NFL could discipline Aldon Smith without resolution of pending charges

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The NFL’s Personal Conduct Policy gives a player the benefit of the doubt when he finds himself in one wrong-place/wrong-time situation.  The policy isn’t as forgiving when it happens two or more times.

With 49ers linebacker Aldon Smith now involved in a second incident that falls under the Personal Conduct Policy, he could be disciplined before either or both situations are resolved in court.

“With respect to repeat offenders, the Commissioner may impose discipline on an enhanced and/or expedited basis,” the league’s Personal Conduct Policy states.  “In such cases, the timing and nature of the discipline will be determined by the Commissioner based on several factors including, but not limited to:  the severity of the initial charge and the later charge, the facts underlying the later charge; the length of time between the initial offense and later charge; and the player or employee’s compliance with counseling and other programs.”

Last year, Smith was charged with multiple felony counts arising from the alleged possession of illegal weapons.  He now faces an eventual felony charge arising from the allegation that he made a false claim of having a bomb while in an airport security line.

With a pair of pending felony incidents, that could be enough to prompt the NFL to move against Smith sooner rather than later.

Multiple players have been suspended by the NFL while charges were still pending.  Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger was suspended six games (reduced to four) without ever being even arrested or charged.

Smith’s multiple alcohol-related arrests fall under the substance-abuse policy.  The NFL could be influenced by those incidents when deciding whether to discipline Smith before either of the two non-alcohol charges has been resolved.

36 responses to “NFL could discipline Aldon Smith without resolution of pending charges

  1. The teams can’t be depended on to enforce any discipline. The commish needs to do something. Suspension for a year now, lifetime ban from the NFL if convicted of his crimes.

  2. “He now faces an eventual felony charge arising from the allegation that he made a false claim of having a bomb while in an airport security line.”

    Huh? Eventual? He hasn’t been charged yet the likelihood he will becomes less and less as the days go by. He also hasn’t been convicted of the other charges either. Being as he already has served a team imposed 5 game suspension, im not sure without any resolution of anything how the NFL could hand out a suspension.

  3. And why shouldn’t they be allowed to do so? The state of Mass. has incarcerated Aaron Hernandez for 10 months, subject to constant badgering from prisoners and guards alike, without “resolution of pending charges”.

  4. He’s a beast when he plays. He started off with a bang last season but kinda sloped off after missing those 5 games. Still, he’s got 43 sacks in his first 3 seasons, which is pretty ridiculous. He could get to 100 by the end of his 7th season if he manages to stay outta trouble.

  5. I bet the 49ers will talk to the league, and come up with the right punishment. Don’t forget he might as well of been suspended last year for about 6 games. He’s young, and does need to grow up, he’ll even understand that his next court date, and turn it around, or it’ll be to late, and he’ll be out of the league wondering what if?

  6. Considering the shameless way his head coach and front office BUNGLED his first rehabilitation attempt by allowing him to play one last game the day prior to entering his program, as well as rushing him back to the lineup, transparently demonstrating how little they cared about his successful recovery compared to his value to the organization as a player. I believe it would be a mercy, as well as a strong proclamation concerning the seriousness regarding his recovery, whether or not he ever plays another down in The NFL. Suspend him indefinitely for his own good Mr. Comish, and demand an APPROPRIATE, in-patient and lengthly program , with long-term follow-up counseling. Don’t let the vultures on ANY team treat him like a piece of meat…AGAIN

  7. He already served a team imposed suspension for the two pending felonies(which in all likely hood will plead out to misdemeanors). Its looking like hes not going to get charged for the “bomb” reference. With the new CBA, not really much Goodell can do if he’s not charged for the LAX incident.

  8. Why start now. He should have been suspended two or three times last season. Go to rehab and everything is better. The California way.

  9. Let’s see : 2 DUI’s, felony gun charges and claiming to have a bomb while going through security at LAX.

    Yep, seems like you really can’t fix stupid.

  10. What everyone is missing here is that he has a problem with alcohol.
    That should be the first thing they look into.
    He did not take the last year problems serious.
    That was his second DUI will with the 49ers.
    Get this man some help.

  11. I think suspensions would be better in curtailing bad behavior if they were levied out for the end of the year and post-season as opposed to week one through four. If you wanna set an example, that’d be more something to learn from — missing out on glory, plus having to think about that in the offseason after you already missed out …

  12. He’s too good of a player to be suspended. It’s the double standard it’s everywhere in life and the NFL is no exception.

  13. He should face some type of criminal action for what he did. I can’t STAND Jim Harbaugh and I’m no 9ers fan. But based on prison over crowding, do we really want to waste prison space on this bufoon? I’m not saying this a football fan but I wouldn’t waste prison space, on ANY bufoon that said that; unless the person’s public enemy #1.

  14. The problem with his situation is its lose lose.

    1. Either he was drunk when he said he had a bomb at the airport – a relapse, or…

    2. He is out of his mind and wasn’t drunk, and thought about blowing up a plane.

    One of the above is true, and it most likely will end his 49er career, not to mention he probably wont play again til 2015.

  15. They should do Harbaugh the favor of booting this idiot from the league.

    Too bad for Jim he can’t seem to bring himself to cut bait with a talented criminal that is below reproach. He’d be better off in the long run. Looks like he needs someone to save him from himself.

  16. Enough is enough. Everyone makes mistakes, and deserves second chances.

    That being said, this guy isnt going to learn until he HAS to. Suspend him 1 year, if he gets the help he obviously needs, reduce the suspension in half.

    If he gets charged with another felony after this? Out of the league for good.

  17. Suspend him for 1 year, have him get supervised help, playing football is the least of his worries.

  18. Even if he were to get suspended the Niners would probably still find some way to pay him. I like Jim Harbaugh but I thought their decision to pay him while he was in rehab got around the suspension without pay and Smith obviously didn’t learn any lesson. This latest incident casts a real doubt on his mental state or his mental abilities. He’s either crazy or he’s dumb as a rock. I’m guessing he’s dumb as a rock.

  19. I thought Rothliesberger was treated unfairly because he was suspended merely because an accusation has been made against him. Although it was stupid for Smith to mention the four lettered word bomb in front of airport security, his speech was fully protected by the First Amendment of the Constitution because he did nothing to backup his claim. His lawyer can simply ask the judge to dismiss the case if charges are filed.

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