Ravens eyeballing QBs including Jimmy Garoppolo

The Ravens just invested in a $100 million quarterback, but that doesn’t mean they’re not looking for another one.

According to Aaron Wilson of the Baltimore Sun, the Ravens brought in Eastern Illinois quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo and Virginia Tech’s Logan Thomas for visits.

Garappolo is gaining traction among many who are looking beyond the top names at his position, while Thomas would be a little more of a project.

Of course, the Ravens have time to wait, since they have an established starter in Joe Flacco.

But they could clearly upgrade at backup over Tyrod Taylor, which would explain the interest in Garappolo in particular.

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  1. It’s not so much an effort to upgrade a backup, as it is a reach every team must make to stay on top of the QB position.

    Neither Garoppolo or Logan is an upgrade over Taylor, who is as talented as any backup in the league. The problem with the Ravens, is that they’re having a serious case of buyer’s remorse, having paid too much for Flacco.

    Ozzie is the best, so he should be looking for value at the QB position to offset that albatross that is Flacco’s contract.

  2. Well that’s just silly since there’s no way the Ravens could afford either guy, thanks to Flacco’s $120 million cap number he apparently carries EVERY YEAR.

    *rolls eyes*

  3. Tyrod is great but he bails the pocket way too often and breaks the play. You can’t coach an entire offense for two completely different styles of play.

    Ofcourse it is nice to have a change of pace if the usual stuff isn’t working.

  4. They need a real QB Flacco doesn’t have an all star defense to hide his mediocre skill set anymore. He’s fleecing the Ravens like Haynesworth did the Redskins and Jamarcus Russell did in Oakland.

  5. Such a pick by the Ravens would make zero sense, unless they’re thinking of unloading Flacco in the near future.

    Not going to happen.

  6. The Ravens need a backup similar to their starting QB. Tyrod Taylor is more like a Mike Vick.

    If Joe were to go down, the offense would have to change very drastically to accommodate Taylor’s skill set.

    Amazing how the offensive side of the ball is changing to look like a real offense this off season.

    Kubiak for President!!!

  7. Nothing against Tyrod Taylor but I never understood why the Ravens had a back up that wasn’t suited to their system. Taylor and Flacco are 180 degrees from each other in skill set.

  8. Before you throw out your corny Flacco joke just make sure your team of choosing currently has a qb with a superbowl mvp trophy as well because obviously if not the joke is really just on you.

  9. Can’t believe I’m saying this, but that’d be a great move to bring in JG. He’ll be starting by Wk 9.

  10. Any rookie QB would be blessed to be an under study to the great Joe Montana Flacco, Superbowl MVP. Cheers!


  11. They’d be smart to bring in a potential starter. I don’t know how Flacco’s contract is structured, so I don’t know when the best time is for them to cut bait, but they should start trying to find his replacement. Flacco is not worth the money, and they could find a lot of guys who’d be perfectly happy throwing up jump balls and pick 6s for a lot less money.

  12. “Buyer’s Remorse”?

    Wait a minute, if “neither Garoppolo nor Logan is an upgrade over Taylor” how can the Ravens interest in them be an expression of “Buyer’s remorse” over Flacco’s contract?

    How does taking a look at QBs that are no better than the current backup (your assumption) ameliorate the “albatross?”

    The upgrades to the OL, OC and receiving corps would suggest they’re happy with #5 and may just want to upgrade the backup QB spot.

  13. Tyrod is not an NFL QB. Period. If he got cut, he would be playing in the CFL next. The Ravens would be wise to find a talent at QB to groom as a backup.

    So many ignoramuses on here clamoring about Flacco’s contract.
    1) His contract is now the “standard” for any starting QB. With the salary-cap climbing steeply, there is room to pay QBs in a “QB-driven league”.
    2) His contract is really a 3 year deal, and will undoubtedly be re-structured to an extension based on performance.
    3) Flacco isn’t even in the top 5 contracts for his position, which is where he would fall in many GM’s ranks, somewhere between 8-12th in the league.

  14. Before you throw out your corny Flacco joke just make sure your team of choosing currently has a qb with a superbowl mvp trophy as well because obviously if not the joke is really just on you.

    I would rather have three SB games and two wins than one lucky one and a MVP award, but Raven trolls like to think small.

  15. Joe has had ONE SEASON where he threw more INT than TD’s. ONE out of SIX. I understand that it was immediately following a Super Bowl win and a big pay day, but Ravens’ “fans” and haters act as if the rest of the team was playing well. The O-line sucked. Neither running back could get more than about 3 yards per carry so you couldn’t use the run to open up the passing game. I’m not here to make excuses for Joe Flacco. He should have played better. But, let’s not act like he didn’t get what a FRANCHISE QB would get on the open market. He’s not elite, but he IS a franchise quarterback and that’s what you pay for those kinds of guys. Have we forgotten that he’s 9-4 in the playoffs? That must count for something, right?

  16. In his one Super Bowl appearance Flacco threw just as many TD passes as Ben threw in his THREE appearances combined.

    Ben threw 5 interceptions in his three appearances but Flacco has no interceptions in his one appearance.

    Yeah I’m sticking with Flacco.

  17. Tyrod is not a subpar backup by any means. BUT everyone knows that Flacco will only be under contract for two more years until he is cut or his “$120 million” deal is restructured. If Garoppolo progresses into a Matt Shaub circa 2006 type backup, Flacco could be on another team.

  18. In his one Super Bowl appearance Flacco threw just as many TD passes as Ben threw in his THREE appearances combined.

    Ben threw 5 interceptions in his three appearances but Flacco has no interceptions in his one appearance.

    Yeah I’m sticking with Flacco.

    We all in the AfCN are very happy you are sticking with JumpBallJoe. Glad total td’s are more important than Lombardi’s ……but if that’s what floats your boat then keep sailing the good ship Who Cares.

  19. I’m not into bashing Flacco. Of all of the possible people to place blame on, I choose John Harbaugh. He’s the guy that lost the AFC championship in 2011-12 because he didn’t have the sense to call a time out so his kicker didn’t have to rush and miss. He got rid of Anquan Boldin in an apparent attempt to give his brother a better chance at winning a Super Bowl.
    That was the dumbest move I’ve ever seen a coach make.No, this is not about Tyrod or Flacco. It’s about not making anymore asinine moves.

  20. Look everyone the Ravens have never had a quarter back that could beat Flacco! soooo until then he is my man and I will not let one season determine or dictate how good I believe he is. Look at Matty Ice came the same year as Flacco, what are his stats how many super bowls has he won? MVP? playoff wins? Flacco is not yet great but he is good to be a top ten, no one has a better arm! This has been proven. This year will prove better with the weapons we have there are no excuses. However, our front line and running game has to improve. The D will take care of it self. If the ravens are looking perhaps they are doing what the Green Bay Packers did with Rodgers. That was mastery at its best. Everything can be repeated?

  21. Flacco is at best a game manager just like dilfer. Ravens are good when he throws 20 to 25 time’s a game. Not 50 times. Up till last year he had a hell of a defense to support him and it showed big time that he is not elite by any means. And your defense bailed him out a few times last year the ravens were lucky to be at 8-8. Thats why the signings of smith and Daniels are not going to make a difference as much as people believe they will. Unless your run game comes back with uppercut ray and pierce. And to compare ben to flacco really? Same type of teams through 1st 6 years of career for both qb. Ben 2 sb wins 3 appearances, flacco 5 year’s in a row playoffs and 1 sb win.

  22. It’s cool how in the eyes of the typical Steelers fan, Flacco’s success is solely the result of an awesome defense or Anquan Boldin, whereas Rothlisberger apparently did not benefit whatsoever from having an awesome defense or receivers who might make tough catches during his most successful years.

    But, in hindsight… I don’t see where Boldin turned Kapernick into an amazing QB, and I don’t see where Rothlisberger has exactly been lighting it up without Ward. In fact, the same arguments about why Flacco is so terrible could probably be used to explain why the Steelers are 8-8 for the past TWO years as opposed to one… but no, Ben is awesome right? Just bad luck or bad refs any time he loses, and his amazing deep throws are 100% skill and never a broken play where they are hoping to make something out of nothing because the line broke down.

    This is all called believing what you want to believe, regardless of the evidence. The evidence suggests the Ravens and Steelers are similar teams with similar QBs. As the defenses and o-lines go, so goes the success of the QBs and the teams.

  23. Regardless of how it turned out, Ben would have never taken the check down on 4th & 26 with the season on the line. That’s the difference.

  24. crownofthehelmet says:
    Apr 16, 2014 11:52 AM
    Regardless of how it turned out, Ben would have never taken the check down on 4th & 26 with the season on the line. That’s the difference.

    Right, he would have thrown the interception and then Steelers fans would praise him for “trying to make something happen” and put all the blame on the line or Mike Wallace or the OC or the refs for missing something. Tim Tebow especially appreciated that Rothlisberger toughness and refusal to play safe in the last Steelers playoff appearance. I believe the season was on the line at that point, too. But Ben can still do no wrong… the revisionist history is really something to behold.

  25. pittsburgh361, you want to talk about defenses bailing out a QB? How many games did your defense have to bail out Ben late in games to give him one more chance for a miracle drive? PLENTY.
    I’m going to tell you why Flacco is and will end up being the better of the 2 QBs when their careers are over. Ben can’t manage a game without scrambling in the pocket – which also proves you need protecetion and good players around you. Joe has never relied on sheer luck when a play breaks down to garner success. He manages the game from the pocket. And as a result he is healthier and will have a longer career. It is proven that if he has the protection that any successful QB needs, he can pick anyone apart and win. Only a few QBs surpass that relm, and Ben ain’t one of them. Stop hating because we are a successful franchise

  26. Amazing…the ridiculousness of fan posts on here. All of them (primarily) because of rivalry. If you can beat ’em, make fun of how they win, or…Exaggerate anything that is negative…and most definitely, play down the positives. Put a couple cute phrases putting down a player or the other teams fans, and you have the comment area of PFT.

    Sadly, Joe Flacco is punished (berated even) for turning down a contract before the superbowl year, playing his a$$ off, wining a superbowl, and earning his contract. Joe bet on himself and won! Plain and simple. (And yes, he earned it. Up to that point in time he had 5 straight playoff runs, 3 AFC Championship Games, 1 SB win).

    As for our Pittsburgh friends, oh my. Has someone stolen Santa Clause from you or something? When other teams have success, it doesn’t take away yours…you do know that don’t you???? You have a wonderful history and storied franchise. Yes, you have more Super Bowl trophies than anyone else. Why don’t you act like the class that is the ownership of your team? There is a real problem in western PA giving a competitor credit when they do well. I swear I have met so many Steeler fans that act like this. You really should widen the gene pool some!

    Hey, I get it… you don’t like Baltimore players. I don’t like Ben and other Steelers. But this is where there is a difference. Intelligent fans may hate their opponents, but they recognize achievement. Ben is a hell of a player. He has helped lead Pittsburgh to 3 SB’s winning 2. (I’ll be kind) Not-so-intelligent fans throw irrational commentary and feelings into the discussions, that their facts simply don’t support. Read these posts above…does that sound like the approach of so many posts above?

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