Public intoxication charges dismissed for 49ers center

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It might not have ever been their biggest concern, but the way things are going for the 49ers right now, being on the right side of the law is a relief.

According to Matt Maiocco of, public intoxication charges against 49ers center Daniel Kilgore were dismissed last week. The charges will also be expunged from his record.

Kilgore was arrested in January in his Tennessee hometown, but it didn’t keep them from extending his contract in February.

The former fifth-rounder is projected to take over as the starting center this year, after veteran Jonathan Goodwin was allowed to hit the free agent market.

16 responses to “Public intoxication charges dismissed for 49ers center

  1. i’ll bet a wooden nickel that the 49ers didnt pay him anything close to 42mil. To be a successful team you must draft smart, and spend money wisely.

  2. I just love how the players in the NFL get away with everything. Yes this is sour grapes but my son was arrested for this and it cost him time, money , and job. I guess he wasn’t able to snap a football good enough to get off of the charge.

  3. What ever is wrong with this franchise. They need to get their act together. Still more on the docket to get dismissed. Just waste money on a posh attorney!!!

  4. This was never an issue in reality. It was most likely a case of a power hungry cop over extending his force. The guy was just (responsibly!) WALKING home from a night out, he was on the sidewalk and caused NO disturbance. I’m glad it worked out the way it should have.

  5. The niners just signed a guy who’s old enough to have PLAYED with Harbaugh! Good signing if they make the opposing DB have to be the SAME AGE!

  6. Public intox is a complete joke of a charge. I bet an overwhelming number of them are from people who aren’t drunk, but just got into an argument with a mouthy officer.

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