Report: Rolando McClain’s workout with Ravens “not a roaring success”

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In a recent interview with the Carroll County Times, linebacker Rolando McClain indicated he wanted to restart his NFL career with the Ravens, who hold his rights after his retirement last spring.

Well, McClain reportedly had a workout with the Ravens, and the first accounts of that meeting are not flattering for the 2010 first-round pick.

According to Aditi Kinkhabwala of NFL Network, McClain’s workout, from what she was told, “was NOT [her emphasis] a roaring success,” with the linebacker not completing the conditioning part of the exercise.

According to Matt Zenitz of the Carroll County Times, the workout was conducted Tuesday, and it “did not go well.”

Speaking at the NFL meetings in March, Ravens coach John Harbaugh made it clear the club would welcome back McClain, but only if he were diligent about his craft.

“If he’s working his rear end off, then I’m kind of excited about him,” Harbaugh said, via “If he’s not, then I’ve got no interest in him being on our team.”

The 24-year-old McClain last appeared in an NFL game in 2012 with Oakland.

15 responses to “Report: Rolando McClain’s workout with Ravens “not a roaring success”

  1. For a guy who has been out of football as long as him, not completing the workout isn’t a big deal. A lot of players come into training camp and fail it 2-3 teams before finally finishing.

    That being said..

    I don’t believe Mcclain is worth a roster spot. He was mediocre at best for such a highly touted ILB coming out. His play left a lot to be desired. With his checkered past and with what’s going on in Ravens nation lately. Cut him loose and let him be another teams problem. (If he even gets signed)

  2. He took the time off and he got caught in a rut now his bank is knocking. He’s got plenty left in the tank and lots of talent that Harbaugh is the one to pull it out of him. He better wake up soon and get a mentor or call Marcus Dupree or something!

  3. Come on!!! Surely this guy has unlimited talent. After all, he was a top 10 draft choice by the Oakland Raiders and they never make mistakes in the draft.

  4. Cant wait to you back? (B-more

    Cant wait till you are back…

    Wasnt much when he played right out of college, if he makes it back he will take this year to get back to form. Just because he allnof a sudden wants to play, doesnt mean his laziness has went away.

  5. The way I see it. He’s probably a project @ this point, and the Ravens are too good of an organization to take on projects. The dude has too much baggage and was never that great to begin with. I say throw Arthur Brown into the arena and let him do his thing like a gladiator. Rolando has had way to many chances.

  6. Failing the conditioning portion is a HUGE red flag. If he truly wanted to come back and be elite his first order of business should have been getting in shape. The fact that he isn’t shows his lack of commitment. It’s not like he didn’t have time to work out while sitting around for the past year. It seems pretty obvious he’s more worried about padding his bank account than being successful in this league. Pass on this one…

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