Peyton Manning on Super Bowl loss: “You have to move forward”


Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning has been relatively quiet this offseason, but when he spoke at an event in Denver this morning, he said his focus is putting the Broncos’ ugly performance in the Super Bowl behind him.

You have to move forward. You have to kind of reestablish your identity as the 2014 team; 2013 was a good season in a lot of ways, there’s no question,” Manning told USA Today. “It did not end the way we wanted it to, but we have to build off that and try to take it a step further, try to finish. There’s no question, we kind of have to start over and reestablish the chemistry on this team with all the new players. That’s important, and that really starts on Monday.”

Part of moving forward is a roster shakeup that has seen several veterans leave.

“We lost some great players and some great friends,” Manning said. “It’s been a real pleasure to play the last two years with Champ [Bailey] and Knowshon [Moreno], Eric [Decker], Wesley Woodyard, Chris Kuper retiring, Zane Beadles has been great. . . . That’s the worst part about football, when you form some friendships with these guys and really put a lot of hard work in, and just the business side comes into play.”

The good news for Manning is that the free agents who arrived, including defensive end DeMarcus Ware, cornerback Aqib Talib, safety T.J. Ward and receiver Emmanuel Sanders, give the Broncos a good chance of getting back to the Super Bowl. And playing better than they did two months ago.

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  1. *first play from scrimmage is a bad snap followed by a safety*

    Peyton: Going forward, I’m thinking we should try to move the ball *forward*.

  2. I am far from a Manning fan, but I respect him more the older he gets. He has shown more class the past few years than he did when he first came into the league — maybe it is maturity. One concern I have for Broncos fans is that the GM and ownership seem to be playing fantasy football with their pickups. This did not exactly work out well for teams like say, the Redskins.

  3. Losing all those guys is a silver lining, no way you bring them all back and expect them to look at Manning in the huddle and see anything but a master choke artist. Bringing in new blood is the only way you can hope to get past it.

  4. These players don’t complain about the “business side” when they sign their monster contracts.

  5. Other than the safety, I don’t think Denver played “ugly” as much as Seattle played “flawlessly.” The Seahawks were right there all season long with Denver and San Francisco as one of the elite teams and favorites to win it all. Give Pete Carroll and Seattle their credit for being the best in the NFL last season. They earned it on the football field like you’re supposed to.

  6. Truly great player but maybe he needs to look at himself in the mirror. After the first snap was missed because he was trying to outsmart the Defense, he appeared to be frantic and maybe some of that rubbed off on his teammates.
    He has among the best skills the games has ever seen, but when something unexpected happens in big games, he’s not the guy you want.
    I think that this loss was way worse than the others and may have scarred him.

  7. Yep, another $18million in 2014…and another year without a ring. Get used to it Donkey fan.

  8. You don’t lose any game, SB or otherwise, by that big a margin due to 1 guy choking. Manning wasn’t great in the game but almost the whole Denver team played like crap so its far from just Manning’s fault.

  9. They’ve upgraded a little in the secondary but that’s about it. Ware and sanders are worse than phillips and decker. Then you throw in all the other players they’ve lost…


  10. Knock him down once and he gets those crazy happy feet the rest of the game.

    They flap so much, they look like they’re talking.

  11. Last year’s Broncos were the product of a weak schedule (they played the NFC East and AFC South) and a bad AFC in general. Their chief competition the Patriots were completely decimated by injuries and never had a realistic chance.

    In reality, Denver was probably the fifth best team in the NFL last year. Behind the Seahawks, 49ers, Panthers, and Saints. They won’t be so fortunate this year with the NFC West on their schedule. That could be four losses right there. I see two at the absolute minimum.

  12. riggo08 says:
    Apr 16, 2014 11:06 AM
    “I am far from a Manning fan, but I respect him more the older he gets. He has shown more class the past few years than he did when he first came into the league — maybe it is maturity. One concern I have for Broncos fans is that the GM and ownership seem to be playing fantasy football with their pickups. This did not exactly work out well for teams like say, the Redskins.”

    I forget… Were the Redskins in the Super Bowl the year before they added a bunch of highly-paid free agents? What about the Eagles?

    This is a different situation entirely. The Broncos need to win exactly one more game than they did last year to be champs. Ward, Ware, Talib and Sanders will help. Getting back the 5 defensive starters (Miller, Harris, Moore, Wolfe and Vickerson) and their All-Pro LT (Clady), all of whom were injured and did not play in the Super Bowl, will help as well.

  13. Broncos won’t have last years cupcake schedule, but are still the best team in their division. I see a record of 9-7 maybe 10-6 and an early exit in the WC round of the playoffs.

  14. kwgator says:
    Apr 16, 2014 11:19 AM
    Peyton needs a Logo, it will help him become a better QB

    – RG 3& 13
    No, he needs to win a Super Bowl. It always amazes me how every post becomes a negative shot AGAINST a player not even involved. Says more about you than RG3.

    BTW, they have the same number of SB wins in the last 8 or 9 years.

  15. Peyton still loves the game, loves the preperation but can’t take the hits. Hit him and he folds.

  16. Nobody has learned to move on from big game losses as frequently as Peyton Manning. It’s no wonder he has the routine down pat.

  17. wishingtonredslur says:
    Apr 16, 2014 11:26 AM
    Peyton Manning is not solely responsible for last years or any Super Bowl loss he has participated in, suggesting this is fundamentally stupid.


    Suggesting he is solely responsible for every win is just as stupid, yet the press and Manning supporters do that on a regular basis.

    Losses are generally blamed on anyone and everything that is not named Peyton Manning.

    The one superbowl he did win he wasn’t the best player on the field. He wasn’t even the best on his team. His defense deserved more credit but he’s Peyton Manning so the glory is all his and noone elses.

    That defense literally dragged him into the superbowl through the playoffs as he had his normal subpar playoff performances but all you heard about was how great he was.

  18. I dont see how anyone can knock Peyton for being 11-12 in playoff games and 1-2 in the SB. I think 99% of teams would take those stats. As a Raider fan, its hard to admit the guy is a class act and a heck of a player but its the truth. Ive been following him since he came into the league & I’ll always think he’s a better QB and a better person than Brady anyways. Thats for sure.

  19. Manning made his own line jump and caused the fastest score in SB history — a safety 12 seconds into the game. What people forget is that at the same time Manning also got hit with an illegal motion penalty for flailing around at the line, which was declined because — safety.

    When I call Manning a choker, I am not doing it to be mean, I am doing it to help people understand what they are in for when they hire him. When your doctor gives you a diagnosis you don’t like, you still shouldn’t ignore it.

  20. It’s funny how every single article featuring Peyton has the same clowns showing up spewing their mindless drivel. Are you that miserable in your own lives you have constantly hate on the man. Like it or not, Peyton is going to retire an all time great and is a first ballot hall of famer. Show some class for one of the greatest to ever play the game.

  21. That Super Bowl meltdown will haunt them all season. Last year, they were the media darlings scoring all those points and breaking all of those records. After 43-8, they can double those stats in 2014, and the entire football world will simply shrug it off and say “Yea, but…can you not get annihilated by a good defense in the Super Bowl?” That’s a tough cloud to be under every week where no matter what you do it isn’t good enough. Been that way here in New England for years.

  22. Too little too late.

    Marino gets written off for 0 superbowls, but he never had the weapons Peyton has had for much if his career.

    if Peyton can’t win one in the next two years his legacy will be even more questioned than Marino.

    Eli will go down as the better playoff performer with more rings and will ultimately be the historically remembered manning brother.


  23. no way this gets by the Peyton lovers at PFT but here goes:

    “Let’s just say we had some problems in protection,” Manning said. “I’ll give Pittsburgh credit for their blitzes and their rush, but we did have some protection problems.”

    Indirectly blaming his Oline in 06 after loss to Pitt.

    Say he’s a class act, but back then he wasn’t. He still had alot to learn, even in year 8 of his career.

  24. Has there been a player in the NFL who has carried more otherwise 8-8 type teams to the playoffs than Peyton? He is often chided for his apparent lack of prowess in the playoffs, however many times he took a very average team up to a certain level, but could do no more when faced with a more complete team.

    This was the pattern in Indy and it has repeated itself in Denver. If Tebow or Osweiler were in Denver QB last year, I submit they wouldn’t have to worry about an embarrassing Super Bowl loss because they wouldn’t have been there at all.

  25. I would not be surprised his career follows the same path as Favre. Had one of the best (if not THE best) seasons of his career on a new team and came close to another Superbowl ring, then the wheels fell off quickly the following season before he walked away completely.

  26. Something is wrong-all those passing records and wins but still only one ring. Reminds people of Barry Bonds before the PED’s. Pro football is such a team oriented game that no one player can carry a team on his back. Manning lost last February because he couldn’t beat 11 other guys. He lost in 2013 because his turnovers gave the Ravens 17 points. At his age teams realize you can beat him. After looking at the Broncos schedule this year I have doubts that they can make it again.

  27. Always cracks me up when people dog Manning for his 11-12 career playoff record. The dude is in the playoffs year after year. What else can a fan ask for? You continually hear coaches talk about how hard it is to win a football game and all the time and effort they put into each wk. Manning’s teams win 11-13 games every year. Playoff appearances, SB appearances. Most NFL players would dream of that. As a broncos fan I feel lucky and fortunate to have him. I remember the 2000-2010 yrs with consistent .500 seasons. I’ll take these last two seasons any day. I know there are fans out there that expect their teams to win a SB every year. Keep that mindset….. I’ll keep cheering and enjoying the time with one of the best to ever play the game.

    Go Broncos

  28. Hey Lenny, remind me of the turnovers in the Ravens game that led to 17 points? Manning had one INT and it led to the game-winning fg. Many forget manning threw for 280 and 3 TD’s in the coldest game in Broncos history. I would blame the 75 yd Bomb they gave up with 33 secs to go more than Mannings pick in overtime. People forget Manning led them on a go ahead TD with 1 min to go in that game before the wheels came off.

  29. I can’t understand how he fails when the pressure is on, but he is a great regular season QB.

  30. I don’t see how Denver negated Seattle’s strength. The ‘hawks rely on a strong running game that hits the line with the quickness. Don’t see how a safety, cornerback or defensive end is going to get involved at the line stopping the run. A focus on the defensive line may have been a better idea.

  31. When are you Broncos fans and the rest of the NFL going to get it? The Broncos didn’t play like crap, the Seahawks are just that much better than the Broncos. On their best day the Broncos would have lost by 35.

    And with the 49ers imploding, I’d say ya all should get used to it.

  32. Peytons 1 Superbowl win carries a lot more merit than the 3 Spygate trophies the pathetic pats have.If Kraft and Goodell were not such good friends he would have stripped belicheat of his ‘titles’.

  33. People sound foolish when the say the Broncos wouldn’t be a Top 5 team in the NFC. It was Seattle’s year, plain and simple. 49ers got demolished at home by the Colts, Saints lost to a beat up Patriots team, and people want to say the NFC is superior?

  34. QB should never throw his o-line under a bus. Get in their face when you have too but never in public. A young Peyton needed to watch some some Montana highlights to learn the position. Lots of X and O knowledge a lot less guts.

  35. If re-establishing his identity is really what he wants, he should stop being so selfish with padding his personal stats, personal awards, personal accolades, and WIN for the entire team. Going through an entire football career such as his (supposedly elite) should include multiple sb honors for the TEAM, not just collecting trophies for his own mantel. I have to disagree somewhat with the poster that said that the broncos were the media darlings all season….Manning was the media darling, heard nothing about his teammates, with the exception of welker from time to time, and complaining about bronco team injuries. All the NFL teams had a lot of injuries last year, not just them.

  36. Peyton fits right in. The Broncos are the only team in NFL history to LOSE 5 (FIVE!) Super Bowls. Who better to be their quarterback then a choke artist like Manning.

  37. Let’s be honest. It is a huge accomplishment to make the Superbowl. Peyton and the Broncos played poorly, but if that games was played 10 times the Seahawks would have won at least 9 of them. The Seahawks were just the better team.

    Calling the guy a choke artist because he didn’t win the Super Bowl is sad. Only one team can win the Super Bowl every year.

    Montana is often touted as going 4-0 in Super Bowls. The problem is he played for 15 years and lost many playoff games including one AFC Championship and 2 NFC Championships. Is it better that he lost those games then making it to the Super Bowl and losing? No. It would be more impressive if he was 4-3 in Super Bowls and won every championship game.

    It is also true that it’s better to make the playoffs then not make them. Brady had a 10-0 playoff record at one point, but he missed the playoffs in 2002. It would actually have been more impressive if he made the playoffs every year but had a 10-1 playoff record.

    Making the playoffs and going to the Super Bowl is meaningful. Yeah it’s better to win, but it’s better to make it to the big game then not make it.

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