Ronnie Lott worried about Aldon Smith “as an individual”


Former 49ers safety Ronnie Lott was walking through Los Angeles International Airport Sunday when he noticed the commotion.

He didn’t realize at the time it was 49ers outside linebacker Aldon Smith, being arrested for making a false bomb threat.

Lott, the face of the 49ers defense for a decade, said his concern for Smith goes beyond football.

“I felt bad for him,” Lott said, via Daniel Brown of the San Jose Mercury News. “He’s got so much ahead of him as a person. Forget football — as a person.

I’m worried about him as an individual, . . . I’m sure that the people that are working with him with the 49ers will do a good job. They have very good people.”

Lott was the kind of person who would have worked with Smith at some point. Former teammate Roger Craig said Lott would call team meetings in response to off-field problems, and Lott said Smith clearly needs something to get back on track.

“I’m always amazed because you work so hard to get there [to the NFL],” Lott said. “But once you’re there, you have to figure out how to do more: You have other responsibilities. Now that you’re there, you have to be responsible.”

Someone in the 49ers locker room might have been sharing that message with Smith before. With as many incidents as he’s had, there have been opportunities.

That makes you wonder if he’d listen, even if it was a player as respected as Lott doing the talking.


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  1. Substance abuse has rendered Smith deaf when it comes to advice from mates. He needs professional, in-patient treatment and LONG TERM follow-up professional counseling. If Niners’ front office cares about him as a person, then Smith will receive this kind of program.

  2. Coming from a man that cut off his finger during a game in order to get back out on the field and finish the game.

    You might want to shut your mouth and take note, Aldon.

  3. When word gets out that Aldon Smith bullied Jonathan Martin, let me know…

  4. Ronnie was, and is, a Legend of the game.
    Great man on and off the field.

    One of the fiercest men to ever suit up and yet always remained humble and respectful of other players and the game.

  5. Recovery is a long road. This airport incident is not surprising whatsoever. You could say that making a stupid bomb threat is progress over drunk driving and recklessly shooting guns at a party. Not saying I’d pat him on the back about it. Lott’s finger was cut off after the season, not during a game. I’ll second the hall of fame person line from earlier. Wish he was more involved with the 49ers. Amazing leader.

  6. It was the tip of Lott’s finger, and legend has it he did cut the dangling end off so he could finish the game. Had the rest amputated later. Either way, he’s the living embodiment of toughness – physically, emotionally and mentally.

  7. Harbough has rly coached up a different brand of niner football compared to the days of Lott, Craig, Montana young rice etc etc. In other words, went from class, to trash.

  8. Ronnie Lott is the man. Aldon would be wise to listen to a true legend of the team and the sport. Few players in today’s game represent the their respective team and the league like players from the Lott era do. Smarten up kid. Get help and get back.

  9. Ronnie you are a class act but you should push for jail time as anyone else would get under similar circumstances.

  10. “Some men you just can’t reach”! “That’s the way he wants it, so that’s the way he gets it”! These are 2 famous quotes from the prison warden in the Classic movie ‘Cool Hand Luke’. They sum up Aldon Smith rather well. Geaux Saints!

  11. I share Lott’s sentiments. You hate to see a person get into trouble the way he did for no good reason and in the process ruin his life. Football is just a job, and he has a lot of life to live after football. Getting himself into trouble over these small things, like being asked to be searched inside an airport, is not worth it and not a good sign.

  12. I kid about the Scott Case comment but the thing to me that is alarming is the recklessness of the alleged crimes . Getting hammered and driving to practice and being involved in a bomb threat are well beyond being negligent .

  13. Where there’s smoke… there’s a harbaugh.

    SEE: ray rice
    SEE: jah reed
    SEE: aldon smith
    SEE:chris culliver
    SEE: daniel kilgore
    SEE: richard sherman
    SEE: colin karpernick
    SEE: deonte thompson


  14. Ronnie Lott was and is the best on and off the field. I believe the 49’ers left him and Montana and Rice go play their last few seasons for other teams. Now the 49’ers have players like Aldon Smith, Chris Culliver , Colin Kaepernick, Quinton Patton, Daniel Kilgore, Perrish Cox, and more. I remember when this was a franchise with pride and class. Looks more like a band of pirates. Good Luck Santa Clara.

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