Carson Palmer will understand if the Cardinals draft a quarterback

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Cardinals coach Bruce Arians said early this offseason that he didn’t think the team could afford to take a quarterback early in the draft and General Manager Steve Keim said the team would have to be totally in love with a quarterback to take one with Carson Palmer still on the team, and when you take those comments together it seems unlikely that the Cardinals will be adding a quarterback in the first few rounds.

But it isn’t impossible, something that Palmer knows well after 10 years in the NFL. So while he’d love to see the team add skill position players that can add to the weapons at his disposal, Palmer says he understands if things fall in a way that leads to a new quarterback in Arizona.

“If you are in a position to draft the best player on your board, and that’s the best position to be in as an organization, and [a quarterback] is the best player on the board, you are not only making your team better by creating competition but you are helping out the future,” Palmer said, via the team’s website. “I know I’m not going to play forever. It’s hard for us players to admit that. The older you get the harder it is to admit it. You don’t see it happening. You still feel good, you still feel confident, you still feel healthy. But that’s the reality. That’s the business. It doesn’t matter how you feel about it, whether it irks you or you don’t care. That’s the game.”

It’s a healthy attitude for any player to have because teams are rarely shy about replacing them when they think that it’s best for the organization and that’s probably even more true for a player who has thrown 59 touchdowns and 52 interceptions over the last three seasons. The Cardinals have more pressing needs, which will likely leave any quarterback additions for the middle rounds and that would likely have more immediate impact on Drew Stanton and Ryan Lindley than Palmer.

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  1. I don’t agree with him at all that the older you get the harder it is to understand, I think it’s much more like the opposite. In fact a lot of players retire well before they are even truly done, just because they don’t want to play at a disadvantage or well below their peak. I think almost any football player understands this only better with each passing year. Plus you tend to get more mature and sharper than the young guys who don’t realize things the same way as an older person does. To me it sounds like he’s confused or just afraid of the future and thus spouting off with a lengthy opinion piece on the matter and one that doesn’t make sense. I think the Cardinals are more in need of an early QB now than I thought a couple minutes ago when it was a completely different world.

  2. Logan Thomas from VT has the skill set that Bruce Arian loves in a QB. He is certainly raw but with a yr on the side line mentored by Palmer he can ready to go in yr 2. his potential is high with Bruce and co giving him the nesessary time to learn the position and system. I hope we draft him in round 3 or 4.

  3. He doesn’t have to be ok with it to understand it. Palmer is close to the end and he has cone up short his whole career. The Cards would be fools to not draft a guy to take over soon.

  4. This is a smart decision by both Carson Palmer and the Arizona Cardinals.

    Palmer has been through the wringer and was in a similar situation when he was brought in to supplant Jon Kitna.

    The Cardinals shouldn’t spend a first-round pick on a QB but if the value is there in the second-round, it’s a great opportunity. If you can allow a rookie the opportunity to learn from a proven veteran, it pays dividends.

  5. Palmer probably plans on losing interest and pulling his distant aloof thing with the team any minute now anyway.

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