Clay Matthews: Julius Peppers is going to create a lot of opportunities for me


Packers linebacker Clay Matthews is feeling good on a couple of fronts these days.

Matthews’ thumb is feeling better after a pair of injuries led to season-ending surgery in December and the opposite side of the Packers defense is looking more imposing after they signed Julius Peppers following Peppers’ departure from the Bears. Matthews thinks Peppers’ arrival is going to lead to more chances to get to the quarterback.

“This guy’s [6-7], 290. I’m 6-4 on a good day and 255,” Matthews said, via Tom Pelissero of USA Today. “They’re going to double the big guy, and that leaves plenty of opportunities for me. I haven’t had too many one-on-one opportunities, and when you do, you’re expected to win — at least in our locker room — the majority of the time, because that’s supposed to be a mismatch.”

A healthy Matthews should win a fair amount of those battles and he said that he doesn’t expect to do much at OTAs to limit the risk of a third injury to his thumb. He expects to be all systems go for training camp and a pairing with the best pass rusher he’s had across from him in Green Bay.

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  1. julius peppers will offer his human growth hormone and anabolic steroids to clay matthews jr., too.

  2. I want to start a boy band featuring husky lads and call it Men Out of Boys or Moobs for short. I think Moobs would be big in Green Bay.

  3. I think it will open less opportunities. Between Peppers feet and The White Chix hamstring, they will be less opportunities to be treated in the training room by week 5. They will have to stand…I mean sit in line

  4. I love how Bears fans try to talk and pretend that Peppers didn’t receive the majority of double teams on the Bears defensive line. Shows how much they know and watch football. They sure as heck weren’t doubling Shea. Nobody is doubled on every snap, but Peppers had by far the most double teams last year than any other D-lineman.

  5. My Vikings recipe for success…

    Get rid of Jared Allen and face him twice a year.

    Enter every season with a quarterback who would be a backup on most every other team in the NFL.

    Laugh at the Packers because they have better players, have better coaches and win more than the Vikings do.

    Sounds like a fun way to spend the season.


  6. So apparently offensive coaches decide who to double team based on how big each player is. That’s the kind of in-depth football analysis I expect from the Packer braintrust.

  7. Some guy play with a broken wrist[Greenway} and some guy is on the sideline with a sore thumb

  8. Some teams consistently win the division while some consistently reside in the cellar. The purple just set themselves up.

  9. Some guys try to come back too soon from a broken thumb and break it again and some guys (Smith) is out half the year with a stubbed toe.

  10. I guess if you play with a broken wrist you can’t brake it again Just admit clay is soft who on pack has missed more games than him??

  11. The sack record is in serious jeopardy.
    CM3, 2014 Defensive MVP, new sack record holder & MVP of Super Bowl XLIX with a new SB record of 6 sacks YES SIX! Vince is coming HOME!!!!! Book it!

  12. “Opportunities?” As in opportunities to make more tackles because you know Peppers isn’t going to make any? Or opportunities to get injured even more because your supporting cast around you is even worse than last year? Yep, Peppers gives you “opportunities” aright!

  13. Hey Queens I still love the “Erin” joke when the Queens are the team that actually had an ERIN on there team! LOL. Q the clown music, that’s a really funny one too! Get a clue.

  14. Correct translation: Peppers will create opportunities for CMIII during the 50% of the plays Peppers actually puts forth any effort.

  15. I’m a Bears guy and I stil support Peppers from afar, I’d love to see him have a bounce back year. Obviously, just not one that puts The Pack in better standing than the Bears.

    But to whoever said Bears fans didn’t watch enough games and Peppers was always doubled, it’s simply not true. He wasn’t even the most doubled on the line. That was Corey Wooton, for sure. Peppers is in serious decline and shouldn’t be a starter. But if it’s limited snaps, 10 – 20 a game, he should be a big help.

  16. more like soft and peppers!!


    completely agree with “soft” and peppers. i mean, he TOTALLY should have been playing with what’s called a “bennett fracture”. although orthopedic surgeons recommend 6 weeks of immobilization after open reduction and internal fixation (that’s “hardware placement” for Minnesotans) for that kind of fracture, your google research in your mom’s basement led to a WAY more logical assessment. you’re always spot on! SKLOL!!

  17. I have no doubt that the Packers will once again be contending for their NFL record 14th world championship.

    I expect the Vikings will just be trying to avoid finishing dead last again – for the 4th time in the last 5 years.

    And that’s why they are so angry.

  18. This tandem will assure the continued dominance of the Packers over the rest of the North Division for many years to come, especially the Vikings because, you know, the Packers OWN the Vikings.

  19. Hopefully Pepper’s will embrace being on a contender, & having chances to get to the Super Bowl. Finally being on the winning side of every Bear-Packer game, for a change.

  20. The ceiling for the Packers will be whatever the injury gods deal them like it has for the past five years.

    I don’t know how or why there are so many season ending or season threatening injuries happen so consistantly… but I would LOVE (as a Packers fan) for them to figure it out.

    Since 2009 I feel like no one has really ever seen how good the team can be… I’m not saying they’re the best in the league, but how do you judge a team who is routinely pulling in street free agents and practice squaders to start at LB in the middle of the season?

  21. Even with situational play, do you guys REALLY think Peppers will last the season without injury and Clay Pot will last the whole season as well?? REALLY?? REALLY??

  22. Yes, I think Peppers will last without injury. That hasn’t been the rub on him. He has been accused of being ineffective, not of missing games. Even so, he was an effective pass rusher. He will be a situational role player, I think he can do that. As far as Matthews and injuries, he has missed some games every year, but most NFL players miss games every year. You can’t name many players who don’t miss games because of injury. If that is your standard you won’t field a team. It is the NFL, and injuries are part of the deal. Which North team do you think won’t have players miss due to injury? Not the Vikings, who have had their share, their star, Peterson has missed significant time to injury the last two years. Not the Bears, Cutler has missed many games the last three years. Not the Lions, they have rashes of injuries at key positions, although they stayed relatively healthy last year except at RB. The Packers are loading up with enough of a rotation to hold up when when some guys go down with injury. That was the problem last year. They were decimated at LB, losing most of their starters except for Hawk for long stretches.

  23. All you Packer fans better hope Rodgers stays healthy or you are little better than the Vikings–whose starting QB I still cannot name. Peppers was a great athlete, but I think the Bears were right to let him go–his best years are likely behind him. He is a standup guy so I wouldn’t mind seeing him play well 14 out of 16 games a year.

    But I used to say it every year and you saw it last year: without Rodgers, the Packers are a very average team. So hit your knees and pray to the football gods my cheese loving neighbors, because a banged up Rodgers will make for a long cold winter.

  24. Name a single Super Bowl contender that could still contend without their starting QB. We saw what the Vikings are without a QB and without Peterson. The Bears were the exception when Cutler went down, but that won’t happen again. The truth is that there isn’t enough depth on any team to withstand a real glut of injuries. Most teams would love to have the problem of having a guy like Rodgers come in behind Favre. Your statement is like saying the old 49er’s would be in trouble without Joe Montana. Well, DUH!

  25. Here is a simple way to look at this, the Packers won 3 straight divisional titles without Peppers. Peppers is an improvement over anything GB had on their defensive line last year.

    Take a guess at what is very likely to happen for a 4 year in a row. No, the answer is not the Vikings finishing in last place, that is likely but it would only be three out of the four years.

    Good guess but you would be wrong.

  26. The Vikings best player is an aged RB. He can’t carry the offense, he doesn’t have the ball in his hands on every play. The Packers best player is their QB, who has the ball in his hand on every play. Huge advantage Packers.

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