Peyton Manning says Montee Ball’s ready to do more


Peyton Manning’s been around long enough to know that rosters are always going to change.

But he gave his blessing to one of the Broncos’ young players, who will have to carry a bigger share of the load next season.

Manning told reporters that second-year back Montee Ball was ready to replace the departed Knowshon Moreno.

“I thought Montee had a great year,” Manning said. “I thought he learned a lot in his first year. In my past, I’ve seen a lot of development in guys from their first year to their second year. There is no question with the loss of Knowshon—who was just nothing short of awesome for us this past year and was a great teammate—that Montee is going to have more responsibilities and I think he will answer that challenge.

“I think he has the work ethic, I think he has the mental capabilities to handle the workload and I look forward to having a full offseason with him. He didn’t have a full one last year because of being a rookie so I look forward to getting even closer with him as far as being on the same page.”

Ball got himself in the doghouse with early fumbles, but was able to return to a larger role in the playoffs. Earning the trust of Manning is not insignificant for him, and his future role.

5 responses to “Peyton Manning says Montee Ball’s ready to do more

  1. Oh boy, here we go…the string of never-ending MegaHead stories is just beginning.

  2. That’s Manning telling the youngin’ to be when and where he wants him to be this off season to get work in…

    On a serious note, as soon as Manning retires, if I were a young QB, I’d ask (pay) Manning for 2 or 3 days to visit with him in the off season to pick his brain about game preparation, watching and breaking down film, routes by wide receivers and the timing and precision needed and many other things.

    I respect Manning because he always worked so hard.

    He’s not the smartest, not the fastest, doesn’t have the best arm and on and on… but he works HARD. He studies film and tendencies of the defenses he goes against. The man cares…

    Manning once got tripped up and sacked by the feet of a man who was on the ground. Later, after the game, Manning went out on the field with a staffer and had him rolling around like the man who ended up sacking him so he could practice jumping over him and not be sacked by that again.

    To me that’s a bit crazy, but it let’s us all know to what level Manning cares about his game and the team. He let the team and himself down when he got sacked and he’s out there practicing to avoid that the next time…

    If he practices and prepares for that, you KNOW he’s doing it about the important things.

    What do people want in a pro? To work hard, to care, to be dedicated, to stay out of trouble, to help with folks in the communities they live, to be a leader on their teams etc…

    Uh, Manning is a pro’s pro…

    Now, knowing the game and being able to execute are not the same… Manning executes at a high level, but he KNOWS the game inside and out and if i were a young QB, I’d really want a couple of days with him to pick his brain about things that took Manning years and years to acquire…

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