Agent says Clowney may do one private workout


Yes, defensive end Jadeveon Clowney has opted not to assume any additional injury risk in advance of next month’s draft.  With one small caveat.

“He may do one more thing, for one team, maybe a five-minute workout,” agent Bus Cook told USA Today.  “It doesn’t make sense to do more than that, given the fact of what happened to the Clemson kid.  If they weren’t at the Pro Day or Combine, where are they?”

So what will Clowney do in those five minutes?

“Just say there will be no heavy lifting,” Cook told Jarrett Bell of USA Today.  “Nothing that will risk injury.”

If Clowney was concerned about injury, he shouldn’t have played at all in 2013.  Clowney quite possibly was perceived to be taking it easy last year because he was actually playing it safe.  Not wired to skip a season, Clowney nevertheless wanted to emerge from his final year of uncompensated football healthy enough to be one of the first players drafted in 2014.

Of course, Cook disputes the idea that Clowney experienced a dip in production last year.

“At the Senior Bowl, two NFL scouts who have been around for a long time came to me and said, ‘Bus, this business about this kid not going all-out is not the case,'” Cook said.  “One of them said, ‘Please, tell me what games are they referring to?'”

The notion that 2013 Clowney wasn’t the same guy as 2012 Clowney seems to be a given.  Fueling that perception/reality were the passive-aggressive comments from coach Steve Spurrier about Clowney’s work ethic.

Still, Clowney has shown what he can do.  And the Texans or the Rams or the Jaguars or the Browns (if he makes it past the first three) will be smart enough to realize that Clowney was in a no-win situation last year, forced to stay in school and understandably concerned about what could happen to his draft stock if suffered the same fate as former South Carolina teammate Marcus Lattimore.

At a time when none of the other players in the draft pool look to be sure-fire success stories at the next level, Clowney could be the best option at the top.  Which may be why some anonymous scouts are hoping to raise just enough concern about Clowney to prompt him to slide into the draft slots occupied by their teams.

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  1. One sack in his last 8 games against college kids. Neither that nor his athleticism tells me he’s going to be dominant against NFL competition just because he’ll be getting paid.

  2. We just had a player take a tough injury doing workouts for an NFL team — and poof, there went a couple of zeroes off his paycheck if and when that player ever plays in the NFL.

    What is the upside for Clowney? There’s risk, but not a particularly high amount of reward in his case — because there’s plenty of game tape and workout results to lean on.

  3. He will probably end up being a good player…but never a dominant player.

    Mario Williams? He is just good…not great…and nowhere near worth 100m.

    Clowney will be the same.

  4. ialwayswantedtobeabanker says:
    Apr 16, 2014 9:30 AM
    We just had a player take a tough injury doing workouts for an NFL team — and poof, there went a couple of zeroes off his paycheck if and when that player ever plays in the NFL.

    What is the upside for Clowney? There’s risk, but not a particularly high amount of reward in his case — because there’s plenty of game tape and workout results to lean on.
    So with that thinking… Why does the NFL have a combine each year if a GM and a coach can just watch college game film to determine talent? Why do people in society need to do interviews when they have a resume you can simply read over to determine qualifications and experience?

  5. Everything about this guy’s demeanor screams LOSER. If the Texans pick him #1, it will be the third wasted pick in the three #1 picks in franchise history.

  6. “none of the other players in the draft pool appear to be sure-fire successes at the next level” ?? How about Sammie Watkins and Khalil Mack and the tackle from Auburn? All three are at least as much of a sure bet as Clowney.

  7. I hate to say it, but I hope his draft stock falls because of this. He’s setting a bad example. Do we want what he’s doing to become a regular practice?

  8. So, always an excuse for him. Let’s be honest. In the new NFL – the real money is not in the first contract – but in the second one.

    So, is he then going to take a page out of Hakeem Nicks book – about dogging it the last year of his deal so he can get to free agency healthy? Will that be ok then?

    He mailed it in during his last season, and then when he went to the combine – other than his 40 – was not impressive.

    This guy is going to get a lot of people fired.

  9. This guy gets criticized for everything. What benefit is there to do a private workout? It’s clear from what he did at the combine and at his pro day what he can do athletically. I think teams and scouts have a pretty good idea the type of athlete is. QBs choose not to throw at the combine, and what workouts they do all the time and no one looks twice. People question his work ethic, but a private workout is not going to answer questions about his work ethic.

  10. A private workout helps – because you get to control the pace of the workout – and not the athlete.

    Pro Days are highly scripted to accentuate the skills of the athlete

  11. First, Clowney WAS compensated. He received a free education + a stage on which to become a millionaire.

    Second, every great NFL player has a passion for the game and a dedication to his teammates. They would never “coast” through a game and refuse to practice full out simply to save their bodies. Their hearts take over and they lift their play to a higher level.

    Clowney has never demonstrated that trait.

  12. Really rooting against this kid. Hate these entitled divas. Who ever get’s this kid better have a good coach/mentor lined up to put him back in his place. He’s got the athleticism, but he’s got to be able to turn that into talent at the next level or he’ll be out of the league in 5 years.

  13. I was just speaking to a guy who is interviewing with several cities to become a fireman. He is refusing to do any physical fitness tests because he fears any injury would result in him not getting the job. I’m sure everyone will be dying to hire him.

  14. The PFT Posters have rendered their verdict. Clowney will be a Bust. With some work he’ll be serviceable. He’s lazy. He’s not a hard worker. He might even be a clown. GM’s rejoice. The armchair athletes of Pro Football talk got this covered. You may dismiss your scouts now.

  15. Most of the posters that say Clowney was ‘dogging it’ are only quoting what they heard someone on TV say; and many of those didn’t watch his games. Did any of you experts actually watch his games? Were you rpesent at his workouts to know his work ethic. No one close to the team has even hinted he has ‘issues’ with work ethic. Teams coached and played away from him. He influenced the defense by default. You didn’t see anyone overpowering him or stuffing him despite the fact he did have some injuries. He continued his pursuit from wherever he started the play and hustled all over the field. So experts; you have nothing.

  16. If he’s like this before ever signing his first contract, can you imagine what it will be like getting him to re-sign??? This guy may be great but, what a frkn headache to deal with. No thanks!

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