Josh Freeman agrees to contract with Giants

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Josh Freeman is Eli Manning’s new backup quarterback.

Shortly after news broke that Freeman and the Giants were close, Mike Garafolo of FOX Sports reported that the two sides have agreed to terms.

The Giants were the opponent for Freeman’s only start in a Vikings uniform, and Freeman was terrible: He completed just 20 of 53 passes for 190 yards, with no touchdowns and one interception, and the Vikings lost 23-7. But the Giants must have seen something that day — and in Freeman’s body of work with the Buccaneers — to make them think he has potential.

Freeman will compete with 2013 fourth-round draft pick Ryan Nassib and veteran Curtis Painter for the right to serve as the No. 2 quarterback behind Manning, and Freeman will probably enter training camp as the favorite to win the backup role. At age 26, there’s still time for Freeman to show that he has what it takes to be a starter, but that won’t happen in New York as long as Manning is around.

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  1. It looks like Doug Marrone is one step closer to getting the QB he’s always wanted for the Bills (Nassib).

  2. Looks like they found a backup for when Beatty gets hit with a swim move by JClowney (for the Texans) and Eli career flashes before his eyes.

  3. I think this is more of a temporary move considering Eli is out for awhile. Need some extra arms for OTA’s, camps and other things. I highly doubt the back up position has been determined yet.

  4. There’s no doubt he struggled BADLY at times but in regards to that Mon nite game-yes he made some terrible passes but lets not forget he had exactly 4 practices wiht the Vikes up to that point.

  5. Celebrity Man Guy says:
    Apr 16, 2014 12:27 PM

    How many of us who watched that Monday night game where Freeman threw half his passes into the stands thought the Giants would be signing him the next year?


    Wow, your team is terrible. I’m sure you’ll fix everything this offseason though.

  6. The New York Giants greatness will rub off on Freeman and he’ll depart to take over some sub par franchise and make them a dynasty, that’s what happens to anyone that wears a Giants jersey, BTW you’re welcome Houston for Andre Brown (your new #1 RB), Tampa Bay for Louis Murphy (your best WR), and Oakland for Tuck and Boothe (the two best football players to ever wear the silver and black).

  7. That fiasco in Minnesota gives you an idea of how messed up the Vikings were that year. They threw him into a game with a week of prep with two healthy QB’s on the roster. I don’t know what the story was but it was pretty messed up. Josh started well in TB a while ago. Perhaps the Giants can give him the stability he needs to develop. He hasn’t had that at all.

  8. NY is a great place for a QB who couldn’t stay out of the Tampa night clubs enough to keep his NFL job. Schiano got this one right when he released Josh; the only thing he did that was right.
    Oh wait until the NY media finds out: he missed the team photo last year (only player in Buc history to miss the team photo) and that he didnt even show up for his own kids QB camp last year and stated he had both car and cell phone problems on the same morning….okay Pinocchio. Or maybe the radio interview with Ron and Ian where he sounded all coked up or out of it. The only thing this kid needs is rehab. I was a huge Josh Freeman fan until the obvious was no longer deniable. Take care #5.

  9. People like to say that Freeman only had four practices before starting against New York. That isn’t true. He was signed during the bye week and practiced all week before the Carolina game. Then he practiced as the starter before the Giants game. How many practices does he need to be able to hit the broad side of a barn with a pass?

  10. Ryan Nassib was talked about as a first rd pick last year. How far has the giants view of him fallen?

  11. “At age 26, there’s still time for Freeman to show that he has what it takes to be a starter”
    That is the type of excuse we kept hearing from his deluded fans about keeping him, “He’s only 23/24/25, he’s going to grow into a franchise QB.”
    Problem is that simply isn’t going to happen, he’s lazy, mentally weak, has issues nobody in the media will actually talk about. As a QB he fits the old “million dollar body, 10 cent brain” saying perfectly.

  12. The Giants have an embarrassment of poverty of talent while the Redskins have an embarrassment of riches. A QB who wasn’t even second string for anyone last year is the Giants new starter. Another long season for the Giants watching the Redskins win yet another Super Bowl.

  13. The stories out of MN are that it was his off field game prep that killed his playing time and not his dreadful performance. Though of course one surely led to the other.
    Based on that, I’d worry real hard if I got beat out by Freeman if I was one of those other two QB’s.
    But such is the sad state of the NFL’s back-up QB options.

  14. I saw a tweet from Fox sports that noted Freeman’s final stat line with the Vikings -1 int, 1 loss for 2 million dollars.

    Not entirely fair…had the Vikings paid him more the cost per loss and ints would have been reduced substantially.

  15. He might be better than who we have now at backup. The good news is, if he isn’t, they’ll just cut him. No risk at all. If Freeman is worse than Painter, it’s time for the glue factory for both of them.

  16. The Giants will develop Freeman and Nassib into something worthy, and trade either to the sorry franchise know as the Jets for a 2nd and 4th round pick…

    Don’t worry little brother, we’re here to help you.

  17. This dude defines lazy.

    Signs with a team he has zero chance to start only proves my point. He’s perfectly content collecting 2-3m a year and holding a clipboard…

  18. pretty sad he has to settle for a back up job. Not a very smart decision to sign with the Vikings last season after he was cut now he’s settling for a back up job? He’ll be out of the league by next year…

  19. To all u giant fans that think this is a good signing your fooling yourselves! Yea, the vikings threw him in there, they were desperate. What did he show you?? He friggin stinks! You can sugar coat the signing all u want and say “come to a winning organization and your game will be better”! LOL, remember the giants were a garbage team last year as well! Good luck with all that! 2 lucky Super Bowl wins with a handicap QB.

  20. freeman had a good game vs. the gmen two years ago with tampa. hit williams on a bomb late in the 4th. unfortunately for him and the bucs, Eli threw for 500 yards that day.

    eli doesnt miss games.

  21. When you have Painter, Nassib what’s the risk?
    I know Coughlin won’t tolerate any BS with this guy, so maybe he starts to work at this opportunity?

  22. The Giants would love for Nassib to step forward, earn the No. 2 job outright and make it unnecessary for them to carry three quarterbacks. Signing Freeman offers them competition for Painter should Nassib not take that step forward.

  23. The Giants, And Jets played against freeman last year… he was terrible against the Giants, but he played well against the Jets… He has a very strong arm and accuracy but tries too hard top force the ball where he has no business throwing it… He needs to learn to be patient and take what the defense gives him…

  24. Giants must have really liked what they saw of him in last years game. His fall is Jamarcus Russell-esque. He must be a headcase if they Vikings didn’t even have him suit up at the end of the season. Hopefully he can figure it out.

  25. Head case and he stinks.
    They better not have guaranteed this loser anything.
    Living in Tampa and watching this fool, was too hard to take.
    Best day when he left.
    Real impressive with the Vikings. HAHAHAHA

  26. Eli has over 150 consecutive starts, really who cares who is holding the clipboard. How many teams have a back up QB that could come in and take their team to the SB?
    Redskins-Kirk Cousins, think again.
    Dallas-Kyle Ortton or Brandon Weeden, LOL
    Eagles – Mark Sanchez, keep dreaming.

    Again if your 1st string QB goes down, there goes the season.

    Alpha Mike Foxtrot

  27. Wait, how is Painter still in the NFL? The guy looked horrible in the preseason with the Colts for years against 3rd and 4th string defenses, granted he wasn’t playing with the starters either. Then he gets his chance to start after Peyton had his neck surgery and my goodness I don’t think I have seen many qbs worse than him.

  28. Unless Freeman turns over a new leaf quick, it’s hard to see him making the team.

    This guy began the 2013 season as the starter in Tampa, and by year’s end, couldn’t even earn playing time on a Viking team that had some of the worst quarterbacking in the league. What happened with Freeman to start such a fall from grace?

    Maybe the Giants know something the Vikings didn’t know, but I doubt it. At least this move won’t cost the Giants $2 million.

  29. He was handed the starting job in Tampa. He’s never really “earned” anything in the NFL. My money says he doesn’t make it past training camp. Coughlin will eat this kid alive. All aside, I’m pulling for his success

  30. How many of you watched Nick Foles’ terrible game against the Cowboys last year and immediately wrote him off as a QB? Don’t lie now….the comments on PFT live forever through the internet. A simple Google search will show it. Any case…Freeman starting last year wasn’t fair to him or the team. He wasn’t on the team long enough to know much of anything or even to have any amount of practice under his belt. Freeman may be ok. Even someone like Files who had been with the Eagles for a while and was there at the beggining of the coaching change struggled mightily.

  31. When did PFT get overtaken by trolls who just make ridiculous statements about their teams? Who are these dudes and why is it fun for them?

    Regardless, quality depth move by the Giants. Nothing not to like about it. Taking a QB in the 4th round when your franchise guy is 33 is not a wasted pick if the guy doesn’t pan out – many have Nassib rated ahead of guys being considered as 1st and 2nd rounders this year. You take your shot like the Giants did on Andre Woodson, Ryan Perilloux, Rhett Bomar, etc and move on if it doesn’t work out.

  32. “Ryan Nassib was talked about as a first rd pick last year. How far has the giants view of him fallen?”

    Talked about as a first rounder by “who”? By NFL Scouts? No. By “NFL Experts” and Mock Drafters? ESPN? Yes. (Like PFT, who had him going 8th overall in their final mock) Truth is, he was a fourth round pick and 4th rounders are projects.

    Good signing by the G-men. Anybody is an upgrade over Painter.

  33. Any skins fan who thinks that team will win the super bowl this year, is delusional. They have to keep Griffith healthy, which they haven’t. They wisely decided not to trade cousins, who will play at least 4 games. Freeman is training camp fodder, nothing more.

  34. How could have not given Tebow a shot? All he needs is a chance, and he’ll be a Hall of Famer. He’s been ostracized because of his faith.

  35. Freeman will learn now fom a top tier franchise with a 2 time superbowl qb teaching him how to prepare.A little different than what he has been doing.Remember he is just a back up,but young 26.Last chance dance for this kid.

  36. On the Plus side Freeman will be on a real team and with support be given every opportunity to succeed. On the negative side, he has had to deal with Schinao’s mind games for over a year now, and he is sure to have confidence issues after being under his horrendous leadership for about 18 months. Only time will tell if the Giants coaching staff can get his head back on his shoulders. This is definately his last chance and stop in the NFL. If he flames out again, he is done.

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