Glazer returns to duty after serious health scare

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Many of you have noticed that FOX’s Jay Glazer hasn’t been around much lately.  He has a very good reason for that.

On the first day of free agency, Glazer nearly died.

He appeared earlier today on The Dan Patrick Show to discuss the serious health scare that resulted from outpatient surgery.  Glazer separately explained the situation by phone to PFT.

“I went in for a routine back deal,” Glazer said.  “Nothing big.  Dissolving a piece of a disc that broke.  Something that was real easy took a turn.”

After being given anesthesia, Glazer vomited into the face cradle.  The stomach contents ended up in his lungs, and the acid burned the tissue.

Glazer started convulsing, and the doctors revived him.  He was rushed to a local hospital, where he spent four days recovering from aspiration double pneumonia.

He didn’t realize the gravity of the situation at the time.  Once Glazer was out of the woods, doctors explained that the outcome could have been much more dire.

“It could go one of two ways,” Glazer said, “and for a while I was going the wrong way.”

He has struggled for more than a month to get healthy.  The damage to his lungs has caused Glazer to have good days followed by setbacks.  He wanted to attend the league meetings in Orlando, but the flight would have required the use of an oxygen tank.  Doctors also feared that his oxygen levels could plummet at altitude, and that he could have a heart attack.

Even now, Glazer is far from 100 percent.  As his heart works harder to pump oxygenated blood from his lungs, his resting pulse rate has been 115.

Still, he’s going to attempt to work this weekend for FOX, returning to action for UFC coverage.  He has yet to be able to return to his MMA training business, to the disappointment of NFL players like Kyle Long, Chris Long, and Jared Allen — and draft hopefuls like UCLA linebacker Anthony Barr and UCLA defensive end Cassius Marsh.

Last week, Glazer was scheduled to work out with Barr, but Glazer decided he should wait.  Glazer instead tried nine minutes of shadow boxing instead.  His oxygen level dropped, his heart rate went up, and Glazer ended up in his doctor’s office once again.

Glazer hopes to return to his NFL duties soon, making calls and chasing scoops and attending next month’s draft in New York City.

I look forward to seeing him there, and to having him do one of his typical Glazer things, like stick a thumb into my throat or lift me off the ground or put me in a headlock.  Even during the worst days of his ordeal, Glazer was still doing Glazer things.

“I wanted candy,” he said of his hospital stay.  “I unhooked myself, and I told the nurse I was talking a walk.  I convinced the guys who were with me to take me downstairs to the gift shop.  I went in and bought $230 worth of chocolate.  In my gown with my ass hanging out.

“To this day I have no idea what happened with the $230 worth of chocolate.”

So if you were wondering where Glazer has been, now you know.  And the next time you’re trying to fight off a craving for chocolate, think of Glazer in his hospital gown, with his ass hanging out.

28 responses to “Glazer returns to duty after serious health scare

  1. The Glaze is awesome — always loved that guy. It’s absolutely unbelievable to hear he’s been in a really really tough spot.

    Man, healthy spirited little guy the Glaze is — that really makes you think.

    Maybe they oughtta re-think that face cradle thing a little bit.

  2. Get better Jay…and well…get some more Chocolate when you are up to it again..))

  3. Best wishes to Jay. Unfortunately (especially by the chocolate story) he probably doesn’t listen well to his doctors when it comes to not eating. They tell you not to eat before surgery for a reason… so you don’t throw up into your lungs when you go under anesthesia. So its great to see him better and joking around, but eating against doctors orders is not a joking matter.

  4. Vomiting during general anesthesia usually indicates that the patient did not follow instructions not to eat or drink for a given number of hours before surgery, like after midnight. Either he didn’t follow instructions or the instructions weren’t given.

    Either way, he sure is lucky.

  5. Jay is one of the good guys in football media… he doesn’t have that “my network only” mentality – if he has news, he shares it with everyone. Take your time and heal, JG.

  6. Wow!!!
    No such thing as “routine” or “minor” surgery.
    And $250 worth of candy from a hospital gift shop is the equivalent of three or four Snicker bars.

  7. Last month, I had a sinus infection that turned into a chest cold. That turned into pneumonia after a week. My wife called 911 on a Monday morning. The paramedics and cops showed up, put me on the gurney and I passed out before they got me loaded. Rushed into the ER with acute respiratory failure and spent 7 days in the ICU. Pumped me full of antibiotics for the pneumonia and a bad UTI. Went home with the O2 rig and got off it 3-4 days later. It’s been 3 weeks and I’m still not 100%. Pneumonia is nasty stuff. The doctor said it’s like a tornado. The destruction is over quickly, but the after-effects take much longer to resolve.

    Stay healthy, my friends.

  8. Sure… jay glazer is a terrible interviewer (SEE: richie incognito) and a dirtbag… but… I don’t want him to die.

  9. Glad to hear he’s doing much better–got a little dicey for awhile. Love to see him on FOX.

  10. Glad to here he is okay, just not sure when NFL sportscasters became newsworthy in their own right.

  11. Pneumonia is very serious stuff. It can go bad quickly. Unfortunately I have personal knowledge of how bad, how quickly. My wife went into the hospital at the end of January with pneumonia (we thought it was the cough that had been going around at the beginning of the year and a dr had diagnosed bronchitis). That night she was transferred to ICU. After three weeks on a ventilator she passed away far too young. So take it seriously !

  12. I wouldn’t be surprised if his lung functions never return to pre-pneumonia levels and his MMA training days are over. But time will tell. Get well little fella’ and next time when the doc says you need to fast before surgery that means you don’t eat.

  13. Jay Glazer is the quintessential meat head (I say that in general, not as an outcome of this story), there is obviously something missing from this story that would indicate he did not follow instructions to pre-surgery. I think he is an idiot on TV, just wants to be the tough guy who is in the know, but offers very little knowledge of the game of football. His Affliction attire is about as tool-ish as it gets. I often wonder how he even got that job in the first place.

    Having said all that, hope you recover, nobody should suffer lifelong effects of a routine scope of disc debris. Good luck man.

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