Dexter McCluster making positive early impression on Titans


There’s no sign of buyer’s remorse about Dexter McCluster in Nashville.

McCluster signed a three-year, $9 million deal with the team as a free agent and he’s getting positive reviews from his teammates early in the offseason program. Linebacker Shaun Phillips said that “he’s excited to see our offense work with someone like that” after years of facing McCluster in the AFC West and wide receiver Nate Washington suggested McCluster’s in line for a big role in the offense.

“Amazing. I’ve seen his feet. I’ve seen his quickness. I think he’s going to bring some true playmaking ability to not only our run game, but our pass game,” Washington said, via the Tennessean. “I’m pretty sure coach [Ken] Whisenhunt has some tricks up his sleeve to put him in some positions and make some plays.”

Whisenhunt has talked about getting McCluster the ball as a running back, something the Chiefs rarely did over the last two seasons, and that could lead to a role similar to the one that Danny Woodhead played for the Chargers last season. Woodhead had 182 touches and there’s playing time for the taking with Chris Johnson out of the picture, most of which would go to McCluster if the offseason optimism sustains itself into September.

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  1. If McCluster can have a similar impact to what Woodhead brought to San Diego then Titan fans are going to be very very happy. -Charger Fan

  2. I wouldn’t get overly excited about his offensive potential. He’s an absolute beast as a returner, but KC tried all the tricks already to get that guy involved in the offense with luck warm results.

    It’s funny because I recall hearing similar things being said about him every offseason. He was all world in OTAs and TC every year, but when the real games started he was just a guy.

    He’s a tough little SOB, but that doesn’t change the fact he’s still little. When he’s got the ball, it’s like playing two hand touch football. If he jukes you out of your shoes on the rare occasion he can make a big play, but if the defense gets even a finger on him he’s going down. If they plan on using him at RB, they basically replaced Chris Johnson with a cheaper, lighter and smaller version of himself.

  3. Whatever. He’s a superstar at practice and will underwhelm on Sundays. He’s good for one or two big play per year. His biggest problem is his inability to break tackles. Throw a toothpick at the guy and he’s going to the ground. He’s tough, I’ll give him that. He will get his bell just absolutley rung several times a game due to his size and he’ll hop right back up.

  4. Yep. Dex will get your hopes up. He will look like a stud 2 or 3 games a year. the other 13, he will look like the 56th man on the roster. Nothing special. Don’t get your hopes up Titans fans.

  5. They haven’t even played one down of regulation football yet!

    And we all saw how great of an athlete McCluster was from his past life of playing football, and he’s on this team because he created a good impression with team officials. So what has changed or why is this player commenting like as if this is news to us? We already understand your team is excited by first impressions. No need to pad that point now, go to work and PROVE it!

  6. He seems to be a good dude. Never heard anything bad about him in KC but for a guy who is supposed to be quick and elusive, he’s neither. Not really fast either. And all of the other posts discussing the fact that a slight breeze brings him down, I can only concur.

  7. Sometimes a player just needs a change of scenery, fresh organization, different coaches, enthusiastic players around him, to recharge and find passion for the game again. KC is great but hopefully Nashville will be better for McCluster who has the potential of untapped resources.

  8. McCluster will love him as a returner and maybe an extra option at Running Back from time to time!

  9. Umm the chiefs used him at rb and it didn’t work out. The last 2 years he focused on wr. But before that the chiefs changed his position to rb. Don’t get me wrong he is quick and can make people miss but if someone gets there finger on him then he is going down. He will break 1-2 big plays a year. And that’s what your getting. Chiefs will easy replace him in the draft.

  10. DMC was definitely a fan favorite in KC. He bought excitement to the return game where he consistently gave the Chiefs a shorter field to work with.
    Reid tried to expand DMC’s role in the offense because of his commitment to the game, but as a runningback he wasn’t capable of breaking tackles and getting very much yardage. Reid trying using him in the passing game trying to get mismatches, but for the most part it was infective. As many commentators indicated in the offensive package DMC is good for 2 maybe 3 big plays in a season.
    I wish Dexter the best of luck with the Titans where hopefully he will find his niche in something other than in the return game.

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