Chris Cooley, Santana Moss rave about a healthy RG3


Last year, Robert Griffin III never looked like he was 100 percent back from reconstructive knee surgery. This year, people who have seen Griffin working out say he looks as good as ever.

Washington receiver Santana Moss told ESPN that now that Griffin is running without a brace on his knee, he’s running like his old self.

“He looks more comfortable, because he don’t have to worry about that brace,” Moss said, via Dan Steinberg of the Washington Post. “I think the brace was the big discomfort last year. You know, he’s a young guy with those fiery legs that want to do so much, and that brace probably gave him a little pinch in the behind, because he couldn’t do the things that he was normally accustomed to doing. You can already see, when we’re out there in conditioning and stuff, he’s running around, looking like the old Robert Griffin.”

Chris Cooley, who played with Griffin in 2012 and now works as one of the team’s radio commentators, said on ESPN 980 that he worked out with Griffin recently and was amazed by what he saw.

“It’s unbelievable,” Cooley said. “He’s another person right now. I was like, ‘you’re running unbelievably well.’ It was silly to watch. . . . When you watch him run, you’re like ‘You’re a freak. You’re seriously a freak.’”

For all the talk last year of Griffin being ready for Week One, the reality is that just because Griffin was healthy enough to play at the start of the 2013 season, that doesn’t mean he was healthy enough to do everything he had done as a rookie. This year, from all indications, he will be.

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  1. Say what you will about his off-field marketing nonsense (and you’d probably be right), but when this kid plays like he did in 2012, it’s so much freaking fun to watch.

  2. I’ll believe it when Pierre Garcon says so. That dude’s the one person who’s been straight-up about RGIII this whole time.

  3. In all the hype, one thing that gets lost is that Robert had the best rookie season for a QB ever and took an otherwise bad team to the playoffs almost by himself (Alfred being the “almost”).

    Last year wasn’t great, but let’s not pretend he’s Blaine Gabbert lol.

  4. He’s a top 15 QB, maybe. His rookie year was 6 games against the leaky defenses in the NFC east and 1 game against the vikes terrible defense. Average will get you to the playoffs. He’s not Vick, he’s Cunningham
    They should be more concerned about D-Jax staying out of the press…..and or jail, cause he’s the difference maker on that team

  5. With that oline the redskins are very much in trouble. Add that to the fact the defense is really bad as well, not a good combo.

    My guess is with how much passing the skins will have to do that rg3 gets hurt again this year.

    Let this be a lesson to all teams, no player is worth what the skins paid for rg3. With the picks they have the skins could be contenders by now but instead they will most likely be 4th in the east once again. But hey if they suck at least they will finally get that first round pick next year .

  6. If he’s playing like he did his rookie year, he’ll be on IR by week 10. If he plays like last year trying to avoid getting injured, he’ll suck again.

    Regardless, the Rams completely fleeced the Redskins. Three starters for an injury-riddled diva QB? Incredible.

  7. Everything looks terrific and exciting for the Slurs in the offseason. The problem comes when they actually have to play the games. Most overhyped, overpriced and underperforming organization in the league for the past 20 years!

  8. All hype? Haha as a rookie QB he helped his team down the stretch win the NFC east. Last year He was recovering from injury. Let’s see how things go this year before anyone calls him” Vick 2.0″

  9. He needs to worry about standing in the pocket when it’s collapsing all around him and delivering the ball to a receiver.

  10. Can we show only my good plays when the season starts because then I can point my finger when things go bad.Dam I look good working out.Can some one show my 72 yard run I did in college to boost me up again.

  11. To quote Mike Tyson – “Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.”

    Let him play a game this upcoming season before before we get too carried away.

  12. Is this the same Chris Cooley who said that the Eagles trading McNabb to the Redskins was one of the all-time boneheaded moves in the NFL?

  13. can’t wait till he comes back strong. so many people on this site talk crap about him, same thing happened with Cam Newton, had that terrific first year then second year was a let down. Screw the haters, RG3 has all the tools and the competitiveness to be one of the best players in the NFL.

  14. Doesn’t matter how healthy he is. As long as Snyder is at the healm the Deadskins will never go anywhere !!!

  15. All you heard from the Skins last year was how healthy RGIII was, how well his recovery was going, how he’d be 100% by the season.


  16. He had a real chance to show his QB skills in the pocket last year But fell way short of the mark.

    The Colts definitely made the Right choice with Luck, Who BTW took a 1 and 15 team to the playoffs 2 years in a row and isn’t made of glass.

  17. Wow, the eggle haters are out in force on this article. Thanks for the dynamic receiver, and stop with the sour grapes because you know Kelly was a bonehead for letting this kid go for a petty reasoning of they didn’t get along. Also, your QB will get figured out this year, and keep thinking your offense will keep rolling along. It will be fun to watch visor man turn red on the sidelines this year.

  18. Yeah, the 1-15 that was 12-4 every other season. It’s not like Luck took the Browns to he playoffs. However RGIII took the Redskins, perennial losers, to the playoffs his first year. Then he got hurt and Shanahan dropped the ball on RGIII’s mechanics. And RGIII had an average year, not a terrible year, an average year. You want terrible, look at Eli’s stats last year. But where’s the hate for him? How can someone be a diva and work everyone on the team?

  19. It’s amazing how people want to see a player get hurt because you don’t like them. If you don’t like RG3 or any player, that’s fine. Don’t wish harm on anybody though.

  20. The key to RG3’s success has to start with the accuracy. If he doesn’t clean up the footwork and keeps missing open guys (or not hitting them in stride) it will be another lousy season. Even in the first year, when he was pretty good, the accuracy was not all the way there. He has to make that his primary focus this year. The good news is that accuracy is one of the things a hard-working QB can actually improve.

  21. I bet the Skins would love to have the #2 overall back this year, so they can draft a replacement for “Gruesome”

  22. maybe he was ready last year, but his game tape caught up with him from ’12. more likely a little of both, yet every crap fan out there with a new QB thinks their guy is the next Peyton/Montana/Superman hybrid. Its like Chip Kelly’s offense, the next thing to dominate the NFL for decades, or now enough tape to shut it down.
    True Eagles Fans are scared about that very thing, except for the really stupid ones.

  23. First round pick is Number 11 DJAX. Read what Slim Shady said about him. Nothing else to say. Not sure how many Skins game the haters watched but RG3 was clearly half speed. Not to say he is going to be MVP but he will be better and with no cap penalty we where able to some bodies finally. The barometer is pointing up again.

    If anyone had a crystal ball they would of stayed where they where in the draft and not traded up and got wilson. Believe me even the Seahawks didn’t know he would be that good. That being said it helps having the defense the Seahawks have, buy hey they are the world champions so give them props. No one the NFC east is in the same planet as them. But we can dream


  24. grimreaper12 says:
    Apr 17, 2014 3:51 PM

    Overrated, can’t read nfl defenses


    Yea, sure he can’t. That’s why he completed 65.6% of his passes, had a 102.4 passer efficiency rating, and a freakish 5 picks his healthy rookie year.. while fellow rookie Andrew Luck went 54.1%, 76.5 rating, and 18 picks.

    I take it Andrew couldn’t read defenses either?

  25. How exactly did the Rams win the trade? Last time I checked the mighty ST Louis Rams with all those draft picks haven’t come close to sniffing the playoffs and most NFL experts think Janoris Jenkins and Michael Brockers can not play in the NFL.

  26. When a QB like Vick or RG3 gets banged up in Madden all the time, it would be wise to understand that the backup will start a few games every season.

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