Sharper’s former teammates shocked by allegations

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Former NFL safety Darren Sharper faces serious allegations of rape.  For some who knew him during his time with the Packers, the charges comes as a shock.

“I never, ever could have imagined seeing what has allegedly happened with Darren Sharper,” former Packers cornerback Tyrone Williams told Tyler Dunne of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.  “I never would have seen this coming.  It’s mind-boggling.”

Multiple victims claim that Sharper drugged then sexually assaulted them.  Charges are pending in California, Louisiana, and Arizona — and more are possible in Nevada and Florida.

“Either way, this is going to go down as one of the worst things in NFL history,” Williams said.  “I can’t think of anything to this magnitude.”

“Girls would throw themselves at him,” former Packers safety Leroy Butler told Dunne.  “He had no problem getting women at all.  Good-looking guy.  Great player.  Possible Hall of Famer.  He had lots of money.  He had great parents — fantastic parents.  This was a guy nobody would expect this kind of stuff from.”

Dunne’s article quotes other former teammates and coaches, and the common reaction is a high degree of surprise.

Meanwhile, a judge in California postponed a hearing in Sharper’s case, deferring to the outcome of a bail hearing in Arizona.  He is expected to be tried initially in Los Angeles.

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  1. It really doesn’t make sense . Sharper had everything going for him even in retirement . Sad on many levels .

  2. As much as we’ve been prompted to despise everything Richie Incognito stands for, this guy, and what he did, is 1000 times worse.
    Principal difference being that Sharper’s story (and whatever end result) will just quietly pass thru the sands of the media hourglass while the mere mention of Incognito’s name will bring about a visceral reaction for decades to come.

  3. Notice it’s packers that are claiming it’s all a surprise to them yet everyone else says no surprise there? Whatvisnitneith the packers that has guys like sharper and Chmura?

  4. One big difference between richie incognito and darren sharper… richie incognito paid a settlement after assaulting his victim.

    sharper has yet to be convicted and/or settle.

    FACT: BOTH are creepsters.

  5. Haha, charade you are!! It’s nurture here. Green Bay drafted and molded him. From good parents and a small college, GB turned him into a glutton. An accruate reflection of that part of the country.

  6. I love the comments from the Vikings trolls. Notice that it’s his GB teammates that are surprised by his behavior as it was inconsistent with the guy they played with. However, I see that comments from his Vikings teammates are lacking. He went from choir boy in GB, to co-captain of the “Love Boat” in Minnesota. As McCarthy said, “Something happens when you put on that purple jersey.”

  7. Sounds like he is gonna be broke and in prison for a very long time.Even if he manages to beat the charges in one state-eventually he will run out of money for good lawyers.

  8. It always disgusts me when people play the blame game with where the player played. No, Green Bay, Minnesota, New Orleans etc have NOTHING to do with a person being a sociopath. Grow up.

    What I find interesting is the lack of “they should have known he was a dirtbag ” I’ve seen from people here which was 100 % present when it came to Aaron Hernandez. I realize that Sharper had no history of crime when he was playing but Hernandez had only a failed drug test as a collegian. No, the whole point of sociopaths (if these guys are that) is that even the people closest to them or investigators may have no idea what these people have been up to or are capable of. See Ann Rule, police detective on Ted Bundy in her book The Stranger Beside Me even though she worked side by side with him for awhile.

    I’m guessing the NFL Network must have found that there was strong evidence to suggest that the allegations about Sharper are pretty strong since they brought back scum like Sapp TWICE after his allegations and also Irvin and Sanders.

  9. How worthless it is to interview former teammates for their opinions on his character. These are the same things people say about mass murderers and serial killers. “He seemed like such a nice guy. “He came from such a great family”. “He always said ‘Hi” to my kids when I saw him mowing the lawn.” “I had no idea he was like that”. These interviews provide absolutely no insight or value. What is the point?

  10. You never know someone, especially athletes….babied and coddled from the time someone (a coach or scout) realizes this guy can help “me” then the molded “star athlete” realizes what in his mind he can get away with. These types of sociopath’s walk among the general public everyday. It’s sick and pretty fricken alarming.
    What is also alarming is the sports reporters/journalists/commentators who think they know these guys. They get a 5 minute interview with “the star” player and what do you here coming out of their mouth, “he’s a great guy” how foolish….

  11. His former Viking teammates were shocked to learn that rape was a crime. They pointed out that their franchise has been raping the minds and souls of their fan base for 50+ years.

  12. I’d say more than 75% of professional athletes cheat on their wives regularly and live double lives. No, it’s not equivalent to rape.. But it doesn’t make them “good guys” either. I’m sure plenty of writers out there are aware of this, but wouldn’t dare to bad mouth a player for fear of being blacklisted by the team they cover.

  13. Leroy Butler says Sharper had no problem getting women at all. That’s not what this is about. So much of the public doesn’t get it that rape isn’t about sex – it’s about control and power over another human being, almost always women. Same thing with child sex abuse.

    He obviously could get the sex – it’s the need for control and power that drives men like Sharper to rape.

    Sociopath for sure.

  14. Model citizen in Green Bay which is part of the culture and there to play football. Goes to Minnesota and the troubled life begins. No direction cellar dweller team, no wonder all their good players bolt at first chance.

  15. I find this very disturbing. There are probably even more women involved that haven’t come forward. Does anyone really believe Sharper starting raping women recently? He’s probably done it for years…

  16. What time frame do all the charges stem from? I am willing to bet none of it happened while he played for the Packers.

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