Aaron Hernandez investigation leads to an arrest in Florida


Two of Aaron Hernandez’s alleged accomplices have been indicted in connection to Odin Lloyd’s murder in Massachusetts last year and now an arrest connected to the case has been made in Florida as well.

Oscar Hernandez Jr., who is not related to Aaron Hernandez, has been arrested on federal charges of lying to a grand jury, obstruction of justice, and witness tampering. The U.S. attorney’s office in Boston released a statement saying that the arrest was related to gun trafficking between Florida and Massachusetts and that the case is “related” to a June 17, 2013 murder in North Attleboro, Massachusetts. 

The Boston Globe reports that a source briefed on the investigation confirms that Lloyd was the victim of that murder and that the case against Hernandez Jr. is part of the ongoing effort to find the murder weapon. Hernandez Jr. is accused of lying to a grand jury and obstructing justice when he said he didn’t have anything to do with purchasing and shipping a Toyota Camry to Hernandez’s North Attleboro home. A gun was found inside the Camry, which was parked in Hernandez’s garage, when police searched the former Patriots tight end’s home.

Hernandez Jr. is also accused of trying to influence the testimony of the person he allegedly bought the Camry from in Florida and will be brought to Massachusetts to face the charges at a later date.

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  1. Hernandez might not spend the rest of his life in jail, but with all these additional charges, he’ll never play ball again (if he’s acquitted of murder).

    Going to lose all that money & fame over what…..

  2. You have to know there’s a disillusioned NE fan out there telling himself…”If we could just Hernandez out of jail…”

    I, for one, will be watching this play out with the utmost fascination. Just bizarre.

  3. Based on the sheer carelessness and stupidity of him and all of his cohorts, it is somewhat shocking he stayed out of jail long enough to even get drafted. Perhaps part of the careless and wreckless behavior was a result of getting away with so much. Some people are just destined for a life of crime, and Hernandez seems to be one of those guys. He wasnt one of those criminals that commited crimes to survive, he isnt one that commits crime for power and money (he had all that as a top notch professional football player), he pretty much behaved as a criminal because he simply enjoyed it. That is probably the scariest of all scenarios. Committing murder, simply to cover up the fact that you committed murder, is about as deep as it gets.

    What I dont understand is, why the hell was Lloyd involved in all of this? I am aware that he was dating hernandez’s fiance’s sister, so obviously there is a connection. And certainly I dont blame him for wanting to hang out with Hernandez, would anyone not want to hang out with one of the best players on your favorite team (that you have spent your whole life rooting for)? But aside from all of that, knowing what he knew, why would he allow himself to be the target of Hernandez??? You know he is capable of shooting people (there is a long line of people who have been shot by him), so why would you open your mouth about it? Especially to people Hernandez had a problem with…

    That part of the story has never really been discussed. Was Lloyd somehow connected to people Hernandez hated/hated Hernandez? Perhaps Lloyd had a friendship with some of those people that went way back, and Hernandez didnt know. And once he found out, he felt Lloyd was playing him. So many questions still left unanswered. The Hernandez story is fascinating and terrifying all at the same time.

  4. If these sources that are in someway close to the investigation keep blabbing to the media they are playing right into the hands of the defense. There is a strict gag order on this case that the prosecution wants lifted and the defense wants enforced. The judge agrees with the defense be cause of things like this. They are going to jeopardize this whole case.

  5. There are no disillusioned fans hoping Hernandez can get out of jail but you might want to check with the 49er organization with that thought.

  6. Another sign the DA is getting desperate.

    No murder weapon.

    No eyewitness.

    No hard evidence.

    Only circumstantial evidence.

    They may get Hernandez on the gun charges but looks like any chance of getting him on murder is fast slipping away. And if they can’t provide the murder his attorneys may get the guns tossed out.

    I think Pats fans are even more disgusted with this guy than the rest of the league’s fans. He got everything he could ever want from the Pats and their fans and threw it all away for nothing. I doubt there’s a single Pats fan that would ever want him back in the league or on the team even if he did walk.

  7. The prosecution better get someone to talk or they should show to court dressed like clowns. Carl Brutski said it best about Hernandez, “he pretty much behaved as a criminal because he simply enjoyed it. That is probably the scariest of all scenarios.”

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