Bengals, A.J. Green not talking about a new contract yet

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By May 3, the Bengals inevitably will exercise the fifth-year option on receiver A.J. Green’s contract.  The bigger question is whether the Bengals will be extending Green’s contract by more than a year.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, talks on an extension for Green have not yet begun.  The fourth overall pick in 2011, Green has a strong argument that he deserves the contract now that he didn’t get three years ago under a rookie wage scale aimed at preventing busts from sucking millions out of the system.

But the Bengals hold his rights for two more years, giving them no reason to break the bank prematurely.  Even in 2016, they can use the franchise tag to hold him in place while working out a long-term deal.

Before that happens, Green could boycott offseason workouts or hold out from training camp.  The former isn’t very expensive; the latter would cost $30,000 per day.  For that reason, Bengals coach Marvin Lewis is confident Green will be there.

Lewis said so during an interview at the recent league meetings in Orlando.  The clip that was televised Thursday on NBCSN’s Pro Football Talk appears below.

Still, a holdout hasn’t been ruled out.  The source tells PFT that it’s too early to tell whether that will happen, and that the topic hasn’t been discussed yet.

27 responses to “Bengals, A.J. Green not talking about a new contract yet

  1. Just freakin give him his money already. No need to turn a productive happy WR into a unhappy take some plays off WR. If he ain’t Megatron he’s pretty damn close.

  2. You forgot to mention how the other reason for the rookie wage scale was to not give large contracts to players who weren’t yet vested veterans, not just to keep busts from getting millions. Don’t worry, come February 2016, AJ will get a 90% Calvin Johnson contract with $30 million signing bonus.

  3. Soooo let me get this straight, negotiate an extension for Dalton but not Green? I’m waiting to see mike brown negotiate an extension for Marvin in the interim.

    Kidding aside, Mike Brown is a terrible terrible owner.

  4. The Bengals have pretty big leverage and may not need to give him any long term deal for another 3 years. That’s best case for them in order to pay other pieces to win a championship. On the other hand, AJ deserves top tier money, period.

  5. AJ deserves a extension but he shouldn’t be worried about it till burrito gets his who is most underpaid player in the nfl

  6. He’s very good, but hasn’t proven himself as elite yet. He doesn’t fight for the ball and gives up on plays sometimes. He’s not deserving of Calvin Johnson level money yet.

  7. This is the one and only player the Bengals need to be focusing 100% on extending. But no, we keep hearing more and more about extending Red Pellet Gun Dalton. Typical Mike Brown. Go after the cheap one first and if we have enough left, we’ll consider the expensive one. Guess they’ve been more focused on pillaging the county for more money to improve their locker room, weight room and their jumbotron just so the county can be allowed to build a tall building near the stadium. Oh yeah, and the Bengals also got out of the county to let them do 2 home games out of the country. Sometimes I wish they’d go and never come back.

  8. Pay him and quit screwing around Mike Brown. Also I don’t care about anything Marv has to say. I’m so tired of the same ol things from him. I will say sorry for the loss of your father Marvin. Just read that yesterday.

  9. Not only is this guy a pure beast, he’s also a great team player. After that awesome tip catch in the Ravens game, he said “It doesn’t mean anything because we didn’t win the game,” or something like that. That’s the kind of guy you need as a team leader.

    Makes you wonder what could be if Dalton had a bit stronger of an arm.

  10. AJ has already said he doesn’t need the money. There was an interview he did where he said he’s single, doesn’t have any kids to support and has all the money he needs right now. So I don’t see him holding out for more money. He flat out said, I don’t need anymore money. Now he definitely deserves it in my mind. But no, I don’t see a holdout in the future. I do see Mike Brown finding a way to screw the pooch as always though. Anthony Collins should not have been allowed to leave this year. So stupid.

  11. Here’s the story from what I’ve read & understood it. Dalton is the priority right now b/c green does have that 5th year option the top 10 picks get to have picked up so he can be under contract through the 2016 season w/out a long term extension. His extension will get done, not even mike brown is that stupid & incompetent!! Dalton & burfict don’t have that luxury while being a 2nd round & undradted rookie respectively. Those need to get done 1st & they have the eggs in the basket for the 3 of them w/ plenty of cap space still available & the cap raising w/in the next year or so.

  12. Everyone should calm down. The deal will get done. With the cap numbers this year and next, there’s just caution to rush. You can’t pay EVERYBODY. Same thing happens to every organization. As much loved as A.J. is in Bengalsnation, he ain’t going anywhere. (Remember the Geno Atkins deal?)

  13. This team is close. I like Marvin & what he has done for the organization but I just don’t think he may be the guy to take us over the hump. They’ve been doing it the right way by stock piling talent & talented depth just biding there time to play. That makes it easier when they can draft best available & it hits an area of need down the road which this draft will provide. That being said I also like dalton but don’t love him b/c he does do bone headed things giving the ball away. It’s not all on him for the playoff losses it’s 53 guys in the game but he has a big hand in it. This last playoff game he was running for his life w/out any time to throw behind our supposed too notch pass protection. I don’t remember hearing them get any of the blame. His decision making must get better & hopefully this smash mouth physical running game mirrors the way our defense has played the last few years.

  14. Hey Mike Brown,

    Extend AJ Green, he’s a special player. A game changer. Don’t piss off the man. If you want save money, draft a Quarterback. Andy Dalton is not an NFL quarterback. He’s had three straight terrible playoff games. Last year’s loss was totally on Dalton. He plays scared. He just doesn’t have it. Nice guy, but he’s just a loser and chocker. The Bengal need to protect themselves before the window closes for the organization.

  15. Stop it bro. Dalton has gotten this abysmal franchise to the playoffs 3 straight years. Never done before. Also set franchise records in yards & TD’s last year. Only Marino & manning have had better #’s through there 1st 3 years so he’s obviously a half way decent nfl quarterback. Does he have his flaws… Absolutely but still young enough & talented enough to still improve.
    That last playoff loss was not all his fault. The line played like garbage especially in the 2nd half & Gio’s fumble before the half didn’t help. A top 5 defense could’ve stepped up more to pick him up to hold them to fg’s instead of TD’s.

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