Calvin Pryor: I can bring physical play to the Bears defense

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The Bears have added three safeties in free agency, but they aren’t believed to be done addressing needs at the position after getting poor play there throughout the 2013 season.

One possible addition is Louisville safety Calvin Pryor, who is expected to join Alabama’s Ha Ha Clinton-Dix as a first-round pick next May. Pryor visited with the Bears on Tuesday and said after it was over that he thought the team was missing “certain pieces” to be a playoff team in 2014. Pryor thinks his physical play in the secondary could be one of those pieces.

“I bring a certain type of physicalness to the defense,” Pryor said, via the Chicago Sun-Times. “The Bears are already known to be physical. That playmaker ability, that’s what I can bring to the team. … If I get added to the team.”

The Bears signed M.D. Jennings, Danny McCray and Ryan Mundy this offseason while watching Major Wright leave for Tampa and Chris Conte undergo shoulder surgery that will keep him out for several months. It’s a spot the Bears are sure to bolster next month, although their needs on the defensive line may keep them from addressing it until Pryor is off the board.

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  1. I don’t mind the idea of a safety early in the draft, but I don’t see Dix or Pryor as good enough to be considered the 14th best player in the draft. To go that high, they need to be capable of having an Earl Thomas-like impact on the secondary, and neither of those guys are that. If the Bears trade back to the early 20s, and Kyle Fuller is off the board (assuming Dennard and Gilbert are already gone, as is Aaron Donald), I would be not be able to dispute the pick.

    If given the choice, a combo of Kyle Fuller and Deone Bucannon delivers more impact this season in my opinion than a combo of Pryor or Dix and a second round CB.

  2. We need so much help in the back end it is crazy! After watching teams target Conte for the last couple seasons, we need to release him and start over.

    Draft the best possible safety we can get, lets hope hes a banger and can play in the box.

    Huge loss on Major Wright he could play well, hence why teams targeted Conte’s side.

  3. The Bears will have a tough call at #14. More than likely one of the top defensive tackles will be available. The bears did a lot of work on their D line this offseason, although not much for tackle, so there biggest need is saftey. Unfortunately none of these safteys seem like they should be picked this high. Ideally the Bears could trade down, get an extra pick, get one of the two top safties in the first round and get a DT later. The defensive lineman are loaded in this draft. They can get a quality DT in rounds 2,3, or beyond honestly. Saftery isn’t as deep. They could always get lucky and find a good saftey in the later rounds, I just think thats more likely with a DT.

    The one thing to consider is how Emry drafts. The past two drafts he has not taken the guy everyone predicted him to take in the first round. First with Shea then with Kyle. Kyle definetly looks like he panned out, but Shea is looking more and more like a bad fit for our system. So although many people think Emry is going to grab Donald or another tackle at 14, I would not be shocked if he reached for one of the safties at that pick either. Emry has proven he isn’t easy to predict.

  4. Major Wright was terrible, just not as bad as Conte. Good riddance. Emery has definitely been unpredictable in his picks so I am interested to see if he reaches on one of the safeties, but I would not be shocked to see a solid DT added.

  5. Gotta draft the best available player when the time comes. A stout front four will make the life of the Safety that much easier, no matter who ends up starting back there.

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