Cowboys kick the tires on Davin Joseph


The Cowboys haven’t been doing much buying in free agency, but they’re doing a little looking before the draft.

According to Todd Archer of, the Cowboys had veteran guard Davin Joseph in for a visit recently, and will take a look at former Cardinals wide receiver LaRon Byrd in later this week.

Joseph was cut by the Buccaneers prior to free agency. The two-time Pro Bowler missed 2012 with a knee injury and wasn’t as effective last season, making it easy for the Bucs to take the $6 million cap savings.

If he’s well, the 30-year-old Joseph could push for a starting job with the Cowboys, or at least be good depth behind Mackenzy Bernadeau and Ronald Leary.

Byrd spent last year on IR because of a concussion, and worked out for the Giants recently.

6 responses to “Cowboys kick the tires on Davin Joseph

  1. This is how Jerry rolls and he has a lot of 8-8 seasons and no playoff wins to show for it. Last year it was guard Brian Waters Jerry signed. A guard way past his prime and he didn’t hold up long.

    By addressing needs, Jerry thinks he can now go into the NFL draft and approach it like a fantasy football draft taking college players based on numbers. He needs a real offensive guard and should draft Jackson or Richardson in the 3rd.

  2. @ txgrizzley,

    “JJ couldn’t draft a good girl scout to sell cookies he woulsd mess that up”.

    Well, one thing I am sure about is this:

    At least ol’ Jerry can spell the word “would” correctly, which is more than I can say for you. And if he can’t spell it correctly, he can certainly afford to hire somebody who can spell it correctly for him.

    If you are going to bash somebody for “messing up”, you may want to at least spell-check before hitting the submit button. Einstein move there, Orville. Great job of the pot attempting to call the kettle black. Jerry would certainly agree with me on this one, but he is a little busy owning the most successful franchise in the NFL, as well as the second most successful sports franchise in the world at a very close second to Manchester United.

    Don’t worry about Jerry. The Cowboys will draft very successfully this year. The Frederick pick from last year was bashed up and down on draft day, and yet he played very much like a first round pick. You don’t hear anybody bashing him now – where are all those haters who piled on that bandwagon last year? You all know who you are. Frederick was very much a part of the improved running game of Murray last year.

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