Report: 49ers “very unlikely” to pick up option on Aldon Smith


The 49ers have until May 3 to decide whether to extend the contract of linebacker Aldon Smith from four years to five.  In the wake of his latest off-field incident, we reported that the 49ers haven’t made a decision on whether to pick up the option.

Tim Kawakami of the San Jose Mercury News reports that the team is “very unlikely” to extend the deal.

Kawakami also believes that Smith “probably” won’t play for the 49ers in 2014.  The mechanism for Smith’s unavailability is unclear.  He could be suspended by the league under multiple policies and/or he could be placed on the non-football injury/illness list by the team if he has had a relapse of his alcohol issues.

The decision not to exercise the option reinforces the notion that the 49ers may indeed be done with Smith, at least for now.  Exercising the option would guarantee his 2015 salary of $9.75 million for injury only.  As of next March, it would be fully guaranteed.

For now, Smith’s 2014 salary also is guaranteed.  A suspension would wipe out the guarantee, however.  Likewise, if the 49ers were to place Smith on the NFI list, they wouldn’t have to pay him.

The risk of owing him $9.75 million in 2015 remains small.  Which would make a decision not to pick up the option confusing.  If the 49ers are done with Smith, why not trade him?  He’d be more attractive in trade if his new team would control his rights for two years.

Regardless of how the situation plays out, the 49ers clearly are exploring their options.  And those options include Smith never suiting up for the 49ers again.

94 responses to “Report: 49ers “very unlikely” to pick up option on Aldon Smith

  1. Report makes no sense. No way 49ers not play him in 2014 and not pick up 5th year option. It’d essentially make him a free agent at the end of season for nothing.

  2. Although Aldon Smith can be a dumbass at times, it’s hard to believe the Niners won’t pick up the option on his contract unless they have plans to sign him to a new deal not as risky.

  3. I have a hard time believing they keep him for weapons charges and nfl suspension of alcohol abuse, but making a dumb comment at the airport is what finally does it.

    He has too much potential for this to be the last straw (even if it should be).

  4. In released news…

    Shortly after this report was published, the 49ers facility has received a mysterious bomb threat. No word on the culprit.

  5. who would want to take on his baggage? Desean couldn’t even get traded and he has never even been arrested.

  6. This is misleading they might not pick up his option that however doesn’t mean they won’t be trying to sing him to a new deal at a lower rate because of his issues off the field and their continued support being a factor in a possible discount .

  7. His trade value is low now. Keep him off of the police reports for a while and his stock will rise to where it might be worth trading for him.

  8. “Very unlikely” as in “not until one if our other players breaks and even more serious law to take the focus off him”. Roster of criminals becoming a comedy of errors.

  9. So sad, such a talent. We Caucasian football fans, love this gladiator type sport, but truly have no idea where some of these poor kids come from and how they deal with situation.

    I went to college and sat in class while a professor laid into on of be athletes in front of class for missing a free throw that cost us a game.

    Alden is not the only one having issues in the spotlight.

    Maybe we should start watching cricket…. Golf is a good non violent game with little drama… Boring!

    Lets all realize this is a brutal game with players that may not fit he Mormon of society.

  10. I’m no fan of the Niners but this kid has game changing skills. It would be a shame if he can’t get his issues under control and squanders all that ability because of it.

  11. I don’t see where there is any kind of question what to do here. The 49er’s will do both Aldon and themselves a lot of good by ending his time there. Forget football….this guy needs help.

  12. This guy kicks the booze and you have a star player.How to turn on the light in his head so he gets it right from now on is the problem.

  13. Wish I could be a multi millionaire. So I could act like a DA all the time and throw it all away. Wait, no, no I wouldn’t do that at all.

  14. So could they pick up his option and cut him before next march and not pay nothing for 2015. If so I would rather that happen then not pick it up at all…or they should field offers to see what ppl might give up instead of letting him walk

  15. Pretty disgusting that an nfl franchise can ruin a man’s livelihood like this. If you don’t want him, let him go somewhere else. To sit on him and not pay him is pretty low.

  16. After Aldon loses his license to DUIs and is placed on the no fly list for terrorist threats his moms gonna have to start driving him to away games again LMAO

  17. Damn,I wish he could take back the one word u cant say or joke about at the airport.

  18. Translation… They are waiting for this incident to die down and the courts to give him another pass before they extend him under the radar…

  19. And why would another team want the side show, hes proven that his party life means more to him than his team.

  20. Blaaaaa blaaaa blaaaa
    Get for real. He’s the best pass rusher in the league.
    Look where clowney is goin to be drafted. Lol

  21. With the way things are going, teams are probably not going to be interested in giving up anything for him via trade. In fact, they might be more likely to give up something for him if the contract is shorter…

  22. Wow! Addiction is the only disease known to man that tells you that you don’t have anything wrong with you. As a Niner hater, I still pray for Aldon.

  23. The 49ers still aren’t the most arrested team in the NFL. That distinction belongs to the Minnesota Vikings. Since 2000, the 49ers have had approximately 16 arrests. Yet few teams have had more police drama over the past one to two years than San Francisco. At least nine 49ers have been the subject of police investigations since 2012, per Cam Inman of the San Jose Mercury News.

  24. I couldn’t imagine what this guy’s life would be like if he couldn’t play football at a high level. The man is a complete head case and a borderline danger to society.

  25. Crazy. I would have never imagined 5 years ago where the best players in the league are able to be released outright. Makes a very exciting NFL. First desean now this guy.

  26. Way to stand up and help your player coach Harbaugh. When you needed him, you made certain he played a game first, rather than sending him immediately to rehab. You then greased the wheel so he could do a “Cliff Notes” sham of a rehab program in order to rush him back quickly into the lineup, again because at that crucial point in time you needed his football skills. It was obvious you had “Super Bowl Fever” and as noted SO many times, you ARE the ultimate competitor. So now, it’s time to cut bait from this deeply troubled man, utilizing any number of the clever avenues detailed above. Is it a coincidence you aren’t offering any words of support and assurances that you will see to it he receives the best treatment in a first-rate in-patient facility, even if he never plays another down for The Niners? Are you quoted as saying you realize that this man’s very life is at stake, which is MUCH more important than a game of football? Yeah, not so much eh coach?

  27. This guy was only good because Justin Smith on the other side of the line was getting all the double-teams, which gave A. Smith a one-on-one every play. This idiot should be cut and never resigned again by the NFL. If it weren’t for football, he’d be working at a Dollar Store.

  28. First off, what is there to suspend him for? Secondly, getting rid of the best pass rusher in the game because he has gotten into a little bit of trouble doesn’t make sense.

  29. Almost all of us know of a person who is struggling with demons. Celebrities and athletes are no exception. I sincerely hope he can get his life together.

  30. This 49ers fan hopes he never plays for the team again.

    Blew chance after chance. The team paid him while he was in rehab last year, then repays them and the fan base like this?

    Get out of here you loser.

  31. Time for the Niners to send a message to their players and get rid of Smith. However, sign him for the extension and trade him. There are teams that are desperate and will gamble and trade a high draft pick for him.

    He isn’t right for the Niners now, but would be a gem for other teams. Trade him for Josh Gordon, Trent.

  32. I wanna know your thoughts. I’m Al Lombard on twitter. I think he will do well for another team, dang almost 1 sack a game.

  33. Hurry up Danny Snyder. Start putting a massive contract together for this loser. He would fit right in with jaccpot and company. Its a big name so your delusional fan base will be all for it.

  34. Addition by subtraction is the biggest myth in sports. This will hurt the 49ers if they let him walk, especially if they don’t get anything for him.

  35. We’ve got young guys with a lot of potential like Carradine waiting to prove themselves. So at this point with him being such an idiot I wouldn’t be too upset if this turned out to be true.

  36. I’m kinda biased about keeping Aldon on the team since I got his jersey and it’s not even 2 years old…. but yeah, he’s got to go…. so sad

  37. They SHOULD be very unlikely to pick up the option.
    The guy is an idiot and a problem waiting to happen.
    He should be in jail, not the NFL.
    If he didn’t play football, he’d be locked up already…
    He does not deserve the privilege of being an NFL player.

  38. This is a sad situation. This guy clearly needs help. As much as I hate to admit it, he probably needs a lengthy suspension. However, if he gets suspended for a full season he should lose a year of “eligibility” too, meaning the team should have the right to exercise his option at the end of 2014 and not now.

  39. He will be back. Just a whole lot cheaper. What a dumb a–. Too bad, he is a great pass rusher.

  40. Actually, it won’t hurt the Niners to pick up Aldon’s 5th year option. It’s only guaranteed if he gets injured. They can pick up the option on May 3rd and wait till after the draft to decide what they want to do with him. I think they’re going to want to wait and see if he might have trade value on draft day.

  41. Why pick up the option? Makes no sense. Only Cowboys, Redskins, Bills would want him anyway. Maybe work a trade, if any of the hungry teams are willing to. There’s too many unknowns with Aldon Smith moving forward, eg. will he ever get his head straight, how many times and for how long will he be suspended, if convicted, how long will he be behind bars? Don’t pick up the option – it’s too bad because he’s an outstanding player. 49ers’ brass have to cut Culliver and deal with Smith and other misfits harshly to get this team right. 49ers are looking like

  42. 49ers are looking like the Bengals of a few years ago or the Lions of a couple of years ago, just from an undisciplined, oft-troubled standpoint, not performance-wise, on field – it seems like the players aren’t getting dealt with accordingly, for off field issues.

  43. With all his troubles and the bad press he generates, seems to me it’s time to cut ties. No matter how good a player he is, it won’t help the team on bit if he can’t avoid suspensions/jail time etc…

    You had you chance Superstar, but you blew it.

    Just not mature enough to handle it all Aldon.

    And I’m a Niner fan.

  44. “However, if he gets suspended for a full season he should lose a year of “eligibility” too, meaning the team should have the right to exercise his option at the end of 2014 and not now.”

    That would kinda defeat the purpose of a suspension wouldn’t it?

  45. How many more times do the 49ers have to put up with this behavior? He obviously has rehab problems and needs to go there immediately.
    They should “cut him” and maybe when he comes out of rehab he will have his brain in order.
    It clearly isn’t right now.

  46. This is a tough call. As a business owner I wouldn’t want to get rid of one of my most talented employees… but as a human being I’d want to help him. I think a suspension is likely from the NFL since they let the first alcohol incident slide when he got “help” himself, I doubt they’ll let him do it again. Saying the word “bomb” in an airport is stupid and if it ends in jail time, and yes I would put him in jail, I think he’ll get cut. Personally, I wouldn’t pick up the option.

  47. Still better then Von and one of the best pass rusher in game but the off field stuff is add up. This is one of the dumbest and defiantly deserves a suspension. If we could get a 1st I say trade him and if not give him one last chance cause could’ve gotten d ware for a cheaper price for long run. We really need a cornerback and Aldum should have enough value to him that through traded

  48. A lot of people here feigning disgust and or sympathy wanting him to get cut only because they wish he’ll land on their team. Exercise the option suspend him 4-6 games and let Carradine pick up the slack until his return.

    Oh and to all your wishful thinking that our window has closed, keep dreaming. After the draft our offense ans secondary will only get better.

    GO NINERS!!!!!

  49. Look, if Aaron Hernandez can do all the things he has done, and the NFL in no way punished him, why would they do anything about this, Ray Rice, Irsay, Dolphins’ bullying, or anything else. It’s a free-for-all for NFL players now, with job security. The NFL will bust anyone they can for using a nasal spray, but violent crimes, crimes of terror, and crimes against citizens are all proven to be acceptable by the NFL.

  50. Did he put his hands on a woman? Because that’s the only crime Jim Fartbaugh believes in. Aldon will be forgiven because, just like his arch-nemesis Pete Carroll, Fartbaugh will win at any cost…except he’s already less accomplished than Carroll.

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