NCAA begins circling the wagons, starting with food

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The NCAA has done plenty of huffing and puffing in the wake of the effort of Northwestern’s football team to unionize.  The NCAA will now try to blow their house down.

With food.

On Tuesday, the NCAA’s Legislative Council determined that student-athletes “can receive unlimited meals and snacks in conjunction with their athletics participation.”

So now college football coaches can punctuate meetings by saying, “Let’s go eat a goddamn snack.”

The move won’t become official until April 24, if/when the NCAA Board of Directors approves the move.  It would be a shock if they nix it, since preventing something that many assumed already was available to student-athletes could be the moment that the push to secure significantly better treatment for them fully crystallizes.

Then again, that may have already happened.

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  1. I get that NCAA players are “paid with education”. But if you don’t think there is a large percentage of players who are enrolled in bogus classes and fed grades to maintain their eligibility and things of that nature, then you’re foolish. These programs use these athletes to better the product that they SELL to their fans. If it’s all about the athletics and “student comes first” and all that BS, then why is the NCAA, a non-profit organization, pulling in billions of dollars? If it’s not about the money, why do they hoard so much of it?

    Not saying these college kids should be signing million dollar contracts or anything, but these rules and restrictions the NCAA imposes on these kids is so beyond ridiculous.

  2. I went to a Big East school. You could add money to your student ID card that allowed you to pay for meals at a dining hall, food from a food court and basic groceries. When you swiped it, your balance would show up on the register. One time a football player and some of his friend were in line in front of me. After paying for his, and their food, his balance was somewhere in the neighborhood of $2,500. While I understand where Shabazz Napier was coming from last week, I have a hard time believing that UConn doesn’t take care of one of its prized players to the same degree.

  3. Wait until the holdouts by these players come, and the bidding wars between the richest colleges. This is going to be pathetic. Mark my words.

  4. Abolish big-time college sports, make the NFL and NBA form and support their own farm systems instead of getting the service for nothing via the American education system. That’s all NCAA football and basketball really is, a free farm system for billionaires.

  5. If this is the NCAA’s attempt to stop the collective bargaining of the athletes, the NCAA has already lost.

  6. Does anyone else have a problem with effectively (and in future actually) paying people to go to college to play a game?

    At the moment the system is far from ideal but at least these guys have a choice whether they want to go to class or not. If you bring in full on payment then they won’t be going to class at all and then you have a serious problem when 99% of them don’t secure NFL jobs at the end.

  7. I’m a firm believer in “education is what you make of it.” It’s not necessarily the universities’ not the NCAA’s fault if the kids want to blow off their education by taking BS classes or majors, no-showing, or skating by one way or the other. If a student doesn’t want to take advantage of their education they’re only cheating themselves. If they’re taking advantage of their school allowing them to do so, shame on BOTH of them.

    It’s possible to be a top level athlete and to get good grades in a meaningful field of study. There’s too many guys to list who excelled both on the field AND in the classroom. Just a few off the top of my head: Richard Sherman, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Derrick Brooks, both Barber twins, Myron Rolle (much more successful in college in the NFL, but still), Matt Birk, Alex Smith…and that’s just football players I can think of without doing much research. There’s plenty of examples in every sport, and many more in football.

    I’m not saying it’s easy to be an honors student while playing sports, but you damn sure can give your best and get at least a C+/B- if you actually want to.

  8. The football team “strongly encourages ” players to take interest in certain degrees . Why because their Tudors can help multiple student athletes in their studies . Usually athletes will be in basic college courses until later in their collegiate career when many who realize the nfl is not highly probably do they change degrees ,meaning by the time eligibility is over on the field you are now far behind in education. Te reason athletes should be given a larger allowance is exactly that .

    The college already dictates many courses they can even take bc they will miss labs and hands on applications bc they regularly travel . Not a big fan of a huge pay day but certainly and extra 1500 a qtr would alleviate some of the stress of not being allowed to work or even momentarily pursue actual useful college degrees .

    The system is broken and these young athletes especially football and basketball are strongly encouraged to pursue stop gap degrees for grades and eligibility .

  9. I love scholarship-only proponents get so angry when poor kids want some security, but they’re okay with letting those poor kids get in while not being academically equipped.

    The North Carolina’s athletes in Swahili class are not the anomaly. Trust me there are more academically legitimate entrants in NCAA history than accusers of Darren Sharper and Jerry Sandusky combined and now food does the trick?

  10. blackandbluedivision says:

    Ladies and germs, the NCAA just created their own version of welfare.

    Funny I don’t see people on welfare making the US government billions of dollars a year like these athletes make the NCAA. Big big freaking difference.

  11. They are not doing this because of Shabazz. They are doing this because he successfully made the NCAA look like petty overlords. I’m sure Shabbazz wasn’t going hungry. The scenario with these guys is typical. They are with friends or a girlfriend, they are near a burger joint and want a burger, they have no money in the wallet to buy one. He would have to go back on campus and get one the next day when they fire up the grill again.

    A 24/7 spread is counter productive, wasteful, controlling, and they are missing the point. They want pocket change to go out and get what they want.

  12. There was an article about Jacque Vaughn when he played at Kansas in a college Bball issue of SI. It was a chronological following of his typical routine. Every college athlete that accepts a scholarship should read it, so that they can know how hard they need to work to be the best. It was an AMAZING article and made a lasting impression on me and my friends.

  13. So..I’m assuming that Dez Bryant can go back and play the games he missed out on?? What a joke..the NCAA has been exploiting student athletes since the beginning of time..the whole “paying” college players rule should have been revised when schools started making billions off these kids

  14. Is this in response to shabazz Napier saying he goes to bed hungry? The guy with the $1000+ worth of ink on his arms that can’t afford a sandwich?

  15. As the parent of a DIII athlete I will be watching this one closely. Many times the cafeterias are closed by the time practice or games are over and the per diem on the road is an embarrassment. There are no athletic scholarships in DIII. No one can say the athletes are getting a free education so they shouldn’t be whining about being hungry. Part of the expense of college is a food plan. If an athlete misses a meal because he or she is representing the university in an event why shouldn’t the school make sure there is food available for them? The family has already paid for it.

  16. The big bad ncaa who used to be the meanest sob in the valley is now in full retreat mode. It’s going to be fun watching them get their asses handed to them in court.

  17. drunkenagitator says: Apr 15, 2014 7:04 PM

    Abolish big-time college sports, make the NFL and NBA form and support their own farm systems instead of getting the service for nothing via the American education system. That’s all NCAA football and basketball really is, a free farm system for billionaires…………..
    Your name says it all! College Football will never die, they make far more than the NFL yearly. Take the University of Michigan, they gross between 12m-16m per game and that’s just Tickets, Parking and Concessions, I haven’t even factored in the TV deals which are Millions as well! There are 114 D-1 Colleges playing Football, 32 in the NFL.
    The true Billionaires are the Colleges and NCAA and they are going to do whatever they can to keep that cash cow producing!

  18. I played D-III college sports and there were no scholarships. But it was still the NCAA and sports generated money for the school, so athletes saw extra benefits and allowances around the campus. Teachers even let me turn in an assignment a few days late every now and again, and I was never a starter. The stars definitely got preferential treatment. Usually the school cafeterias were closed when we weren’t sitting in classes, trying to catch up on school work, practicing, conditioning, or weightlifting. All mandatory things. The free food thing would have never worked for me unless there was some deal with off campus restaurants, but even this wouldn’t work because some of us were put on special diets by the training staff. I couldn’t even begin to imagine how bigger schools would manage this without 24 hour cafeteria staff members that could serve any meal at any time of the day.

  19. At Northwestern where the graduation rate for football players is higher than everyone in big time college FB @ 97%. These intelligent young men are the perfect representatives of change. They’re smart, they go to class, they graduate with degrees from a good school, many of them do not go to the NFL, and they advocate change. They want a seat at the table, nothing about pay for play has even been mentioned by them, all that has been brought up is having a say in what happens to them, how they’re governed by the NCAA, and assurances of healthcare (no parameters have been set or suggested) after putting their bodies on the line so the school can make money selling tickets and souvenirs. Until more has been worked on by both sides, everyone’s emotions about pay for play, and scholarships are enough, and the rest are very premature.

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