Giants, Josh Freeman getting close to a deal

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Free agent quarterback Josh Freeman is finally getting close to finding a new home.

Adam Caplan of ESPN reports that Freeman and the Giants are working toward a deal that should be completed within the next day or so.

That Freeman is about to sign with the Giants, where Eli Manning is firmly established as the starter, suggests that he hasn’t received any offers from any teams even willing to let him compete for a starting job. That’s quite a downfall for the 26-year-old Freeman, who in his second NFL season, in 2010, threw 25 touchdown passes and only six interceptions and looked like one of the best young quarterbacks in the league.

But Freeman was a major disappointment last season, both in Tampa Bay and in Minnesota, and he has a long way to go to rehabilitate his image. In New York he’ll compete with Curtis Painter and Ryan Nassib to be the No. 2 quarterback, but he won’t see the field as long as Manning is healthy.

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  1. Give him a chance to learn a system and not be thrown in there as the starter. Nassib is on the team, but he will easily beat out Painter. The GMen having 3 QBs on the roster last season pretty much tells you that they are concerned about Manning’s durability, and not so much his effectiveness, moving forward. An entire offseason for both Freeman and Nassib albeit Manning to learn a new system will only make the QB situation for the NYG that much better.


  2. I don’t understand how he can go so bad in one year. Was the coaching staff so bad & demoralizing in Tampa that it was a confidence issue? Hope he get’s a chance to resurrect his career, if not in NY maybe in 2015. He is young and with good coaching may be able to pull it off.

  3. I still think Schiano got a bad wrap in Tampa. Why Lovie brought in McCown instead of using Glennon is beyond me.

    That said, as an eagles fan I am indifferent to this story, Freeman stinks.

  4. As a diehard NYG fan, i know the ELI is probably heading into his downfall of his career….but with 2 SB Rings and 2 SB MVPs in 10 years…i say he accomplished more than some of the more ELITE QBs in history. I actually like the idea of Freeman becoming a NYG, i think he just needs to find the right team, and learn from the right coaching staff….i mean look at what happened with Aaron Rodgers in GB…he learned from favre for years, and once he finally got his shot, he shined and won a SB in his first couple years.

  5. Giants are usually a savvy organization. Tells me they want 3 QBs, aren’t expecting/don’t want Painter to be around, and they think a chance with stable coaching he will push Nassib to #3.

  6. People can clown freeman all they want but my boss just saw him this morning here in tampa driving his lambo. He was probably heading to his mansion on bayshore blvd. google bayshore blvd tampa fl

  7. @nonetruer – they draft/sign QBs not to replace Manning but with the hopes of “Kolbing” some sucker team without a starting QB.

  8. This guy didnt forget how to play QB. The Bucs front office used this dude as a scapegoat, and the Vikings threw him out in front of the Giants after signing him 24 hours before – completely unfair to judge him on anything done last year.

  9. It looks like Doug Marrone is one step closer to getting the QB he’s always wanted for the Bills (Nassib).

  10. Here’s how I think it all went down last year in Tampa. There was no chemistry between the coaching staph and players, yes I spelled it that way on purpose, so the coaching staph and front office had to start bringing in “their guys”. Rather than coaching existing players on the roster, they set them up for failure. At some level this was detected by the players and they quit on the coaches. If the players don’t trust the coaches and “buy in” it’s gonna be a long season. Ownership certainly saw something they didn’t like and wisely cut bait with Schiano. Either Schiano didn’t have the authority or the cajones to make Glennon the starter at the beginning of the season, then he did it anyway or suddenly grew the cajones that got him fired.

  11. Coughlin and the Giants may provide Freeman the chance to mature and become a solid backup for Eli. The Giants will be back to form this year.

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