Sidney Rice returns to the Seahawks


It’s been a good week for receiver Sidney Rice.

On Monday, he received clearance to return to football activities from Dr. James Andrews.  On Wednesday, he agreed to terms to return to the team that cut him earlier this year, the Seattle Seahawks.

Rice broke the news himself on Twitter.  Per a league source, it’s a one-year deal.  We’re told the deal pays more than the veteran minimum, but the specific amount isn’t currently known.

The move comes less than three years after Rice signed a long-term deal that was due to pay him $8.5 million this year.  He’ll undoubtedly make much less than that.

The Seahawks had remained interested in bringing back Rice.  News of a visit to the Jets may have been the nudge that the Seahawks needed to close the deal.

The Giants, Saints, and Panthers all had some interest in Rice.

He appeared in 33 games during three seasons with the Seahawks, with 748 receiving yards in 2012.  Last year, he tore an ACL in late October.

23 responses to “Sidney Rice returns to the Seahawks

  1. Hopefully his legs hold up. He’s a solid player and seems like a good dude.

    I was hoping the Giants would pick him up. He’s the kind of sure handed tall receiver Eli needs. Reminds me of Amani Toomer a lot.

  2. I’d love to see Rice have a great season. Somehow, I just can’t see him making it through an entire 16-game schedule. It’s sad but he’s always hurt. I wonder if it’s just bad luck or if he doesn’t know how to take care of himself during the offseason. Come on, Rice, prove me wrong!

  3. I know Sidney isn’t considered an elite receiver. However I’m excited to see what him, Percy, and Doug do on the field together. Not to mention Russell is only going to get better. Go Hawks.

  4. This is a good move… He knows the team and the system… A prove it deal was always going to be in the mix. I like this and it only makes the hawks stronger… He will be a good extra weapon to have around while they still get some time to hone in some of the newbs.

  5. Low dollar signing?One yera deal? Good move by the Hawks if that’s true.

  6. Great signing. Presumably not too much against the cap. This makes the loss of Tate seem far less serious. With Baldwin and Kearse getting better all the time, and with Chris Matthews–former rookie of the year in the CFL and 6-5, 230 lbs.–the passing game is looking much better. Now, if they can lock up Jermichael Finley (assuming he can play), they should be golden, even without Golden.

  7. He was due to make a lot of money with the Seahawks this season. Coach Carroll was very high on his improvement from the injury at season’s end. The waiver was only the result of salary cap issues and Rice’s need to prove the knee is back to full strength. Hope that he indeed shows everyone he is a valuable NFL WR.

  8. the guy had one good season with a HOF quarterback wont happen again , wont make it thru a full season

  9. I may be in the minority on this subject but i think is a great signing. I didn’t like his last contract but i typically don’t like seeing wr’s get huge money because i believe, with a few exceptions, it’s the most easily replaceable position in football. Having said that, if Rice can stay healthy (that’s a big IF) i believe the onus is on Wilson to further develop as a pocket passer. If Wilson continues to develop & improve & Rice can stay healthy then Rice will be a huge contributor in the passing game. Myself being someone who typically can’t stand wr’s as a rule i absolutely love the Seahawk receiving corps & i believe they are the most underrated as a group in the NFL. All Baldwin does is catch absolutely everything, Harvin is just as unique as they come, Kearse looks like he could become a star & so on & so on. I was kinda surprised they let Tate go. I know it took him a few years to develop any consistency but he was a major player last year & damn good punt returner. However, in the history of the Seahawks we finally have a front office i trust implicitly. In the history of the franchise Schneider is the 1st GM that i will not question. If he thinks letting Tate go, whether for cap reasons or otherwise then I’m pretty damn sure it was the right move. It is so nice after so many years of obscurity to have a GM that is abovereproach. I will never take that for granted. Someday he will move on & he will never be replaceable.

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