGLES! They won the NFC EAST, last year and see no reason why not this year! They got better and will do it again!

  16. All of this from someone who isn’t that good. Eagles are shopping him for a third rd pick.

  17. A guy coming from the worst defense in 2012, partially responsible for the Saints being terrible, is talking about the rest of his division that he hasn’t even played in….

    Watch Cruz, Dez, and Garçon make a Damn fool of this clown.

    This guy is truly an Eagle, clueless and overrated.

  18. Prior to last season Maclin was thought of as a much more complete receiver than Desean, so to utter Deseans production will not be replaced is total ignorance. If Maclin was in the lineup last year do you think Desean would have had such a big year? No. The Eagles secondary has talent but the coaching is sub par. Wolff and Jenkins are not terrible. Allen played well, and the corners are average, the draft should upgrade that slightly. Add Lesean and Sproles into the pass game and this offense is going to be dynamic again. 10-6

    The giants now have who on offense? No threats and a poor line? Hello 3-13.

    The Cowboys have threats on offense in Dez and Murray and their offense will be good. Their defense however has average talent and will miss Ware big time. 7-9

    The Redskins may rebound from their awful 2013 campaign, but that depends on which RG3 shows up, my bet is that he has been figured out but will still be good. 9-7

  19. when he says Dallas has failed to land any big names to help them out, SURELY he doesn’t think he is a big name the eagles landed to help them out does he?

    I don’t think Dallas misses Ware as much as some do. Not the Ware that has been on such decline anyway. I don’t care how well he does in Denver, and I do wish him well. It was just time for him to leave both for him and the Cowboys.

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