Dwayne Bowe pays fine, resolves case stemming from pot arrest


Chiefs receiver Dwayne Bowe, who was arrested in November for marijuana possession, has paid a fine and pleaded guilty to amended charges to resolve the matter.

Bowe pleaded guilty today to defective equipment and littering and paid $610 in fines.

“Like others charged with speeding and possessing marijuana for the first time, Mr. Bowe pleaded guilty to amended charges,” city prosecutor Amy Ashefford told the Kansas City Star, adding that Bowe was treated no better or worse than anyone facing similar charges.

Bowe said in January that he thought he was racially profiled, but last week he released a statement saying the police had treated him fairly.

Now the question is how the league office will treat Bowe. A marijuana offense typically results in a one-game suspension, although littering and “defective equipment” may not be enough to get Bowe in any type of trouble. Still, the fact that this case started with a marijuana arrest could result in Bowe being placed in the league’s substance-abuse program.

4 responses to “Dwayne Bowe pays fine, resolves case stemming from pot arrest

  1. But the marijuana possession charges at the time the lawyer immediately refuted by saying Bowe was unequivocally 100% innocent of “this” matter. These charges have nothing to do with drugs perhaps because it was a giant mistake and Bowe truly did not possess any marijuana and now his name is clear just like the attorney predicted after personally investigating the matter himself. Maybe the court can’t support the possession charges cause there was no such event that took place. Surely the court would have pushed the charges if it happened, otherwise it would look like special treatment.

    It must be a new policy that everybody charged in the court can amend for lesser charges, or they just have a problem in overcharging people from the onset. Which is it Amy?

  2. I’m glad the authorities thwarted his plan of ordering pizza and watchging The Twilight Zone in his basement.

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