Packers had some interest in Freeman if Flynn didn’t stay


As it turns out, Matt Flynn and Josh Freeman were two men for two jobs.

But they could have easily reversed roles, as it turns out.

Flynn decided yesterday to stay with the Packers, and Freeman just took advantage of the void in New York to agree with the Giants moments ago.

But according to Adam Caplan of ESPN, the Packers had some interest in Freeman as well, if Flynn had decided to sign with the Giants instead.

It’s interesting, but not surprising. The Packers were willing to take a look at Vince Young last summer, so bringing in a former first-rounder as a backup wouldn’t have been out of character. And there are plenty of people around the league who think Freeman can be salvaged.

Freeman looked like a wreck once the Bucs decided he wasn’t their guy, and his stint with the Vikings was ill-considered and poorly executed.

But there are still tools there, and the Packers would have offered him a chance to work and improve without the pressure of having to take over a mess of a team.

27 responses to “Packers had some interest in Freeman if Flynn didn’t stay

  1. Oh, how I wish that would have happened! More proof that the Packers don’t have a clue when it comes to quarterbacks. Before you say “what about Rodgers?” remember that Ted Thompson was so enamored with Rodgers ability that he drafted Brian Brohm in the second round and Flynn in the seventh round because he was so afraid of Rodgers having to be the starter.

  2. I’m sure Josh would have been a serviceable backup with Green Bay coaches. Don’t blame him because he doesn’t have enough talent to overcome the incompetent Vike coaching staff. It’s not his fault, playing for the Vike’s is a tough hand for anyone to be dealt.

  3. “Thompson was so enamored with Rodgers ability that he drafted Brian Brohm in the second round and Flynn in the seventh round because he was so afraid of Rodgers having to be the starter”

    That is pretty funny. They knew exactly what they had in Rodgers, which is why they didn’t cave to the “unretiring one.” Once the back-up became the starter, they drafted a home-grown back-up, just as the Packers have done successfully many times. Poor Vikes, can’t develop a starter OR a back-up.

  4. Yes, the Green Bay coaches have worked wonders with backup quarterbacks. Let’s see, just last year there was Graham Harr…B.J. Cole…Vince You…Seneca Wall…Scott Tolz…

  5. The desperate Packers might as well have brought back Vince Young to be their starter if they were going to consider Matt Flynn and Josh Freeman. They’re not going to get anywhere near the Redskins and RG3 with Matt Flynn as their starting QB.

  6. … and as we all know – the Vikings are a mess of a team.

    They pay him 2 million bucks to sign in Minnesota, then try and start him within about ten days – when he had no clue what the offense was – with predictable results. Then – never played him another second.

    If there was a way for the Vikings to finish 5th in the NFC Central – they’d find it.

  7. Not buying it, probably came from Freeman’s agent. Nobody inside 1265 Lombardi Ave talks business with bloggers.

  8. Signing a guy who’s career has derailed largely due to off-the-field ‘distractions’ in Tampa to a city with the most distractions in the country. Genius.

  9. Had great numbers in TB in 2010…. my guess is that Minnesota , the graveyard of all quarterbacks is the issue… look at the astute QB evaluation they have been doing………. Childress Frazier and now Zimmer….you know Bortles ,Manziel and Bridgewater are praying for a better fate the being selected at 8 !!!!!!!

  10. Freeman looked at Mike McCarthy just once and said NO THANKS!

    Freeman’s right shoulder said THANK YOU as well!!!

  11. Can’t wait to see who the packers draft this year, of course, they will probably pull a hamstring on the way to the podium and end up on IR! What a joke of a team.

  12. It will take about a year to get all the viking stink off of him, but he’ll be perfectly serviceable and could see him in the running for a starting job next year if he ends up putting any time in relief of Eli this season.

  13. Freeman was not going to spend two days on a bus to meet with Thompson, no matter how many Subway certificates TT sent him.

    Anyway, whoever was the cheapest QB FA, Ted was going to go with him…For obvious reasons…

  14. It’s always unfair for any player to be judged by his work as a Viking.

    Playing for that wretched franchise would have made Joe Montana look like…well, like Christian Ponder.

  15. Freeman should be a serviceable back-up QB for the rest of his career, nothing more, nothing less. Anyway, I’m sure he will find NY, NY much more entertaining and fulfilling than Green Bay, WI — the land time forgot.

  16. Once again proving the packers only have one player,,,,,,,,,,,,,as he goes you go packer fan. The funny part is Rogers is getting pissed behind the scenes that the packers brain trust cuts 4th year guys so they can pick up extra rookie 4th round comp picks.

    Good Luck getting them up to speed Green Bay and keeping Rogers happy. GB Implosion in 4, 3, 2,,,,,,,,

  17. But at the end he sign with the better team.. the Giants the team the packer hate to see in the playoffs

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